Kundalini and Cell Towers: Tape Transcriptions

July 2, 1993 (Tape #8, beginning) (Spirit versus School - Spirit vs Work - Spirit vs Everything External - Conforming To Worldly Expectations As Spiritual Death - An Unending Struggle - Dropping Courses At U.H. - Spirit's Incessant Demands - Shall I Be Homeless And Wearing A Loincloth, Or Is A Compromise Possible?)

July 3, 1993 (Tape #8, continued) (Grounding Spirit In A This Worldly Focus - Earning An Income Versus Being Spiritual - Making Love To The Sirens - Writing 16,000 Pages - Long Hair Versus Short Hair - Social Embrace Versus Social Alienation)

July 5, 1993 (Tape #8, continued) (The Masochism Of Graduate School - Can't Let Spirit Have The Upper Hand If You Want To Keep Your Job - Unbridled Spiritual Insight Will Land You On A Mountain Top Or In An Insane Asylum With No Social Network Or Material Fabric To Support You - My Housemate Is A Slob, Au Revoir!)

July 9, 1993 (Tape #8) (Lying In Bed With Feet Up Against The Wall As My Meditation - 85º Hawaii As Energetic Primordial Soup - Gastrointestinal Obstruction = Spiritual Obstruction - Denying Your Inner Voice To Find The Numbness Of Codependency - Skull Cracking During Graduate Seminar - Unable To Grok - The Madness Of Untethered Subtle Energy - Living Under Jehovah's Witness Rules)

July 15, 1993 (Tape #8, end) (B.F. Skinner, Champion Of False Consciousness - Knowledge Cannot Be Built Upon A Crumbling Criminal System Of Authoritarianism - The Excessive Spiritual Costs Of Compliance - The Impossible Embodiment Of This Alien Knowledge - Desperate For The Space To Contemplate - School A Revolting Abomination - The Intolerable Outgassing Of Shoes And Chemical Solvents)

July 26, 1994 (Tape #14, beginning) (Passion, Self-Discipline, And Maintaining A Serene Mental Witnessing Disposition are Critical Personal Traits for Spiritual Aspirants - Spiritual Practice and Yearning Can Be Excessive, Causing Insanity And Physiological Damage - The Mental Constructs Used In Meditation Can Be A Limitation For Sadhana)

July 28, 1994 (Tape #14, continued) (Renouncing Self - The Dangers Of Spiritual Egotism - Behaviorism And The Belief In Subject/Object Dualism Is Despicable - In Praise Of Roughage - Where Can I Find A Spiritually Liberated Person To Talk To?)

July 29, 1994 (Tape #14, continued) ($109 Naturopathic Exam - The Catastrophe That Pranic Nerve Development Is To The Physical Vehicle - The Required Anaerobic Vacuum - The Spiritual Path Shortens Your Lifespan - Full Spiritual Capacity Versus The Dwarfed State We Find Ourselves In - Water Purification Options - The Masters Degree As A Force Of Spiritual Dislocation - The Deeply Dissociative Quality Of Windowless, Electronics-Infested Environments)

August 1-4, 1994 (Tape #14, end) (An Unprecedented Energy Movement At The Crown Of My Head - Just More Kundalini House Cleaning - The Ajna Chakra - Meditating On An Effulgent Tulip That Causes A Tightening In My Hamstrings, Buttocks, And Lower Back As Energy Gathers For A Burst Upwards - Light Is The Trigger - A Whole Body Pranic Battering Ram To Enlighten The Central Nervous System)

September 4-6, 1994 (Listen To Your Heart - Unending Delays - Developing Egoic Integrity - A Powerful Ajna Chakra - A Growing Field Of Sentient Energy - Ultrasound Toothbrush Irritates Pineal Gland - Incorporating More Of The Universal Self)

September 11-15, 1994 (Tape #17, continued) (Mental Fixation As Spiritual Impediment - The Importance Of Physical Practice or Tapas In Grounding Kundalini Energy - The Importance Of Self-Discipline and Self-Reliance - An Auspicious Two-Toned Ringing In My Ears - Quitting My Masters Program)

September 16-20 (Tape #17 end Side A, begin Side B) (Staying True To Spiritual Commandments And Teachings - Ignoring Your Heart Leads To Your Becoming Lost On The Spiritual Path - Right Living And Superior Health Lead To An Intensification Of Experience And Are A Bulwark Against The Excesses Of Kundalini Awakening And Purification)

October 30, 1994 (Tape #22, beginning) (Pregnancy - Kundalini Process - Gestation Of An Infant - Spiritual Force - Knot - Tight - Pressure - Self Consciousness - Difficulty Sleeping - Masturbation - Relax)

October 31, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Self-Consciousness - Limited Separate Knot - Verbal Analysis - Mechanism - Orgasm - Kundalini - Absolute Union)

November 1, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Coworker - Talking Too Much - Nervous Tension - Indoor Pool - Final Episode Of Death - Relaxing To A Prior Condition - Effortless - Spiritual State)

November 3, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Existential Freedom - Experiential Accounts Of Spiritual Liberation - Criticism Of An Experience Of Samadhi - Bodiless Consciousness - Escapist - Meditation - Refined Sugar)

November 4, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Breathing - Buzzing - Ringing Ears - Intense Energy - Kundalini Energy - Heat Pressure - Hike Euphoria - Change Consciousness)

November 5, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Headaches - Kundalini - Solar Plexus - Cessation of Grasping And Desiring - Humor And Laughter On The Spiritual Path - Shopping At Sears)

November 6, 1994 (Tape #22, continued) (Pancreas Gland - Spiritual Function - Kundalini - Slow Control Sanity - Desire Passion Faith - Self-Confidence - Safety And Relevance Of Spiritual Development For The Modern Era)

September 20, 2004 (a) (Explosions In Left Temporal Lobe - Energy Overcharge - Feelings Of Extraordinary Weight, Tiredness And Desire To Sleep When Nearing Cellular, Radio, And Microwave Towers - The Sense Of Weight And Desire To Sleep Preceded EMF Consciousness And Was A Benign Kundalini Manifestation)

September 23, 2004 (a) (Exhausting Paperwork And Behavioral Management Load As A Special Education Preschool Teacher - Looking Forward To An Easier Position Teaching Older And Perhaps Lower Functioning Students In California - 45 Minutes Of Circle Time Using Fingerplays And Show-And-Tell To Keep Kids Engaged)

September 27, 2004 (a) (Testicle Irradiation And Throbbing Pain In Waimea - Signs Of Cognitive Dysfunction: Slurred Speech, Disorientation, Fear - The Opposite Of The Calm And Existential Certainty That Accompany Deep Spiritual Identification)

October 5, 2004 (b) (Oil Change In Kona - Speech Slurred - Looking Puffy And Debauched - Stress At Work - A Tumultuous And Toxic Environment - Not Able To Face A Beautiful, Confident 18 Year Old Girl - Looking Forward To Moving Back To Los Angeles)

October 8, 2004 (Boys Acting Up - Yelling Fuck You And Hitting My Educational Assistant - Need More Parent Volunteers - Stress Causes Pain In Heart And Throat Chakras - Need A Different Population Of Special Needs Kids And A School District With Better Supports)

October 15, 2004 (Focused Intellectual Activity Intensifies My Consciousness, Making Me More Vulnerable To Manmade Electromagnetic Radiation - Sitting Upright, Concentrating Produce Flu-like Symptoms And Pain In Thymus And Thyroid Glands)

October 24, 2004 (Redwood Catchment Tank Sprung Leak In Food Grade Liner - Public Water Spigots In Hookena and Waiohinu - EMF Symptoms - A Burdensome, Inchoate, And Intolerable Consciousness - 5th Laborious IEP Meeting For A Girl With Autism - Pangs In Right Nipple Area)

November 17, 2004 (Pohue Bay Photos - Hawaii - South Point Cellular And Shortwave Towers - Bad EMF - Whole-Body Harmonization Through 3 Hours Daily Sustained Physical Activity - Pain In Thymus - Inherent Mechanism Of Joy And Spiritual Transmission - Overcoming Or "Outshining" Social And Occupational Stress Via An Elevated Vibrational State)

November 23, 2004 (EMF Overload - Hiking Back From Pohue Bay In The Dark - Bags Under Eyes, A Sense Of Great Strain - Impossibility Of Energetic Coherence Amidst Electromagnetic Pollution - Irritated, Agitated - A Hot Horrible Feeling)


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