Pohue Bay Photos - Hawaii - South Point Cellular And Shortwave Towers - Bad EMF - Whole-Body Harmonization Through 3 Hours Daily Sustained Physical Activity - Pain In Thymus - Inherent Mechanism Of Joy And Spiritual Transmission - Overcoming Or "Outshining" Social And Occupational Stress Via An Elevated Vibrational State

Electrical Sensitivity, Human Health, And Environmental Illness / Tape Transcriptions - Olympus Voice Recorder Memo #16 - Novmber 17, 2004

Photos of Pohue Bay at the bottom of the Hawaiian Ocean View Estates and Hawaiian Ranchos residential subdivisions near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Towers are represesntative of the installations in South Point.

*2004.11.17. Wednesday. (Olympus voice recorder entry #16) (9:01 audio)

Okay, it's November 17, Wednesday, 2004, 7:20 a.m. I'm approaching South Point on my way down into X [edit 1], and I want to report that Sunday and Monday, for some unusual reason, I was able to go hiking. It's about a two-hour round trip -- the hike at the bottom of Ocean View, going down to Pohue Bay -- which includes about twenty minutes for swimming. What I want to say is that it is so extraordinary and unusual for me to be engaged in a sustained physical activity like that. It was totally harmonizing, totally strengthening. Unfortunately, the EMFs were bad. [The area is closer to South Point's cellular and shortwave towers.] I felt pain in my thymus and my thyroid some of the time, and definitely swelling in my brain, the first day of hiking. I hardly breathed at all, and just maintained focus on my hike, taking it step-by-step, just focusing on that.

Unfortunately, the path is strewn with tons of rubble, making it hard to get an even footing. Also, the trail is difficult to make out, as there are so many weeds and so much debris. [The landowner demolished the road years ago in an effort to stop visitors/trespassers.] So I bought some new flashlights in the case that I would do it at night, or come back as it's becoming dark. But even with the flashlights, because the trail is hard to follow, it is easy to lose your way or twist your ankle. Flashlights are best for a well-maintained trail -- like the ones I was used to in Manoa -- and not this black, crumbling, mess of a so-called "trail" with few or no markings. Despite these mostly aesthetic issues, the hike left me feeling -- it is hard to describe this -- a sense of truly whole-body integration and sustained focus. The following day I was very good at work. I made good connections with people. I was very competent and smooth in my social interactions. I was very unreactive, very full of humor and love. I had a higher vibrational state. My body felt good -- for a fucking change.

What is so healing about the immersion in nature, for a couple of hours at a time, at least -- and which is something that I haven't done in a fucking decade -- is the liberation of yourself out of your habitual patterns. My attachments to food, my attachments to the computer -- my website -- umm, everything, this whole complex of things that arise in my home environment. You know, when you are out in nature it erases all of that. It elevates it. It elevates you so that none of that holds you. You become a more transcendent person. And so (cough) walking all that time, swimming at that amazingly beautiful little beach, all to myself, you know, picture this, a white sand beach, backdrop of palms, no one within a couple of miles of you, all to yourself, in the most luxurious little bay, calm water -- beautiful, clean, calm water. You know, you can't ask for more than that.

And, umm, and I just feel that now, you know, I'm losing it already. What's sad is that after the first day of hiking I had a lot of intellectual activity such that by the next morning I was left feeling more focused, more integral, more integrated than I had felt in a while. (taking big breath in) And, uhh, it's like the hike had given me some power that I hadn't had in a while, or hadn't felt in a while. (pause) And, you know, this is what my body craves -- that feeling of coursing with energy, of being totally competent and communicative and sensitive and stable and strong and powerful. All of those things are feelings that I crave -- feelings that my body is made for -- feelings that my bodymind was built for. As I am right now, coming down through South Point, I am being hit by a couple of different transmitter installations. You know, there is pain in my thyroid, pain in my thymus, pain in my brain. But I am not focusing on that right now. Uhmm, and then yesterday I started basically falling apart. You know, it had been too much energy in my bodymind -- too much cohesion throughout me. But what I want is just, uh, is more of a vitality to be evinced or to radiate from my face -- from my body -- and I am not going to be able to get that unless I am exercising for sustained periods of time -- and aerobics just don’t cut it, you know, in the house, doing step aerobics -- they’re a joke. So, I am just here to say that I had a great hike -- for two days in a row, a good two and half hours or so of sustained aerobic activity -- with emersion in nature; and it’s not even a great trail, maybe only 500-600 feet of elevation gain on a trail that is just aesthetically the pits. But at least it is out there, in the middle of some natural environment. And, umm, it’s a shame that I don’t have more of this because -- you know what? -- if I were able to hike three hours a day I’d be invincible, at least with respect to my job. Nothing at my job would phase me. I’d have something like a Teflon shell. All the social and occupational stress would just bead off my back. All of it. This job’s easy. It’s just when you are not revving, and your chakras and bodymind are not at an elevated level, yes, it all feels burdensome. But you overcome this by achieving a vibrational level, a vibrational state, where nothing phases you, or very little phases you, where your every act is dominated by this inherent mechanism of joy and spiritual transmission or transmittiveness.

That’s it. It’s almost nine minutes here. I’ll be quiet. I am taking tomorrow off to get my car detailed, and I am thinking of making the appointment earlier than I usually do so that I can come back and do the hike again. Over and out.

Comment from June 16, 2013

Nine years later and I am pretty worn out from all of this. I am 25 pounds heavier; I've lost four teeth; my hair is much more gray. I don't leap out of bed to greet the day. I feel "blah" most of the time. You get the picture. The buildout of wireless technology and the ongoing cumulative heavy metal poisoning via aerosol spray operations -- among many other stressors to human health -- are relentless. I am living presently in a low-lying desert area of California (edit 2), with a good hour's drive to an area for hiking that is relatively free of cellular radiation (edit 3). My home is less than two miles from the nearest towers, the presence of which are becoming increasingly problemmatic for me. It's impossible to describe adequately the energetic malaise I am subject to. The harder I concentrate, the more difficult it becomes. The more I think the more physically weak I feel. So much of my free time is spent laying about listlessly, or half-interestedly listening to music. I have begun to watch TV (documentaries or movies on DVD) the last 30 minutes before I sleep at night. When I was more vital such a habit would cause me to NOT be able to sleep. I used to be so physically and emotionally stirred by movies that I would cry, shout and prance about as I watched. No longer: It's as if I see and feel the world from a more distant and clouded place. Perhaps I am more calm, but I am definitely more shut down, more dead to the world. This past year, being new to my position at (edit 4), and not being comfortable at my house, I have produced next to nothing creatively for my online autobiography. I am hoping to lose weight and be happier, but that is easier said than done for me. It appears that I have been banned from the (edit 5) area schools on account of a much more complete version of this website that I had up in my own name when I was a non-reelect (not given a contract for the second year) in the spring of 2006. I am still hoping the (edit 6) will offer me a job some day, but doubt grows in me. More than that, I no longer have the energy eagerly to hope for anything anymore. I feel shell-shocked and numb. I live day-to-day. (edit 7) The saving grace at this time, besides (edit 8), is that the (edit 9) position is a good one in terms of work demands and stress, with an EMF exposure level that is much better than most other schools I've researched. Also, I am enjoying living with (edit 10). It's the nicest home I've ever lived in. I have central air conditioning for the first time, and can filter the air in the house to my satisfaction. The quality of the people in (edit 11) is much higher than what I would have were I living in (edit 12). So there are definitely some positives in my life that I can point to.

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