Mother Shakti Goddess Transmission Observations

On this page are links to observations and commentaries regarding two women I was blessed to have met who transmitted phenomenal energy. These women were beautiful in their own right, but had a spectacular energetic presence that was capable of binding men to them. I would say that the intellectual interest and existential force that I applied to my interactions with these women was second only to that attending my own internal wrestling with Mother Shakti Herself who has dwelled in me for the past 32 years. Kundalini awakening is said often to trigger cravings if its unfoldment becomes stuck in one developmental area or another. In these cases your weaknesses and imperfections rather than clarifying or dissolving can become amplified. While I don't think this has been the case with me, it's definitely true that I am an "energy junkie" in terms of who it is that I seek to be around or to share my body with. For me -- if we can put compassion and ethical conduct aside -- it's all about energy. I received an embrace from the reportedly enlightened hugging saint, Amachi. She hugs thousands of people per day when she is on a darshan tour. Amachi's transmission was less than 1/10th the force transmitted by the two incredible women I describe. It's the difference between a weak tea and a triple cappuccino. The first woman I met was a 22 year old mother of two in Hawaii. The second was just 12 years old, but was an energetic prodigy in her own right. I will include posts here and there on other psychic and endocrine system related incidents involving other women who might have shown me more had we had more time. The two I focus on the most are those who I spent more time with and who pursued me with great determination. My hope some day is to have a child with a Shakti-transmitting woman. That's the only kind of woman I am interested in passing my genetic lineage through. I'd feel underutilized and bored with anyone else. I have my doubts that this will ever happen, however. There is a tremendous tendency toward darkness, lack of intellectual honesty, and psychic control of the male partner in most women of this sort. As I am constitutionally incapable of living under anyone's thumb but God's, I don't know if I'll ever be with such a woman. My hope is that I'll find a subtle energy channeling girl with more of a trusting, transparent nature -- though still holding on to the various mysteries in her manner of being that make her who she is -- and that we will somehow be able to bend enough to make it work. That's my dream at least, and I will take that over a compromised reality. I don't need to have offspring of my own. There are enough human beings on the planet as it is; I touch many lives already as a teacher; and this website is testimony enough, in terms of radical social propagation, of how I view the world.

1) Transmission of Shakti from guru to initiate to open the third eye and increase reception of spiritual knowledge. 2) Spiritual energy can be seen in the human iris. 3) Female form in a vortex of energy with particularly intense zones at the ovaries, the hands, and above the head. 4-5) Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, a representation of shakti or life force, also referred to as Divine Mother, with four arms and with a halo of light behind her. 6) Kali, Hindu goddess of death, time, and sexuality. Kali represents motherly love as well as sexual fulfillment. With the false or limited self held as a decapitated head in one of her four hands, Kali stands or dances on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her. 7) Nikolas Tesla quote: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." 8) Artist Alex Gray's rendering of spiritual communion in the act of lovemaking, with energetic intensity noted in the chest, sexual region, and brain. 9) The sacred geometry of human coitus in the form of a sexual hexagram, the bringing together of above and below, of man and woman -- of opposites -- to form a perfect union. 10-11) Artistic representations of lovemaking, with an emphasis on light, color, merging, and the consumption of the male principle by the female principle in the transcendent act of creating new life. 12) Rays of light emanating from the energetically elevated human form, merging the isolated consciousness with the cosmos around (and within) him.


November 19, 2017 (Light Shining In The Face - A Selfless Stare - Spiritual Identification - Sexual Idealization - Male Archetype - Aspirational Recognition)







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