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Voice Recordings - Good Introductory Posts

October 12, 2015(a) (50:16) (Inspired by Dane Wiggington of GeoengineeringWatch.org to become more than a passive witness to other people's activism and truth-telling. I've been listening to other people's truth for 20 years. It's time to speak my own. The capacity to speak truth to power and to manifest dreams is being systematically destroyed. Some good people need to stand up, take a stand, be willing to assume the burden of other people's dependence, and help people reconnect with a confident and coherent voice. )

December 20, 2015a (37:10) (Intentionality and its relationship to tapas, sadhana, prana, and spiritual practice. The purpose of sadhana. The use of mountains to generate and ground spiritual heat. Tapas as purification. What is meditation? The frustration of sadhana by heavy metal aerosols and manmade electromagnetic field.)

December 20, 2015b (43:58) (Shifting the location of my tapas from the artificial, narcissistic environment of an indoor gym in downtown Honolulu to the verdant bamboo forests and pristine air of the Koolau Mountains. The purpose of absorbing prana to heighten my subtle energy level became an overarching focus. How a startling sensitization to a summit microwave cluster frustrated my sadhana and forced me to hike drier, less prana-charged locations that had healthier microwave exposure levels. The flow of subtle energy through the solar plexus and into the pancreas gland where it is transformed into a physical-vehicle-sustaining food and then radiated out through the brachial plexus as divine love. Exposure to toxic manmade EMF has restricted this process by 95-98%. The intention to transcend, the intentionality of becoming more -- the drive to transform this world into a paradise -- in my current state, based on my direct observations is stopped by artificial EMF and to degrees I am not aware of, this aerial spraying. ---- continue at 10:00)

October 19, 2015(b) (36:05) (Peripheral neuropathy is caused, in part, by the nervous system's conduction of manmade electromagnetic energy. My feet and hands burn after a day of high expsosure to manmade EMF. Only exercise and rest in areas of reduced exposure lead to a calming of my nerves and a return to normal peripheral nervous system function. Noninvasive treatments of this condition involving lasers and magnets are showing promise, but do not address the cause of the condition. Turning down a job offer at a high school in Silicon Valley due to a stadium light that had been converted to a powerful cellular tower. Horrific EMF exposures at trailheads along Skyline Blvd in the Santa Cruz moutains. Hiking for me is physiological meditation, or tapas. I seek to reveal a spiritual topography, a sequence to spiritual development. A comparison of rainforests versus mirrors-and-people-filled exercise gyms as settings for spiritual growth. Do we need 4000 satellites to provide Wi-Fi and the omniscient tracking of all human activity available to every square inch of the planet? It is a challenge to find EMF-reduced areas for hiking. The sound of a half-dozen military helicopters flying overhead. So much for unsullied nature. We are lied to and propagandized in order for us to accept and to support a state of perpetual war. Standing armies are the undoing of every nation. How in an empire the machinery of death overtakes all economic activity. It is imperative that that we be physically active. Excessive rest leads to atrophy and strangulation on all levels: gastointestinal constipation/hardening; stagnation of the lymphatic fluids; buildup of toxins in the bloodstream and weakening of the circulatory, respiratory, and muscular systems. Despite these risks, I simply cannot exercise in EMF-exposed areas, as doing so results in pain and pressure throughout my body and an inability to sleep. Doctors and psychologists are idiotic enforcers of "normalcy," of an unquestioning acceptance of the status quo. Continue at 31:00)

July 22, 2016a (50:51) Hiking to the summit of Mount Williamson, one of many 8000+ foot peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. Round trip from parking lot off HWY 2 and the summit is 5 miles, 1600 feet elevation gain, and takes 2.5 to 3 hours. I do two repetitions of this for my workout. Commentary on the extraordinary pine-scented breeze up here; the cool, refreshing temperatures (when it is so hot in the valleys below); and how climbing mountains (and engaging other intense physical regimens) strengthens the will.

July 22, 2016c (13:58) When it is safe to embrace your environment. While defensiveness frequently is necessary for survival, it is important to find times and places to let your guard down. Driving my car at 6500-8000 feet with the windows down, alone on the road, wearing just sandals and boxers.

August 20, 2016b (1 hour eight minutes) (Why I am voting for US Presidential candidate Donald Trump. A discussion of false flag terror, medical fascism, genetic modification of food, weather warfare, global spraying of heavy metal nanoparticles, and the loss of individual and nation-state sovereignty worldwide and how this cynical but accurate worldview informs my desire to break with past political failure -- a "failure" that actually has been a resounding success for the so-called elites bent on forcing upon the world citizenry a dehumanizing global technocracy whether the people want it or not.)

November 25, 2016b (16:40) It's been two weeks since I had several shots of dental anesthetic. The throbbing in the spiritual node under my right nipple has stopped.Worse than the loss of symptoms of spiritual functioning is the severance of emotional connectedness or grounding that the anesthetic has caused. I've never experienced anything like this. Since a day or two after the injections I have felt like my subtle body has been torn from me and I am now walking around without oxygen for my spirit. A bitterness and alienation has come to predominate in me, peaking about a week ago and slowly starting to improve. My lack of emotional "knowing" frustrated me a great deal, and it caused my relationships to feel inauthentic and strained. During the hike I felt a connection from the center of my brain to the area of my thymus gland, like a subtle, energetic tether, with a coherence sought that couldn't manifest. I felt something like a triangulation of attention between my pituitary, thymus, and a point about a foot or 15 inches in front of my sternum, where a solidity of feeling and attention was seeking to develop. A great deal of pain and burning in my thymus gland and the brachial plexus tissue around it. These negative developments come on the heels of and extraordinary develpment the night of November 12 where I awoke at 2:00 a.m., worked at my desk for two hours, then went back to bed at 4:00 a.m., feeling much more optimistic and light than usual, and then, on the edge of sleep, my consciousness, centered mainly about my head, begins to free fall to an absolute point, much like it did the evening of July 1994. Let me say this again: I have had NOTHING like this happen to me for the past 22 years. The only difference this time is that it occurred in a sponaneous, non-"questing" mode of activity. I was not seeking anything. I was happy and just about asleep. But in contrast to the July 1994 event, I felt a thread of consciousness connecting the center of my brain to an anchor near the center of my chest. It was faint, but definitely there. This sense of whole body communion PALES in comparison to the descending force plowing through me like a ton of bricks in November 1994. My intuition tells me that this 99% reduction in conductivity and grounding is what Kundalini/Spirit has deemed my compromised vehicle and circumstances can handle. So perhaps this is do-able. As usual, I said "No" to this development, as it was new to me and I am not entirely trusting of this process. But given all the anesthetic and disappointments I've endured, I am amazed that some avenue of Grace might still be available to me. The mechanism has been thrown into disarray again, but I am confident that a similar opportunity to transcend a brain-centered limited self consciousness will present itself in the coming months or years. You should trust this process when it works spontaneously and non-threateningly. * Implosion of conscioness July 1994.

October 30, 2016c (10:01) On the hike today I experienced about 2 1/2 hours of sustained pain in the spiritual node beneath my right nipple. I couldn't take my mind off it. There is a lot of energy and spiritual longing tied up in there. I don't know what is triggering this. I have a lot of pain and frustration in my life: the workplace, my personal life, everything. I haven't written anything powerful regarding kundalini in over ten years. Creatively and personally my life is passing me by. My mission is aborting. I am really beat up. My bodymind is waiting for the right opportunity to cohere -- to realize itself. My ajna chakra -- this wisdom function -- is trying desperately to navigate the massive obstacles in my life. What does it mean to have a heart-centered consciousness? What does it mean to dislodge your limited self-consciousness, perhaps grounding your consciousness in your chest? What IS that? Where in that nexus of heart muscle, thymus gland, and spiritual node on the right side would my consciousness be? I almost cannot take a chance on that state making me more sensitive to electromagnetic field. It could be deadly for me if it increases significantly my vulnerability to this pollution. Rear-ended on Pearblossom Highway tonight.


Voice Recordings - By Date


April 20, 2017 (36:00) Looking at properties along Old Woman Springs Road (Highway 237) in Johnson Valley and elsewhere that are 4-5 miles away from the nearest cellular tower. I would love to live at that kind of a distance from transmitting sources. I'd have to be willing to live on a dirt road and off the grid. For phone service I'd probably have to buy a satellite phone or have a tall whip antenna on top of the house that I could turn off and on as necessary. I don't think I'd be paying for 5 miles of telephone poles to be erected just for me. There are also some empty expanses east of Palmdale and Lancaster, but west of Highway 395, that would put me 3 or more miles from the nearest tower. Comments on compensation for teachers as a function of education and experience. * I've been bedridden since the tower 1/4 mile from my house became began transmitting much more powerfully. This began about April 5, or just two weeks ago. Although I haven't done a thorough assessment, it has been my perception that wider areas of Coachella Valley are now transmitting at greater field strengths and with frequencies that have been modified to be particularly injurious to the human endocrine system. I had pain in my thyroid and green phlegm for a whole week. It was unfucking believable. (Even as I write this today on April 22, the pain in the thyroid and other glands has not abated. It is especially bad at night. I feel like my pancreas gland is being cooked. I am really concerned about some kind of cancer developing. Israeli studies have shown a four-fold rate increase in new cancers for people who live a quarter mile or less from a cellular tower.) The absurd recommendations of coworkers that I take Advil and other "fever reducing" pharmaceuticals that are toxic to the liver. I've even had glassy, droopy eyes with thick crust in the morning --- this from a nearby cell tower! My body perceives the EMF as a viral assault. It's a new level of impairment and exposure for me. I haven't been so broadsided -- sensitivity-wise -- since I lived on O'ahu in 1995. There is an adaptation process, and after a week or two these new sources become less problemattic on a level of consciousness, even if they still assault the physical and energetic body. * I am looking into buying some shielding for my house. I remember buying some 4'x8' metal panels while I lived in Volcano on the Big Island, and they were a joke, a bulky, sharp-edged joke. There is a lot of science that goes into building a Faraday cage, and I really had no idea what I was doing. I rememeber hiking some areas where there was a physical barrier between me and the EMF source, then I'd come around a corner and feel a hot wind ripping through me from the nearby antenna array. Now I am looking at either attenuating the EMF that penetrates my bedroom, or buy a special modular room that can be shipped to me and erected in the living room. * 22:43 comment regarding the chemically nucleated snow atop the mountains in Southern California that after six weeks still won't melt despite persistent 90º temperatures here in the valley. We are talking about snow that stays put at the 6000' level and higher despite daytime temperatures in these areas frequently hitting the 50ºs and 60ºs. Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org discusses the same thing. It's a fraud. The chemicals in the snow cause freezing at temperatures in the 50ºs, and then won't melt at normal ice melt temperatures. The snow must be half plastic. I've been increasingly annoyed by the presence of this snow from one engineered storm nearly two months ago, week after week despite heat waves. It's a psyop and I am not buying it. It's hot and dry and the plants are dying, yet zombies looking at the mountains might think that we have had a cold and wet winter, which is hardly the case. This is the same nucleated snow that fells centuries old trees and kills 100,000 strong herds of alpacas in the Andes and cattle in Texas and South Dakota. It is wet and sticky, globbing onto the animal or branch, and then getting colder and heavier as the chemical reaction continues. It's a joke to see the nucleated snow that persists near Wrightwood, but Mountain High, the area's ski resort, has long since shuttered its doors because the snow they manufacture to supplement the ground cover is real snow, and melts in temperatures above freezing. It wold be great to interview some of the employees there to see if in the past few decades it was the case that snow might persist in a nearby mountain, at a similar elevation, but the snow they create for their skiers would melt. I bet that historically, when there was no nucleated snow to contend with, that melt rates would be identical. * My website is being censored / suppressed by Google. In 2005 I would get 500 or more search engine referrals a day. Now I get just two. I have hundreds of photos and scans for a variety of topics, almost none of which come up in websearches anymore. I am going to hire a search engine opitmization company to tell me what's really going on and how I can win back some of the traffic I've lost. Google has mounted a huge campaign to demonetize and delist website and YouTube channels that certain groups have alleged to peddle "hate" and "fake news." So is kundalini awakening "fake news?" Are nervous system fatigue and endocrine gland stress due to cellular radiation "fake news" too? Not if I am around to argue otherwise!

April 17, 2017 (26:50) Heading to Natural Sisters Cafe in Joshua Tree, then taking the back roads to Antelope Valley. I've been at a low ebb the last week or two. The cellular tower near my house, which had a comparatively weak output the past 4 years, was upgraded, based on my RF perceptions, on or about April 5. My sense of being virally attacked, having green phlegm though I am not even sick, constant hacking, constant pain in my thyroid, thymus, pituitary, and pineal glands, and the sense of being cooked alive everywhere but especially in my gastrointestinal area, is unprecedented. The only thing that comes close to my being broadsided like this was when this sensitivity spiked and became overwhelming to me 22 years ago in 1995. Nothing since then has been quite like this. At first I thought that the change was specific only to the nearby cellular tower at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, but in the coming weeks I have determined that a frequency and intensity change has occurred over wide sections of Coachella Valley. Given how my endocrine glands and brain stem seemed to be so specifically targeted, I find myself wondering in the middle of the night as I lie there in pain, whether these modulations, frequencies, and other changes are specifically intended to rot out our brains. Given that these changes occurred just a week before Satanic pop icon Lady Gaga's performance at the Coachella Music Festival, I thought the zombification of our higher functioning a most fitting preparation for her dark "ritual" -- performances are always rituals with ulterior motives for them, aren't they? ** Even laying on my side and sleeping does little to diminish the pressure. * A review of my trip to RF shielding manufacturer and the Environmental Health Center at Dallas in 1997. The owner sent me a copper filament mesh one-man RF shielding tent that he had a contract to build for the army. * Overview of my RF attenuating options for my residence in Coachella Valley.

March 19, 2017 Ten minute video taken while laying down near the crest of the Alimony Truck Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains. Highlights of monologue: Heavy metal spraying causing overcast conditions in what used to be known as the Blue Sky Country of the Southern California High Desert. Depressed about Trump's firing National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, who wanted to arrest the DC pedophiles and make peace with Russia, and has since handed over the nation's foreign policy to ruthless neocons bent on world domination. There is a continuity in Satanic purpose that connects perpetual war, child sacrifice, and the injection of nanoparticulate heavy metals into the breathable air column of our planet. This monstruous disregard of life is a sacrament to Moloch, or Lucifer, the deity that the membership of this occult group worship. This massive, global chemtrails program is a literal salting of the earth -- to what ends I don't know, although depopulation must be front and center. Some comments on an extraordinary episode of the SGTreport (ILLUMINATI NWO SATANIC DEATH CULT EXPOSED) (*). There is a growing chance that nuclear war will occur between the major powers. Should I relocate to the southern hemisphere that will be spared the bulk of the nuclear fallout due to prevailing planetary air currents? Should I join the elites in southern Chile, southern Argentina, and New Zealand, where many are relocating to now? What is with the crazy interest in Antarctica, where there are warm spots capable of supporting life all year around due to volcanic activity, and the rumored remains of an alien extraterrestrial species? Many of the world's leaders, including the Catholic Pope, have made pilgrimmages to Antarctica recently, with the Pope making unusual pronouncements that aliens can receive the sacrament. Antarctica might be the safest place to be if widespread planetary war breaks out, along with economic collapse and mass migrations of the planet's 7 billion people. Civil war and death squads could be visited upon the United States, as they have in most other countries where death cults have risen to power. Should I cut my losses and leave? South America does not have a history of respecting human rights. But if the US is spraying its citizens to death (mortality rates are rising for the first time in over 100 years), what does that say regarding the supposed noble mission of "Pax Americana?" I am not looking foward to a world where autism was nearly non-existent, and now major universities are predicting that half of all children will suffer from this central nervous system disorder within the next 20 years. Sure, as a special education teacher this means job security, but it would not be a world I would inhabit voluntarily.

December 30, 2016 (34:32) For the first time in the six weeks following my brutal dental appointment of mid-November, feeling is returning to the spiritual node on the right side of my chest. All subtle sensations were shut down for a good month, and I was more depressed emotionally than I had ever been before. It was a prolonged dark night of the soul, where I felt completely disconnected from my higher functioning. Even my intuition and capacity to just "be" was seriously undermined. But for the last two weeks I followed my instincts, massaging my head vigorously: pressing down upon my ears and eyes; kneading my scalp; squeezing the flesh of my jaw and pallette; and other areas. I am happy with this development, because it was a month or two of sustained throbbing and activity around this right node area that preceded the first real opportunity for self-transcendence that I've had in 22 years, just two days before the dental visit. Again, the location for this node is about an inch and a half in and down from my right nipple. It was as if the anesthetic unmoored me, a kind of sundering or untethering of my subtle being from my physical body. It was most disconcerting. For a good month my being lacked coherence. It was the most lost I have felt ever. I may have had some extreme sensations in the past, but this kind of detachment and lack of holistic discernment was novel. My subtle being was like a dirigible casting about violently in the wind with 5 of its 6 mooring lines cut. But with time and persistence and grace, the cut tethers are slowly being reattached to give this body-mind-spirit vehicle a greater sense of grounding and coherence. In dark periods, you just have to have faith and persist. Eventually, Grace or Spirit will find traction in your body, and in the broader world around you. So it was that in the past week I began to have sustained irritation and pressure in my heart muscle. Less attuned people might think these were heart attack symptoms, but seeing that I was just chopping vegetables or laying down -- and hence not placing any aerobic strain on my heart -- I knew that it was likely some subtle development at work. I was not sure of that, so I did have some concern. I was resigned to dying if that is where this was heading, but I was hopeful that the symptom would pass. Now that I feel the right spiritual node coming back again, I can see a larger, benevolent process at work here. I just want to feel that shift and not feel that death is a mystery anymore. My hope is to have a modest whole body enlightenment that is survivable in the current modern polluted context. It would be like God saying, "You know, I had much bigger plans for you, but this is the best I can do." It would be like a concession prize for the second place finisher. My mind and body are not doing well. God knows that I am dying, and that it just doesn't look good for me. Some limited spiritual insight, with a greatly reduced energetic capacity, is probably my best option. No chance of spiritual combustion -- going up in light -- and transcending physical death altogether. No. Not me. Not in this world. A message to the future: Stop the use of anesthetics! Shut down the cellular towers! If people had more of these remarkable feelings in them, they would not be turning to drugs or personal debasement for pleasure and distraction. Nothing can compete with the natural high that is God consciousness and this incredible kundalini process.

November 21, 2016a (13:58) Reflections on spiritual event of nine days earlier, November 12. Feeling positive, good, light. Awoke at 2am and worked on website and posted to ZeroHedge for two hours, going back to bed at 4am. I felt strangely energized. Within a half-hour of my lying down, I felt a shift in my consciousness. There was a cord of connection between the center of my head and my chest and lower abdomen. There was an implosion of my consciousness that centered around my head, but involved all of me. There was an actual sense of weight and dropping down toward the source or epicenter of the gravitational pull. Other parts of me are open now. What I find especially hopeful is that this event took place in a context where I am not in an electromagnetically benign place, either where I work or where I live. I am not well, physically. Yet this impulse to transcend persists and seems to have made an important compromise or adaptation. I thank God for that. Thank you. I am hopeful that additional opportunities will present themselves in the future, despite a recent dental appointment with associated injections of anesthetic that has thrown the cohesion and purpose I had felt into disarray again. I hope to spring back and plunge to the bottom of this pull toward Consciousness or Spirit.

November 21, 2016b (22:21) Hiking at 5000' after a rain. The air should be pristine, but it's not on account of the spraying. Drove all the way to Joshua Tree this past Thursday for a hike only to determine that I didn't feel like hiking, which was unprecedented for me. I had had a dental appointment that Monday, and it took quite a long time for me to feel the burning in my brain and thymus gland -- 2 or 3 days after receiving the anesthetic shots. What occured in me was an attack on my consciousness and "being" itself, which had never happened before. The net effect of this was that I didn't feel like "doing" anything because I could no longer "be." It was a diminishment or thwarting of my etheric body. There was an existential apathy that was novel to me. It was brutal. This whole past weekend I just withdrew. The anesthetic functioned as a spiritual toxin, and like a lion in the wild bitten by a king cobra, I had to become inert for a week to allow the lower levels of my being neutralize and excrete it. I felt the aging process in me as my spiritual tethers once again were sundered. This pursuit of godhead, of spiritual realization, is like an Olympic event. For the last couple of months, on extended hikes, I have had an hour or two of persistent pain and throbbing at the right spiritual node, below and beneath the right nipple area. It was a yearning, spiritual pain. It was a good sign. A review of the spiritual event the previous Saturday of my consciousness falling inward upon itself within my brain, with a thin subtle cord connecting the center of my brain to my brachial plexus. This was the first time such an event has occurred in me since July 1994. I view it as highly auspicious, as I was completely calm, even giddy with an implicit happiness, as this event sought to take place. The energies at play here were 95% less intense than those of 1994. But Spirit, presumably, has determined that this is the best I can do -- the most energy I can harness and transmit safely in the morbid environment I find myself in. My whole body is included in this dissolution of my separate self sense at this time, but minimally so. I wonder about this event's timing: Did the omniscient aspect of this determine that I would be deeply impaired (again) by dental work in two days, and thus made available to me an opportunity to transcend just before? I have had a similar suspicion regarding the timing of the descending force event of November 1994 when at 4:00am I was struck by the descending force like a 1000 lb load of bricks, but repelled it due to my concerns regarding my having torn my left knee's ACL earlier that evening hiking at Manoa falls. As they say, "There is no such thing as coincidences." Maybe Spirit knew that my circumstances were not safe for a full realization of God, and hence arranged for me to be injured at the most advantageous moment of my development. I am very encouraged by the knowledge that spiritual progress is afoot in me, and that Spirit is having success in reducing its spiritual goals that are a better match for the toxicity of this world. I hope I am able to overcome this most recent bout with anesthetic, and that this -- or a similar -- opportunity presents itself to me.

November 21, 2016c (23:15) The anesthetic this time caused a dislocation of my consciousness -- a dislocation of my identity that persisted for weeks. Really really brutal. Not feeling connected to yourself is a very disconcerting feeling. Frustrated my seeking coherence. An extreme version of this sense of dislocation can be found in the disassociative states featured in the artwork of a child rape victim featured in the Washington, D.C. pedophilia scandal, where the girl is floating in space, detached from the grounding reality of her physical body. While the sex act is performed on her, the girl's locus of identity is shifted away from her physical form. To see this celebrated in art and in the murals adorning "pizza" shops is disgusting. How contrived and delusional some of the emotionally disturbed children felt to me that I have worked with over the years as a special education teacher. It's like in 1984 where Winston is being tortured because his mere compliance to say that 2+2=5 is wholly inadequate to the Authoritarian's requirement that he BELIEVE that 2+2=5. We see that in modern media today, the expectation that we believe everything the media tells us, not because it makes "sense," but because the Authority said so. Too many Americans have fallen victim to this rotten mindless propaganda. How the Nazi death camp inmates were beaten into muselmanner or walking dead prior to their being sent to the crematorium. The dark sacrament sought by the Nazi SS was the spiritual destruction of the prisoners in its possession, even moreso than the labor they might offer the war effort. How a determination was made each morning at roll call, by the guards' assessment of the vitality in the gaze of each prisoner: If there was fire and a will to live, they were sent to labor; if there was spiritlessness and defeat, they would be sent to their death. For the members of the Death Set, or Skull and Bones, these secret societies, to sever a spirit from the body, while the body is still alive, is a great goal and sacrament. Comments on #pizzagate and its relation to the Satanic ritual abuse and blood letting of children at its core. The Satanic elite's goal is the dominion and absolute control and sexual violation and spiritual dismemberment of every life form on the planet. Although it is not for me to make this judgment, but it appears to me that the transgression is so great with these Satanic "Spirit Cooking" occultists that there can never again be a bridge between them and civilized society. They should be jailed for the rest of their lives. I don't believe that the State has the right to kill someone. But let's go a little medieval on these criminals, in terms of their housing and upkeep. Maybe we can learn something from Sherrif Joe Arpaio's use of tents in the desert to warehouse criminals, with little protection from the scorching heat and freezing cold experienced in the course of the year. This might work with nonviolent offenders, but what about people who are apt to murder? I don't know what the answer is, but I would like to incarcerate criminals for about a third of the cost we pay now. Everyone has the right not to be violated physically. So maybe we'd have tiny stalls for each prisoner, and not allow them to mingle. I cannot think of any trauma worse than that which leads to a dissociative condition.

November 6, 2016a (25:02) Commentary on the 1987 cult film, "The Hidden," where a lack of technology, especially a lack of wireless technology, a lack of GMO foods, and a lack of heavy metal spraying of the skies created a population of healthy, vibrant, human-centered (as opposed to technology-centered) people who weigh on average 10-20% less than the turgid victims of modernity waddling about the United States some thirty years later. There is an innocent, humorous sensibility to the movie, despite the occasional gore. When people die, the camera turns away. The violence does not carry the heavy emotional toll that today's movies have. There were many things that the movie leaves to your imagination; hence, the movie is less "pornographic" -- by which I mean that it does not use its images to stun and numb you. The alien that takes over human beings is a metaphor for the greed and lust for power that take over many "normal" human beings. In that sense, the movie is a commentary on the sociopathic elite ruining our planet today. Earlier this week I rented a Jeep Compass that I returned the next day due to a strong microwave signal that persisted even after I turned off the Blue Tooth / Wi-Fi in-cabin feature via the dashboard console. Perhaps the maddening signal was related to the government's desire to be able to track vehicles and tax mileage in real time as part of a global tax scheme to combat excess carbon emissions, but which is mostly an attempt to establish a funding mechanism for a tyrannical, technocratic global governance. I remember reading about "black boxes" that would be required on all vehicles by 2015 that would emit a constant cellular signal so that the vehicle's movement could be tracked and taxed. Perhaps that was the issue. The 2015 Nissan Frontier truck I exchanged it for had no such signal apart from the Blue Tooth that I had complete control over. The lust for exotic race cars, such as the Ferraris that the alien likes to steal, is not a practical expression of masculinity or power, as driving 50 miles per hour over the speed limit will land you in jail.

November 6, 2016b (47:44) Why do I support Trump? We must stop US and Israeli support of ISIS that sends women's and gay rights backwards 1000 years in Africa and the Middle East. I reject Hillary Clinton's support of the destruction of the stablizing, moderate governments of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Ukraine, and her promise to go to war against Iran and, by extension, Russia. I am tired of the hypocrisy of US wars of aggression to secure resources and prop up the petro-dollar, furthering the disastrous neoconservative agenda, while being sold to the American public as wars of peace and morality. Mine will be a vote against the sociopathic Machiavellian mindset of "might makes right" or the "divine right of kings." Check further, Alex Jones' documentary "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove" that presents footage of the elites' "Cremation of Care" ceremony where a child (or an effigy of a child) is burned to the Satanic entity, Moloch, in order to cleanse your conscience of the harm and suffering you have caused others. Elites do this ceremony every August at their confab in the redwoods of Northern California. Trump admits that in business he has benefitted from tax loopholes written for billionaires like himself, but that he will seek to change this, giving working Americans a better chance of success. Comments regarding illegal immigration, for example, the cost of housing 22,000 violent illegal alien criminals in federal prison. Why don't we just send them back to their country of origin? Do you not see the hypocrisy of the "tolerant" and "liberal" Hillary Clinton taking 100s of millions of dollars from a countries like Saudi Arabia that execute gays and women who won't cover their face in public? Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Mexican drug cartels, Saudi royalty, Israeli Mossad, and their relation to child sex trafficking. Recorded acts of pedophilia provide control files that ensure the elites that you will stay on message and serve their agenda. If that doesn't work to silence you, then you will be killed, as JFK was. Not one of the top 100 newspapers in the country endorsed Trump. I take that as a badge of honor. It's merely the appearance of diversity, where perhaps just six media conglomerates own all these papers, radio stations, and television stations. Some comments on Trump's "grab'em by the pussy" statement. A push by government toward greater censorship of the Internet. Will the US institute a "Good Citizenship" score, like the Chinese do, based on the websites you visit, the content of the emails you send, the comments you make online, your social media posts, the people you socialize with, and the members of your social network's own Compliant Citizenship scores? I sure as hell hope not. Why we need out of these nation state sovereignty destroying trade agreements. * Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove.

November 6, 2016c (20:10) Hiking in the San Gabriel Wilderness along the Alimony Truck Trail Forest Service access road. White heavy metal chafe wafting down upon entire region from aerosol spraying above, creating a uniform haze. Spiritual node near right nipple has been throbbing uncomfortably for 2 hours. It's been doing this during the last few long hikes. A discussion of what this node is. How these heavy metals depress the body's physical and spiritual functioning. I weigh 218 pounds, and have purchased a size 40" belt for the first time. I've gained 20 pounds since moving to the Coachella Valley and not being able to hike daily. I should weigh in the mid-190s. I can get back there if I am hiking every day. I hit 177 pounds in November 1994 when the descending force plowed through me while I slept, attempting to ground every cell and neuron in my body to a heightened energy, one result of which was that my bowels emptied completely a few hours later. It was a 1000 pound lightnining bolt of weight coming through me. The world, in general, is not safe for heightened awareness. This is why I tend to reject such phenomena when they arise, seeking to test them and appraise their suitability for my personal, limited circumstance. If there is a systematic developmental nature to these spiritual arisings, then they will present themselves again if first denied. In order to transmit this maddening love, you need to be grounded, bolted to the earth. You need a subtle screw that connects the entirety of your being to the planet's molten, spinning core thousands of miles beneath your feet. Seeking release from my teaching contract so that I can move to a location 4000 feet in elevation in the high desert. A disheartening infestation of parasitic mistletoe that is killing half or more of the woody plants on my hikes. None of this disgusting mistletoe was here eight years ago. The heavy metal spraying and HAARP arrays are preventing rain from falling. The lack of water and the toxic metals in the soil weaken trees' immune systems and help to proliferate these parasites. There is evidence that artificial polymers are in the material raining down on us, and that these polymers are delivery systems for mold, parasites, and genetically modified pathogens. Human beings are suffering from an epidemic of parasite and mold related illnesses. The spraying and these illnesses are linked.

November 6, 2016d (35:57) I took a six hour hike today, plus an hour of laying down on a zero cellphone reception trail. Agree with Michael Moore, that I am supporting Trump as a "fuck you!" to the establishment. The "establishment" is: putting GMOs in the wild; spreading EMF everywhere; spraying nanoparticulate heavy metals in the stratosphere, destroying the ozone and choking off life; endless war and military spending. In terms of liberty, people in the US and across the globe have been losing ground for the last 20 years. Advances in technology have made us even less free. With Trump I hope to promote local control of education and medical freedom (e.g., push back against mandatory vaccinations). I think Trump will make peace with Russia, sparing my having a mushroom cloud over Edwards Airforce Base, which is a nuclear target, and is near my high desert property. A lot of these elites feel they are losing control over the masses, and are likely to start a nuclear war rather than cede this control. The sociopathology of the elites and pedophile priests like Michael O'Grady, who abused over 50 minors, ages 5 on up, some for several years each, featured in the documentary, "Deliver Us From Evil." He suffered from a complete lack of awareness of the suffering he caused in others. You can absolutely see this in his interviews. It is remarkable. You could say that this lack of empathy is the hallmark of Evil. Donald Trump is not a sociopath. He has a heart. He cares. We'll find out if he is a hypocrite, or if he can be blackmailed into serving a darker agenda. But I do think he cares. Getting out of bad trade deals that serve globalist interests, not the US's. Physicians with effective natural cancer treatments are targeted and shut down by the FDA. The three wealthiest counties in the US all touch Washington, DC, because DC is the new Rome, the seat of graft and parasitism. Public schools have become obedience training centers where independent, critical thinking and creativity are subordinated to the State's desire for a compliant, dependent population. The credentialing of teachers is a disaster. Possessing a credential means that you have destroyed your innate ability to learn and inquire, and that you are ready to destroy the innate wisdom of children. Common Core comes from the Bill Gates Foundation and these transhumanist combines that push kids away from God and to a false union with Wi-Fi and mobile devices. In the mind of elites, humans are inferior to machines. To me, this is not only wrong, it is blasphemy. I think Trump is a successful business person, and with that background he is going to try to "drain the swamp" where all human and economic activity is bent toward feeding off taxes sent to Washington, D.C., as opposed to innovating and being competitive. I think Trump is going to encourage more self-reliance in a nation where over 100 million people are now, due to bad trade deals that have gutted our economic base, reliant on government Welfare checks where people can just sit at home and collect money for doing nothing. It's a rotten system that teaches everyone to expect something for nothing. I think Trump will curb this, and empower people to get back on their feet again.

October 26, 2016 (7:26) The fallout of aerosol spraying can be seen readily with a flashlight at night, as swirling, eddying chaffe raining down on you. When I am up in Joshua Tree National Park, hiking at night, there is a stark difference between the crystal clear air that is present after a rain, or after a few days where no spraying occurred, and the typical particle-filled air that is the result of a day or two's spraying campaign. There were some rains recently, with less aerosol injecting jets than usual, which cleared the air of 95% of the pollution that would otherwise have been there. It was fantastic to inhale the pollution-free air. It was so healing. My body could feel the difference. Just inhaling that pristine air made me high. There were still some puddles on the trail, and a slight dampness in the air. I do not like inhaling foreign objects into my lungs. Air is ether. It's life's primary link to subtle consciousness. To have air polluted, as the eugenicist geoengineers are doing, is to pollute our connection to Spirit. It is "noise" or static that impedes the radio signal that is spiritual reception and transmission. Air -- this subtle realm -- should be as free of obstruction as possible.

August 20, 2016a (27:21) (Threats to the environment. Notes on the 50+ square mile Blue Cut Fire that is still burning. Weight loss goals. Comments on hiking strengthening the will.)

August 8, 2016a (20:39) (The intelligent and sustaining quality of Frederick Taylor's writing in "The Downfall of Money: Germany's Hyperinflation and the Destruction of the Middle Class." An extended discussion of the passive, deadend activity that is television viewing versus the act of creating new worlds as is done through writing, meditation, quilting, child rearing, exercise, gardening, music making, volunteerism, and any number of crafts and hobbies. It is essential that we be authentic and vital; and it is only by being actively engaged that we can remain a free and spiritually-minded people. The capacity for spiritual transcendence is diluted by compulsive external focuses like television watching and reading. Try to accept the moments or periods where your self identity is in flux, as these often presage psychological or spiritual breakthroughs. Sometimes your self-identity needs to shift, and an uncomfortable flux is required for that. The tension between worldly productivity and spiritual growth.) * August 8, 2016b (8:07) (Immersion in artificial realities as spiritual death. The spiritual dead end that is television viewing. The personal and social benefits of participating in a knitting circle. One hundred years ago, before the onslaught of digital, wireless media, 85% of the public was actively engaged, with 15% passively entertained; now that ratio of conscious persons to zombies has reversed. Making a quilt for a cancer victim versus spending 16 hours watching "Game of Thrones" on TV: No comparison as to which is the superior involvement in terms of social uplift.) * August 8, 2016c (26:00) (Find a daily exercise regimen that is enjoyable and sustainable; that gives your circulatory and lymphatic systems a workout, but is not too hard on your joints. Hiking 11 miles with 3200 feet of elevation gain, with a 5-hour, 244 mile roundtrip drive to access the trail, is definitely not my first choice for a meditational-aerobic outlet. If you have a 3-4 hour workout that you can access without driving anywhere, that is best. If walking or running is your preferred mode of exercise, it is ideal to have a gradual incline, as opposed to something much steeper, as it is both harder on your joints and interferes with developing a meditative state of mind as you have to pay closer attention to your footing and you have to brake frequently on the way down. Working out too hard overexcites me and prevents me from sleeping well. Also, a two hour drive after a work out doesn't let the bodymind relax into a harmonious balance: the upright, sedentary mental focusing is anathema to bodymind integration. For a lower energy person, 1-2 hours daily should suffice.)

August 6, 2016b (30:42) (The importance of a stable, regular surface for foot placement, for joint health, the rhythmic motion of arms and legs, and the attainment of a deep meditative state. Decomposed granite rubble: the bane of all leg joints. The less processed sardines I prefer have 1gram calcium that is absent from skinless, de-boned sardines. Prolonged sitting is detrimental to gastrointestinal and intellectual functioning. I attribute the lightening and strengthening of my solar plexus to the regular walking, reduced sitting, and reduced television viewing during my recent vacation in Washington, D.C. Did drinking a lot of well water help, as well as going to bed earlier? Brain waves are at a lower ebb than dreamless sleep when you watch TV. Watching moving images is a passive, zombifying activity. Listening to radio and reading a book cause the brain to generate images and hence, is more active and helpful. Taking four pages of notes watching "Titanic" in 1997. Loosening my bowels when hit with the descending force in 1994, resulting in a weight of 178, the lowest since high school. Cotton mouth from body trying to rid itself of preservatives in prepared foods.)

August 4, 2016a (22:02) (Health and Radiance) * August 4, 2016b (29:17) (Health and Radiance) * August 4, 2016c (8:37) (Health and Radiance)

July 24, 2016 (b) (32:24) (Non-recognition of my suffering. If you can't see it or feel it, why bother about it? Doctor prescribes Zoloft to me, a fluoride-based mood enhancer that eats holes in your brain and destroys empathy.)

June 21, 2016 (12:04) (Turning down a teaching position at a high school due to a cellular tower that doubled as a stadium light. They thought it was because I was racist. Trying to find EMF safety in the 21st century is very much a Kafka-esque challenge.) * June 21, 2016 (6:02) (An hour into a walk in an EMF-reduced location, I felt tightening and strengthening in my solar plexus as well as an improved ability to focus my mind. Trying to overcome the growing alienation, decay, and bodymind dysfunction that attend chronic EMF exposure. Mental energy, when forced through this grid of artificial EMF is like forcing a laser beam through a prism that breaks it into 1000 pieces, utterly destroying its utility and coherence.)

April 12, 2016 (25:30) (Aerosol Spraying and US Presidential candidate Donald Trump)

March 10, 2016 (29:58) Respiratory illnesses spread in Coachella Valley. A dozen people hacking at Walmart. The Satanic Broadcasting Network won't link this to the chemtrails above, so the sheep are dying with their cognitive dissonance intact. My MERV 16, above HEPA home air filtration system is inadequate for removing these microscopic toxins. The frustration of driving an hour away to hike in an EMF-reduced environment only to be just as exposed to toxic aerosol spray fallout as ever. The value of industriousness and goal-orientedness in the workplace, in defiance of slackers who seek to avoid a deeper commitment. The sky covered with toxic haze and two "chembows" above the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. These are world class athletes, and they, too, must suck in this heavy metal contamination. The relentless onslaught or incursion of wireless technology and nanoparticulates into our beings. Nowhere do I see a reduction of electromagnetic exposure -- only an increase. Staff taking medication to mask symptoms of neuropathy that I attribute primarily to wireless exposures. There is an epidemic of neuropathy with ads for its medication appearing on television and in print -- ads that describe the med's countless adverse side effects such as a ten-fold increase in pancreatic cancer. The energetic dimension of our being is very much under assault from this heavy metal toxicity and wireless assault. The free form aluminum that we are breathing is NOT found in nature, where it is always bound to and thereby neutralized by another element. My own symptoms of neuropathy improve greatly after extended retreats in natural areas with reduced EMF exposure and increased aerobic activity that energizes my being and strengthens my nervous system. The pharmaceutical companies probably do have an understanding about the real source of the neuropathy is, but their profits and the elites' agenda lay elsewhere. Wireless energy is the Breath of the Beast. The predatory system requires the advance of this technology, regardless of the health effects. The 20 reductionistic, transhumanist fallacies promoted by Vernor Vinge and Star Trek such as digital holograms that have the capacity to love; digital synthesizers that can create a tomato or a French Soufflé; the transport of living organisms across space by a computerized modeling of the being down to the atomic, genetic, and molecular levels that is then sent to another location via a digitized EMF signal. This is an extremely powerful meme that is lodged in people's subconsciousnesses. I've been watching this stuff since the 1960s when Star Trek first aired. The transporter technology is a lie. It's a fraud. You cannot reduce life to a binary series of zeros and ones, as the transhumanists intent on uploading their consciousnesses to some mainframe to acheieve immortality. This is a false and very dangerous idea. In a complex, living system, the sum is always greater than the parts. In the computer modeling displayed by Star Trek, Spirit is absent. You cannot have life without Spirit; and man is not capable of creating or giving life to another being, only Spirit is. It is that mysterious, universal spark that breathes life into inanimacy. It's spirit, it's the morphogenetic field, it's some larger universal field that informs everything that arises. You cannot separate a being from that, digitize it, and transport it. I just think you are going to lose a lot in that. I don't think you can transport people that way. Not even a rock. Even with that you will have some problems. What this science fiction fallacy leads you to believe is that you can fuck over the planet; you can create an environment that is absolutely inhospitable...continue at 21:00.

March 9, 2016 (11:00) Tremendous muscle weakness. Powerful cell tower 1 mile away makes me feel like my entire body is on fire. Wiggington's discussion of heavy metal exposures resulting in off-the-charts blood levels for aluminum, barium, and arsenic. Fitt's hypothesizes that the globalists want humanity to resonate with cell towers, hence the metal spraying and massive deployment of artificial EMF transmitters. But life cannot "resonate" with the towers. There will an effect, but it will be one of disease, incoherence, and accelerated aging. Finding employment in the high desert will result in better hiking and a reduction in temperature of 10-20 degrees during the summers, which would be a godsend.

March 8, 2016 (13:50) How I feel after several hours in the presence of a cellular tower, in terms of energy level and coherence. When working or resting in an EMF-reduced environment, my energy level intensifies, and a positive, inner wildness grows that calls for me to leap about and ground the intensity in a physical manner. This is the opposite of the deepening lethergy and apathy that takes root in me the longer I am in the presence of harmful EMF. Recent blood pressure of 148/84 versus 112 over 72 of 12 years ago. Being near a microwave transmitter makes every cell in my body feel like it has a slipped disc. On an energetic and metabolic level EMF causes my being to go out of alignment. All I can do in response to this digitized energetic overload is assume a horizontal, passive state and let it pass on its own, which takes time. I have to become motionless and unresponsive. But how inert can something that is alive become? It is impossible to get a good hike in after a day of poor exposures. I need 12-24 hours of sleep and rest, at least, before I am ready to really exert myself. I can no longer maintain the 10-mile walk regimen week days in Joshua Tree, as I am not getting enough sleep. I need sufficient rest to be balanced and focused at work, which is more important than burning a few extra calories on the trail. So I am hiking six miles or so, and laying down in the shade of some yucca plants for 30 minutes, instead of pushing myself to walk an extra two miles each way. I am doing this just 3 days a week or so. You have to listen to your gut, your inner instincts. There are many times when your brain is telling you one thing, but it's at odds with your gut. You have to listen to your gut. It might not be what your mind had intended, but your gut and your heart always know what to do.

March 8, 2016 (3:01) Body feels languid. It's like every part of me is a water balloon or a wet noodle, such that if I apply any physical pressure or mental focus to it, it just can't respond or sustain it. This is what a day of EMF exposure does to the enlightened human body. You become wobbly, unsteady. You just can't maintain focus and attention, either physically or intellectually. It's like you have been at sea for a week and are trying to walk on solid ground again. My quadriceps and biceps feel limp, unresponsive. It's like I am running on fumes, with my primary energy source completely exhausted. I am not bursting forward into my exercise as had been the norm for me for so many years.

February 7, 2016 (16:29) (Ringing in my ears, pain in my pancreas, and other perceptions.)

January 14, 2016 (49:10) (Must keep up hiking to stay under 220 pounds. Forty pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago. The additional weight is brutal on your joints. The trailess 1000' ascent of the Cottonwood Mountains from the canyon floor in Joshua Tree is not compatible with longterm joint health. The steep, rubble-covered path is hard on your knees, hips, and ankles -- especially so if you are carrying an extra 20+ pounds. For the time being, I am opting for a less aerobically challenging flat walk of 10 miles. We'll see how this goes for me in the summer. Maybe I'll have to hike from 6pm to 10pm to avoid the worst of the heat. The bodymind integration and harmonization fostered by the alternating left-right movement of your arms and legs while walking. Riding a bicycle, while aerobically beneficial, does not stimulate such harmony, and the pressure of the seat suffocates the root chakra and causes erectile dysfunction. Lymphatic and other body fluids need to circulate. Exercise promotes this. I've started eating a large leafy green salad for lunch, with romaine lettuce, celery, red and green cabbage, raw sunflower seeds, roasted sesame seeds, sprouted tofu, fresh chopped garlic, and drenched in organic olive oil and balsamic vineagar. The salads have reduced my stomach bloat, and have increased the vital force of my gastrointestinal tract overall. My complexion has improved, too... continue at 16:00....)

January 10, 2016a (37:53) (Going on a 10-mile hike in the San Gabriel Mountains with 1600' of elevation gain. Everyone must have a physical practice. If I couldn't walk I would be pumping bicycle pedals with my arms -- or anything else that exercised my heart. I had a much higher metabolic rate from ages 13-21 when I ran frequently. It is important to have a stable surface and have your weight under control if you want your knees, hips, and ankles to last 100 years. Feeling a post-hike euphoria at a Mexican restaurant, observing dozens of somber, obese people illuminated by the screens of their cell phones. There is a correlation between obesity and cell phone use. Overview of article at PeakProsperity.com that discusses the rise of diabetes and obesity worldwide. Oddly, some areas, like India, are experiencing a rise in diabetes, but not obesity. Though this may be partly due to increased consumption of GMOs, I attribute the rise of diabetes to increasing cellular radiation exposure which my experience has shown me is a direct attack on the pancreas and its associated regulation of not just blood sugar, but the entire subtle energy system of the human body. Whereas the bodymind receives its nutrition initially through the umbilical cord, in the more advanced stages of spiritual development, prana or subtle energy itself flows through the solar plexus and is directly metabolized by the pancreas into a nutrient source capable of sustaining the bodymind. It is this higher endocrine system function that cellular radiation disrupts. The metabolic dysfunction caused by cellular radiation is evidenced in the obese "smart"-phone-saddled patrons of this Mexican restaurant. When I am in areas of greater EMF exposure, any excitation or concentration of my consciousness leads directly to a burning, deadening, painful sensation in my feet and hands. Americans are becoming lazy and unthinking, which is the exact response demonstrated by monkeys in microwave exposure studies where the animals seek to sleep whenever the exposure is great. After 26 years teaching special education I am ready for retirement. I could go another 19 years of teaching, but I would have to find a more benign workplace, electromagnetically, and I would need the daily strengthening and release that a celltower-free hike provides me. A healthy exercise regimen can reverse premature graying of hair. I need 4 months of this extraordinary excercise program to lose 20 pounds and regain much of the health I've lost the past 2-3 years. Looking at the white particulate matter descending from all the artificial clouds above me, I reflect that this is omnicide. The pathogens and heavy metals we are being seeded with are killing us. I look at the Internet pundits like Chris Martenson, Gerald Celente, and Dr. Edward Group and I can tell you that they look like shit compared to just two years ago. There has been a visible decline in the effulgence of light from their faces and general vitality in the past two years. It's marked. I look around me and I see a bloated, deathly pastiness in everyone that worsens over time, yet no one asks why the sky has a solid blanket of clouds or haze every day when the desert should have blue skies 360 days per year. Are the technocrats attacking the light-creating principle in the human body itself? The "21 Grams" that leave the body upon death: Is the spiritual principle itself under attack? I believe it is. The nano-sized, bioavailable heavy metals are taken up directly into the bloodstream through the lungs and commandeer cellular receptor sites and block the chemical and energetic functioning of the body. Heavy metals block the uptake of nutrients through the roots of trees and other plants. Such plants die even if they live alongside a stream. The diminished transmittive quality of people that I see is NOT due to age. I see the worn faces of Native Americans from 100 or more years ago, and the radiance of their faces and eyes was intact despite their age.)

January 10, 2016b (28:35) (Decreased subtle radiance as a function of toxic exposures. The Luciferian technocrats' specific attack on human spiritual potential. The elites' quest for demonic possession. Some comments on Dr. Shiva Yogi's ajna chakra activation service. The pleasure of a good chakra cleansing or energetic healing. The danger of viewing Adi Da or Ammachi as the source of the shaktipat or grace. The limitations of the personality or physical vehicle of the external guru or teacher. Excessive idealization of the guru leads to demands for sex, money, and time that hinder seekers in their quest for inner guidance. Ammachi's repetitive stress injury from excessive hugging. continue at 9:00)

January 10, 2016c (29:34) (A review of "Cobra Gypsies" by Raphael Treza -- a documentary of the Kalbeliya Gypsies of Rajashtan, India. How a European man travels with this nomadic Indian tribe of casteless "untouchables" for a couple of months. In this remote area of India, the heavy metal aerosols are sprayed there, too. The vital, dynamic, innocent, coherent, spontaneous, glorious quality of these amazing nomads. These people are being destroyed by our modern, Western civilization. The Kalbeliya are being destroyed by Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Barack Obama. These people are being destroyed by Exxon, by Disney, by Chase Bank, by the Rothschilds, by these entities that enslave and devour anything natural or beautiful on this planet. No one had a cell phone and how much happier they seemed for it. Cellular connectivity is the noose drawn around humanity's collective neck. Disheartening to know that this people's openness, naturalness, curiosity, physical health, human-centered (as opposed to technology-centered), and non-materialistic lifestyle was an approach to life that is vanishing from the world. Such slender, lanky people are not found in a world dominated by fast food and smart phones. Clothes no longer hang over lean-limbed people. The modern man literally bursts out of the seams and buttons of his pants and shirts on account of his fleshy excess. When I passed 200 pounds, I could no longer tuck my shirts into my pants. To feel my abdomen press hard against my pant's waist line is a disgusting reminder of my overweight, unhealthy state. You could not pinch an inch on these nomads. Not to romanticize the Kalbeliya's lifestyle, they endure many hardships, are exposed to extreme heat and cold without electicity, sleep on beds of sticks, and labor manually for their meager incomes. Before you belittle this people's practice of arranged marriages, ask yourself this: Is our culture a great success with a third of adults on anti-depressants full of fluoride that eats holes in your brain? Are we to be pround of a country with 100 million people dependent on the government for their welfare check, most of whom are fat, lazy, stupid and demonstrate an obnoxious air of entitlement. Is our culture so great that we would destroy anything different from us, forcing them to adopt similar lifestyles of physical illness and mind control via computer entrainment? The US is bombing eight countries and poisoning the planet through a universal spraying program. Can you really say that the US and the Western world has the moral high ground? Do we really have the right to lecture this tribe as to what is right and what is worth aspiring toward? continue at 18:00) (YouTube)

January 10, 2016e (20:21) (A rare snow in Big Bear. The descending current of kundalini and its awakening activity in my thyroid, thymus, and pancreas glands. The significance of the endocrine glands cannot be overstated. The human body's amplification of subtle energy is made possible by a secretion of the heart muscle that serves also as an endocrine gland.The thymus gland facilitates this function, serving as a repository for the heart muscle fluid. continue at 5:00.)

January 8, 2016a (16:14) (Financial and investment considerations.)

January 8, 2016b (18:32) (San Gabriel Mountains covered in a mist from the day's aerosol spraying. Eighty percent of the trees and woody shrubs are being attacked and killed by parasitic mistletoe. The yucca, joshua trees, and succulents have been spared infestation, as far as my eyes can see; but a white aluminum dust appears to be collecting on them.)

January 6, 2016 (53:25) (Several aerosol spraying tanker jets unloading just above cloud cover during recent rain storm. Probably a different "wetter" chemical material that doesn't aerosolize well at higher elevations and requires the cover of rain to be applied to unwitting life on the ground. A discussion of the ethics of stocks versus precious metals as investments and stores of wealth.)

December 6, 2015 (a) (30:35) (A blanket of chemical aerosols in what should have been pristine blue skies. Like awakening to a sheet of plastic wrap stretched across your face, suffocating you. Most of my family are moral cowards, fearful to challenge the power structure despite its obvious lack of legitimacy. Disheartened by the willfull ignorance of the people closest to me. Makes me feel isolated, unsupported and paranoid. People today do not trust their own eyes or their own logic. Instead, they wait for the 6 o'clock news to TELL them what to think and what to be upset about. Through the chemical layer above me I see five new chemtrails: How can ANYONE think that is normal? I am hiking in this wilderness area and I see and hear NO insect or bird life. The plants around me are dying. How can anyone come to any conclusion other than that something is terribly wrong? But then we live in world where a US president earns the Nobel Peace Prize and then goes on to wage war against eight countries. That such things persist without sufficient public outrage to counter them is a true blow to my hope in our species. Barrie Trower's research on Wi-Fi and cellular radiation. Among other effects, exposure makes one lethargic. Continue at 9:00)

December 6, 2015 (b) (45:01) ()

October 26, 2015a (saving a cormorant sea bird stranded in Joshua Tree National Park; though bird tried to peck me, he followed me around and would sit near me, apparently preferring me over the coyotes he could hear howling in the distance, so I took him home for the night) * October 26, 2015b (God appearing in the form of a cormorant; is this a test?)

October 25, 2015 (38:58) (thick aerosol cover; air smells evil; speaking truth to power leads to homelessness, incarceration, or worse; being disowned by family; the lie is a great comfort to the weak; under the guise of "national security" gag order placed on all employees of the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association; Alex Jones worth $8million, presents truth telling as a spectator sport; Alex Jones' activites do not lead to constructive action and engagement; if we don't have control over the air we beathe, that's checkmate, isn't it?; we all need to be in a place where we have physical, emotional, and financial security; 9/11 and Sandy Hook -- false flag assaults on reason and humanity; the fraudulent beauty of chemtrail pinks at sunset)

October 19, 2015(a) (7:55) (Blue skies for just 30 minutes this morning. After perhaps 150 flyovers of military tanker jets, the sky became completely blanketed by a gray aerosol cover. I feel a depletion of life force -- an ebbing from my solar plexus -- when interacting with depressed, mistrustful people. Shade and oxygen production are what I look for in a garden. I care very little about the aesthetics of order, balance, and control that seem to motivate most people when tending plants near their homes.)

October 18, 2015 (5 lightning storms surrounding me on previous hike, with lightning coming to within 1/2 mile of me; hard to assume the doom-and-gloom, the-end-is-near mindset;)








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