Kundalini And Cell Towers: Sexual Deviancy And Its Relation To Fear, Control, Power, Vitality, Innocence, Youth, and Death

1) Just as cigarettes restrict life force, so it is that men can be agents of control and subjugation of women. 2) "Spiritual" teacher Father Yod with his nine wives. For such an "advanced" human being, his penis sure had a lot of unmet needs. 3) How can a mind find peace or love when it is divided from the body? The virtual world is a siren's call to Spirit. 4) The more the merrier, but what about monogamy? How uncomfortable it must be for the bottommost participant! Regarding the middle of this love sandwich, how can he enjoy himself when his attention is split between two simultaneous sex partners? Such sex leads to distraction, not unification. 5) Wither the innocence of childhood. You can dress up all you want, but these children are not ready for marriage. 6) Sexual humiliation is a tactic of tyrants. This is a new form of security theater at airports for the purpose of ensuring that the sheep are docile and obedient. 7) More denial of the body. The virgin birth may be a nice story, but it disparages the sacredness of the procreative act between man and woman. 8) Father Yod again: make that thirteen wives. How can women be encouraged to individuate and spiritually transcend if their most sacred relationship is shared with twelve other people? Rather than the marital relationship being a window to your soul, it becomes a hall of mirrors. 9) Dropping the pretenses, getting down to it. Why waste $75 on a meal and coffee if this final act is all that you were after? 10) The Surveillance State as porn addict. The controllers of the media record all online activity and seed what we are exposed to with unnecessary sexualization and perversity. A depraved culture is more readily controlled and brought along into bondage and darkness. 11) The end of masculinity, the LGBTQ Boy Scout. It's okay to explore one's sexuality if that is truly what you want to do. But it is important to see how gender and sexuality are being used to subvert important traditional buttresses against nihilism, materialism, apathy, globalism, and Luciferianism. 12) Obese and tatted up for the cameras: love, American style. Not that tattoos and being overweight are necessarily wrong, but they do point to a culture of decadence and lack of self restraint. 12a) Mary "Minnie Rae" Simpson, a 10-year-old prostitute four-months pregnant in 1871. J.M. Barrie, the author of "Peter Pan," reportedly was a client of Minnie Rae's, and based the character Wendy Darling on her. 1 (*) 2 (*). 13) Cultural icon Miley Cyrus serving up "pizza" (pedophilia lingo for underage sex) to her unconscious, young, easily programmed audience. 14) For some, size does really matter, as many continue to fetishize big cocks. 15) The horned, half-animal hermaphroditic pagan/occult deity, Baphomet (*), fornicating with a woman. 16) Sex and death combine in a ritual disembowelment/dismemberment. 17-21) Art created by one of Satanic ritual child abuse victim Kim Noble's multiple personalities, Ria Pratt, depicting oral sex, gang rape, cattle prods, and ritualistic torture of small children with floating bodies reflecting trauma-induced disocciation (cf. VigilantCitizen).

November 17, 2016 (John Podesta - #PizzaGate - Child Sex Trafficking - Satanic Occultism - The Deep State's Use Of Pedophilia As A Means Of Compromising Individuals And Controlling Them)



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