In The Modern Era, Is Kundalini Awakening Safe Or Even Relevant? Is Access To Wireless Internet A Meaningful Substitute For Spiritual Awareness? Socially And Spiritually, Are The Two Compatible?

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms / Spiritual Commentary - December 25, 2013


2013.12.25. Christmas.

Having been through what I've been through, and continue to go through, do I believe kundalini awakening is still something to strive for? Is seeking spiritual insight still a worthy and safe endeavor? Is our society's technology obsession hindering this effort? Will the arduous ages-old "spiritual quest" be replaced by simple access to wireless broadband? Is logging onto Facebook and other social media an improvement over the reception, amplification, and transmission of subtle energy? What does spiritual communion mean for a cyborg or some other human-machine hybrid that the technocratic elite are steamrolling towards? Is kundalini safe or even relevant in the modern era?

Well, these are the big questions, aren't they? I will address them from different vantage points as time passes. The danger of spiritual development -- and awakening kundalini -- are themes that seem to be gaining prominence. When you type "kundalini signs" or "kundalini awakening" into a search engine, there are more results that highlight the dangers of this process. Obviously, the raison d'être for is to present the view that manmade wireless energy is toxic to the physiological adaptations that are associated with the descent of kundalini. The first order of business for me, then, is to make this world safe for spiritual development. Spiritual development will take care of itself if obstructions to its unfoldment are removed. At this site I do attempt to provide an overview of Kundalini's development within the body -- at least my body. My experiences may or may not make sense to people. I'll leave it to others to create a database cataloguing aspirants' experiences along different quadrants of "growth" or "experiential phenomena." I do contend that a pattern, if not a blue print, will emerge from this study. I hope to contribute to this discussion.

What would humanity do without a higher focus? We see that already. As all this evolutionary and aspirational energy is forced downward, and is thwarted from growth and release, we will see blockages and obsessions with all aspects of existence: celebrity, social status, clothing, style, consumerism, and gaudy displays of wealth. We will see the predominance of narrow forms of intellectual and physical activity that constrict or confine the higher development of the human bodymind. Even higher practices such as yoga and meditation will be debased in such a sick society. Without a deeper, broader context to place a person's interests in, people will be consumed by them and will fall into patterns of addiction and personal and social destruction. Without unfettered spiritual intuition running through all human activity, all that we do will become pathological and lead to individual and communal disease. Two cases in point are our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to mask our feelings, and genetically modified foods to "improve" upon God's creation, both of which exist at epidemic levels today. In both cases, the belief that science knows better than the spiritual wisdom that gave rise to Creation has lead to tremendous and worsening disaster. As this ignorance takes deeper root, what is good about humanity will rapidly disappear.

The point is that without a spiritual focus -- without the expectation that Grace guides our lives and that true wisdom lies in obeying this Voice, or at least listening to it -- humanity will be destroyed by the civilization it creates.

I do believe that all of our experiences are heard by -- and resonate with -- some kind of morphogenetic field. This doesn't mean necessarily that God will intervene on our behalf; but it does mean that no one experiences or dies in vain. Everyone's experiences in the world are taken into account in the direction that evolution -- propelled by God of course -- takes. The evolution of any species is not a random event, but rather Spirit's direct response to the collective experiences of its members.

So, my hope is that my ongoing suffering down here is of interest to the guy (or gal) upstairs. I am hopeful that future generations will be better able to cope with EMF pollution if Nature has determined there is a problem and that the human body -- with all of its incredible potential -- needs to be adjusted. Maybe an enlightenment of the whole body is compatible with cellular transmitters shoved up your nose and anus. But I've made the point elsewhere that EMF pollution is to the spiritual mechanism as car exhaust is to the lungs. Too much car exhaust will kill you. Period. Carbon monoxide, simply put, is antithetical to the healthy functioning of the lungs. Similarly, the human body is put equally at risk if in its more advanced stages of spiritual development it is placed in close proximity to manmade EMF. The earth's magnetic field and solar radiation (that includes visible light and infrared or heat) are frequency ranges that are meant for human and spiritual consumption. Millions -- even billions -- of years of evolution has made this so. It has been my experience that radio and microwaves are just as harmful to the spiritual antenna that blossoms with the descending kundalini, as carbon monoxide is to any creature's lungs. If we send billions of humans to a chamber to be suffocated by combustion engine exhaust, will Evolution decide to create lungs that can withstand this exposure? Maybe, maybe not. And in what timeframe? Soon enough to prevent the extinction of our species? Usually, modifications to the human body via DNA and other physiologic processes occur at a glacial -- or slower -- rate. Will a future aspirant like me -- one hundred generations hence -- be better able to handle the electrical overcharge that exposure to wireless creates? I can only hope so. The longer I persist and cling to this ridiculous life of mine, the greater I hope will be the impact of my personal experience on the collective wisdom and spiritual force at work in this world.

However, one problem I have with this hope is the naive and arrogant expectation that God will correct humanity's terrible errors -- that God/Evolution/Nature will be accomodative of our many abuses, and thereby relieve individual human actors of the need to do something about this matter themselves. Another problem is that EMF pollution's toxic impact, for example, is not limited to the subtle nervous system. Tens of thousands of known physiological and biochemical effects due to wireless electromagnetic exposure have been documented. The establishment says these effects are benign and have no direct connection to disease, behavioral changes, cognitive impairment, harm to bees and birds, or vascular dysfunction in plants. But then it is this same establishment that stands to benefit from the military activity, cashless digital currency, and wireless surveillance grid that such technology makes possible. The argument against cell towers, while it has spiritual motivations, should principally be one of gross physiologic health and personal privacy.

People like to think that God will somehow win the day here on planet Earth. They claim that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They believe that righteousness shall overcome -- that the forces of Light shall overcome, or at least balance, the forces of Darkness. Sadly, I am not confident about any of this. It might be the case that on a purely physics basis there will a countervailing response to the water fluoridation, heavy metal aerosol engineering, nuclear radiation, cancer-virus-laced vaccines, and genetic manipulation of everything humans consume; but it doesn't follow that the human species will survive this assault. Maybe Nature's response to this will simply to make life uninhabitable to higher life forms such as homo sapiens. Maybe erasing us and all the more advanced mammal species will be the balancing and opposing response to the myriad attacks on the biosphere. The eugenicist elite think they know better and can behave without conscience or concern regarding the impact of their actions. There will be a response, including a Divine response, to this. It's just that I am not sure that Homo Sapiens -- "Wise Man" -- will be around afterward.

But no changes that humans make are permanent. Divine intelligence will never leave. God has never, and will never, abandon us. I figure that after 1000 generations, if left to themselves, most of the GMOs that we have introduced to the world will be brought into alignment with Natural and Spiritual Balance. That the organisms cause so many problems is a sign of stress and imbalance. Nature will correct that over time. The genetically modified organisms' DNA will be modified by a deeper wisdom that seeks homeostasis and spiritual awakening. But the time frame for this process may be longer than so-called Homo Sapiens can withstand.

Choose your side. Get to work. What you do does matter. There are a million problems facing this world. Do something about one of them now.

May God light your path.



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