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Presents links to entries regarding kundalini awakening and other signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening.

Note that this is an autobiographical website describing the various experiences and perceptions of one person. It is not meant to be an exhaustive accounting of what characterizes "spiritual awakening." For broader, briefer, and more inclusive treatments of this pheonomenon, I refer you to the writings of El Collie posted at Kundalini Gateway (*) and Zone of Fire (*) and to an excellent list of symptoms at Namaste Cafe (*).

For an even better overview of this complex topic, let me offer some additional resources: Wikipedia's pages on Kundalini (*) and Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man (*); the Open Directory Project's kundalini page (*) (just a few years ago this page had 30+ sites listed, sadly now it has just about 10 -- what is going on here?); Shalom Place's forum on Kundalini Issues and Spiritual Emergencies (*); Advanced Yoga Practices' (*) forum page on kundalini (*); Knowledge of Reality's page on Historical Sources & Knowledge of Kundalini (*); Lawrence Edwards' Answers to Kundalini Questions; my mirror of Bob Boyd's page on kundalini complications; and my spiritual links page (presently offline) for a broad range of spiritual topics and websites, with personal commentary.

Some classic texts in the field of kundalini are: Arthur Avalon's The Serpent Power - The Secrets Of Tantric And Shaktic Yoga; Georg Feuerstein's Tantra - Path Of Ecstasy; Lama Thubten Yeshe's Introduction to Tantra - The Transformation of Desire; The Yoga Tradition - Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice, also by Feuerstein; Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment, edited by John White; Gopi Krishna's Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man; Mircea Eliade's Yoga - Immortality And Freedom; Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati; and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa's Kundalini Rising - Exploring the Energy of Awakening. In the months preceding my own awakening in the fall of 1985, I read Eliade's and Krishna's books listed above.

If you are pursuing the "kundalini experience," then you need to make sure your emotional and mental discriminative faculties are sharp, as there are many charismatic "teachers" in this area who are potent -- but un-enlightened -- "subtle energy channelers." Such teachers are still beholden to the subtle ego (soon to be online - "Paul Brunton on the Intermediate Zone - The Source of Psychic Delusion and the Subtle Ego" [cf. Wikipedia]), and frequently act abusively -- sexually, financially, emotionally, and spiritually -- toward their students (cf. Kheper.net). The fact that they transmit spiritual force only heightens the danger and abusiveness of their behavior. The damage these spiritual frauds cause is longer lasting and harder to heal from than mere physical injury, because the damage is intertwined with your understanding of -- and relationship to -- "God" itself.

To help you unpack all the cultic garbage being sold to people as authentic spiritual revelation, please check out the following sites before joining any particular group. The Cult Education Institute has some brilliant moderators who are well acquainted with many of the kundalini awakened spiritual predators out there. Their links page has an alphabetical listing of hundreds of destructive cults with references for further investigation; groups range from Daism and Amway to Mormonism, TM, and Scientology. Even if a group does not rise to the level of full-fledged "cult," there is often a dark side to the organization's history and practices that won't be revealed in its glossy introductory literature. The participants do a thorough job researching and posting information regarding the often untold story of a particular group's controlling and cultic behavior. Please also check out the Open Directory Project's religious cult page with numerous links to websites devoted to exposing various corrupt spiritual practices and traditions.

In proceeding at this website I assume that you've already acquired a broad understanding of the various forms through which kundalini/spirit is awakened in the human body, and that you will be able to locate my own experiences within this wider context.

I suggest your reading three particular experiential accounts of mine before delving into the many other posts at this site. My thymus gland speaks is a good introductory piece. After that, perhaps you should check out my heart chakra opens essay; then, for a good example of my daily logs, please read my post for October 31, 1994. After familiarizing yourself with these experiential accounts, please take a few minutes to consider my more involved electromagnetic field/ kundalini/ spiritual transfiguration argument contained in the website summary on the home page, as well as the guide page [make link].

If you would still like more information, please read the chapters in my spiritual autobiography which are entries pulled from pages throughout this site, and which I feel provide a good overview of my beliefs and experiences. It may be the case that some of the better and more optimistic posts are my tape transcriptions from 1994, a period prior to my path's hitting the serious turbulence posed by manmade EMF.

Please note that though electrical sensitivity is becoming an increasingly well-established condition, there is little consensus among authorities -- apart from El Collie in her essay Supercharged (my mirror here)-- that it is associated with kundalini.

Please also note that though I am "kundalini awakened," I am not "enlightened." For two explanatory posts, please check out a sample symptoms description from 2003, and my response to someone who desired to relate to me as an authentic guru.

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Good Introductory Blog Posts

November 17, 2002 (Heart Chakra Opening - Kundalini's Descent - Kundalini Awakening - Descending Force / Current -- or The Awakening of Kundalini's Descending Force - The Heart Chakra Opens)

March 14, 2002: Kundalini's Awakening (Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Yearning - Heartfelt Desire - Manifesting Aspirations - Love Versus Asceticism - Heat - Vow Of Service)

February 8, 2003 (Central Nervous System Irritability After Kundalini's Awakening)

December 4, 1996 (Why I Don't Discuss "God" With People)

October 8, 1997 (Thymus Gland - Spiritual Voice - Peace - Sublime Feelings --- or The Thymus Gland Speaks -- My First Contact with a Transcendent Peace)

August 20, 2002 (Spiritual Intuition - Good Judgment - Inner Voice - Critical Thinking - Aspirations - Mind - Clear Connection - or Thinking Critically, Thinking Spiritually)

September 6, 2002 (Inspirational Development - Transcendent Bodymind - Human Capacity For Limitlessness - The Spiritual Imperative Of A Fulifilling Childhood -- or Protective Sheath -- The Product of a Safe and Fulfilling Childhood)

September 23, 2002 (Energy Fields - Subtle Energy - Spiritual Communion - Tangible Relationship - Physical Validation --- or A Tangible Texturing of Energy Fields)

November 3, 2002 (Pituitary Gland - Endocrine System - Harmonization - Tuning Fork - Spiritual Vibration - Thymus Gland - Kundalini --- or Harmonization of the Pituitary and Thymus Glands -- The Tuning Fork)

November 8, 2002 (Spiritual Transfiguration - Creation's Purpose - God's Intention - Duality - Pure Consciousness - Evolution - Fulfillment - Divine - Universe - Explosion - Dark Matter - Life)

March 14, 2005 (Opening The Heart For Dummies - Heart Open - Opening My Heart - Heart Surgery - Heart Attack - Closed Emotional State - Depression - How To Live Freely And Lovingly)

August 16, 2014 (Overwhelmed By Kundalini Symptoms - Panic Attacks, Claustrophobia, Tachycardia, Anxiety, Near Death Experience, Fear Of Death, Healing Childhood Trauma, Heat In Solar Plexus, Radiation From Chest)


Kundalini Complications

Kundalini Complications from Bob Boyd, Puran Bair, El Collie, and Hazrat Inayat Khan.

My response to someone overwhelmed by kundalini symptoms that include: panic attacks, claustrophobia, tachycardia, anxiety, near death experience, fear of death, healing childhood trauma, heat in solar plexus, and radiation from chest.

Symptoms of Energy Shifts

My response to someone suffering from kundalini, orgasmic headaches (coital cephalalgia), suppressed immune system function, and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Suffer From EMF Sensitivity?


A Sampling Of General Blog Posts

July 26, 1994 (Tape #14, beginning) (Passion, Self-Discipline, And Maintaining A Serene Mental Witnessing Disposition are Critical Personal Traits for Spiritual Aspirants - Spiritual Practice and Yearning Can Be Excessive, Causing Insanity And Physiological Damage - The Mental Constructs Used In Meditation Can Be A Limitation For Sadhana)

September 16-20 (Tape #17 end Side A, begin Side B) (Staying True To Spiritual Commandments And Teachings - Ignoring Your Heart Leads To Your Becoming Lost On The Spiritual Path - Right Living And Superior Health Lead To An Intensification Of Experience And Are A Bulwark Against The Excesses Of Kundalini Awakening And Purification)

October 30, 1994 (Tape #22, beginning) (Pregnancy - Kundalini Process - Gestation Of An Infant - Spiritual Force - Knot - Tight - Pressure - Self Consciousness - Difficulty Sleeping - Masturbation - Relax)

October 31, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Self-Consciousness - Limited Separate Knot - Verbal Analysis - Mechanism - Orgasm - Kundalini - Absolute Union)

November 1, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Coworker - Talking Too Much - Nervous Tension - Indoor Pool - Final Episode Of Death - Relaxing To A Prior Condition - Effortless - Spiritual State)

November 3, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Existential Freedom - Experiential Accounts Of Spiritual Liberation - Criticism Of An Experience Of Samadhi - Bodiless Consciousness - Escapist - Meditation - Refined Sugar)

November 4, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Breathing - Buzzing - Ringing Ears - Intense Energy - Kundalini Energy - Heat Pressure - Hike Euphoria - Change Consciousness)

November 5, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Headaches - Kundalini - Solar Plexus - Cessation of Grasping And Desiring - Humor And Laughter On The Spiritual Path - Shopping At Sears)

November 5, 1994 (a) (Letter To The Free Daist Communion - Request For Assistance - Overview Of My Kundalini Symptoms - Jones Uses Lidocaine With No Adverse Reactions - Petition To Live In Fiji Denied)

November 6, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Pancreas Gland - Spiritual Function - Kundalini - Slow Control Sanity - Desire Passion Faith - Self-Confidence - Safety And Relevance Of Spiritual Development For The Modern Era)

November 8, 1994 (Less Sugar - No Bread, Honey, Or Dried Fruit - Loosening The Solar Plexus - Shallow Breathing - Feeling Grounded - Pancreas - Root Life Force - No Emotional Quality, Per Se - The Role Of Desire - Letting This Process Fall Into Place By Its Own Intention)

November 9, 1994 (I'm Really Tired - My Neck Is Sore - My Neck Is Stiff - Slogging Through A Hellacious Spiritual Swamp - An Entrenched Self-Consciousness - Being Separate Is Not The Truth - An Auspicious Release Of Energy From The Heart)

November 10, 1994 (The Annoyance Of Being Lectured To By A Friend - Self-Consciousness Like A 1000 Pound Lead Weight Dragging From Behind - I Don't Need To "Do" Anything - What I Need Is An Orientation Shift To Pure Awareness That Stems From My Whole Being - Sleeping For 12 Hours)

November 11, 19994 (A Whole Body Craving For Spiritual Transcendence - A Tremendous Loneliness Precipitates This Psychic Union - Kundalini's Vampiric Effect On Skin Tone - A Little Bit Of Death Now Is A Small Price To Pay To Overcome The Big Death Later - Reflections On Spiritual Transfiguration - Da Avabhasa - A Political Tangent Into Politics Based On Hate And Anger)

December 6, 1995 (A Description Of The Event I Am Searching For - An Irrevocable, Lasting Change - Need More Time On The Trail For Sufficient Pranic Charge, Cellular Excitation, Release Of Social Stress, And Aerobic Activity - 3 Hours And 2000' Elevation Gain Insufficient)

December 8, 1995 (Nick's Fish Market - Waikiki, Honolulu HI - Loud And Dark Environments Obscure Discrimination - Fun Fair At School - Dull Static Eyes A Result Of Excessive TV And A Lack Of Introspection - Flirting With Girls)

December 12, 1995 (The Human Body Is A Sail That Catches Spiritual Wind - Pushing This Process From A Mental Level Is Destablizing - Spiritual Blue Balls - Need To Make This Jump Soon - By Christmas? - Too Much Time Spent Hiking - No Time For Wheatgrass - Consciously Relaxing A Perceived Tightness At The Crown Of My Head)

December 13, 1995 (A Dream About Being Sodomized By An Ogre's 4-Toed Foot - Anguish Spreading Through Me Like A Cancer - Considerable Pain In Left Knee As I Hike Up Kulio'o Ridge - Cascading Descent Of Energy Stopped By Distracting Desire To Itch And/Or Swallow - Hiking Required To Enable This Force/Process To Take Off - Needs Of Knees Versus Needs Of Nervous System)

December 14, 1995 (Vibrant Love In A Dream - Feeling Hung Over At Work - Painful To Attend To My Duties - Spiritually Damaged - Tired Of The Search For Bliss And Knowledge - Jehovah's Witness Bible Freak - Masturbating Against An Ironwood Tree - Brain Vaporized Upon Orgasm - Feeling Returns To Thymus Gland - Mechanism For Transmission Of Feeling - Joy Coursing Up To Chin From Heart And Chest)

December 16-17, 1995 (Importance Of Oxygen Levels In Air And Blood - Heaviness In Chest Getting Stronger - Strange Misfiring Of Ventricles - This Process Is Definitely For The Young And Healthful - An EMF-Conducting Hormone Secreted By The Heart - A Strong Persistent Suction Upon Entire Heart - Optimism Returning - Nearing A Major, Drastic Turning Point - Great Hike)

December 18, 1995 (Flat Tire - National Public Radio - Corporate Propaganda And Control Of Media Content - Deep Meditation Primes The Pump - The Transcendental Function Of The Heart - Just As The Ascending Current Draws Upon The Testicles, So The Descending Current Draws Upon The Heart Muscle)

December 19, 1995 (Body Needs To Be Energized Through Hiking In Order To Ground Mental Stimulation - The Kuliouou Ridge Trail Barely Adequate To Support My Path - I'm A Slacker Compared To Many Other Elementary School Teachers Who Work Till 5 PM Every Day - The Fiasco Of God's Design Of The Knee - Feeling Privileged And Humbled - My Duty Is To Tell The World About Who I Am And What Has Occurred Here)

December 20-21, 1995 (Feeling Strangely Exhausted - Difficulty Focusing Attention - Product Returns - Need Greater Downward Force - Feeling The Gravitational Pull Of The Heart Muscle Upon A Self Consciousness Centered About The Brain's Hypothalamus - The Extraordinary Vibrational Effect Of The Heart Beat - Mesmerized By A Red Setting Sun - Pancreatic Function And Skin Discoloration)

December 23, 1995 (Electromagnetic Radiation Hypersensitivity - Kundalini Physical Symptoms - Hiking Forest Prana - Massage - Stimulate Energy Flow OR The Healing Event And The 100-Fold Increased Sensitization To Electromagnetic Radiation)

December 25, 1995 (Able To Sleep - Upon Awakening, Pain Intensifies In Head, Throat, Chest, Abdomen, And Testicles - Manoa, Pali Highway, Kailua, Waimanalo, Kaneohe, And Kahaluu Are All "Kapu" For Me - Mountains Near Kaawa At Least Partially Blocking EMF From Nearby Military Bases)

December 22, 1996 (MRI - EMF - Electromagnetic Field - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine - Adverse Reaction - Electrical Sensitivity - Thymus Gland - Spiritual --- or The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine: A Visit With Satan)

March 20, 1997 (Nauseating Hot Swelling In My Head And Chest - Capacity To Think Fogged Over Completely - Wrote Two Sentences - Gathering Moon Worsens My Symptoms Of Electrical Sensitivity - Dampening Awareness Via Orgasm - Deep Contractions That Gutted My Thymus, Brain, And Testicles)

July 29, 1997 (Weighted Down With Suffering And Emotional Constipation - Ringing In Ears And A Feeling Of Being Pulled Down Throughout My Body - Nearing A Shift From A self-Consciousness Centered In The Brain To A Self-Consciousness Centered In The Chest - EMF Complications)

September 28, 1997 (Kundalini - Manic Depressive - Unable To Sleep - EMF - Overexcitation - Out Of Control - Consciousness Decoupling From Body - Churning, Inflammatory Effect Of EMF - Cold Sweats - Disturbing Thoughts)

October 8, 1997 (Thymus Gland - Spiritual Voice - Peace - Sublime Feelings --- or The Thymus Gland Speaks -- My First Contact with a Transcendent Peace)

May 24, 1998 (Kundalini - Vitamin E, Zinc, Flax Seed Oil - Improving My Candida Infection - EMF Irritation/Irradiation In Lungs)

August 20, 2002 (Spiritual Intuition - Good Judgment - Inner Voice - Critical Thinking - Aspirations - Mind - Clear Connection - or Thinking Critically, Thinking Spiritually)

September 23, 2002 (Energy Fields - Subtle Energy - Spiritual Communion - Tangible Relationship - Physical Validation --- or A Tangible Texturing of Energy Fields)

November 8, 2002 (Spiritual Transfiguration - Creation's Purpose - God's Intention - Duality - Pure Consciousness - Evolution - Fulfillment - Divine - Universe - Explosion - Dark Matter - Life)

February 8, 2003 (Central Nervous System Irritability After Kundalini's Awakening)

February 18, 2003 (Waking Dream States and the Perception of a Tangible Rock in the Head)

September 26, 2003 (Kundalini Symptoms - Right Side Of Chest - Spiritual Node - Pain Running Down Right And Left Arms - Nipples - Heart Attack - Electrical Shocks - Feeling Of Weight)

September 20, 2004 (a) (Explosions In Left Temporal Lobe - Energy Overcharge - Feelings Of Extraordinary Weight, Tiredness And Desire To Sleep When Nearing Cellular, Radio, And Microwave Towers - The Sense Of Weight And Desire To Sleep Preceded EMF Consciousness And Was A Benign Kundalini Manifestation)

September 27, 2004 (a) (Testicle Irradiation And Throbbing Pain In Waimea - Signs Of Cognitive Dysfunction: Slurred Speech, Disorientation, Fear - The Opposite Of The Calm And Existential Certainty That Accompany Deep Spiritual Identification)

December 25, 2013 (Essay) (In The Modern Era, Is Kundalini Awakening Safe Or Even Relevant? Is Access To Wireless Internet A Meaningful Substitute For Spiritual Awareness? Socially And Spiritually, Are The Two Compatible?)



Kundalini Signs - Comprehensive Listing Of Additional Blogs And Posts

Kundalini Signs and Complications - More


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