Kundalini And Cell Towers: Heart Chakra Opening - Signs And Symptoms


November 17, 2002 (Heart Chakra Opening - Kundalini's Descent - Kundalini Awakening - Descending Force / Current -- or The Awakening of Kundalini's Descending Force - The Heart Chakra Opens)

March 14, 2005 (Opening The Heart For Dummies - Heart Open - Opening My Heart - Heart Surgery - Heart Attack - Closed Emotional State - Depression - How To Live Freely And Lovingly)

The Heart Doctrine, Chapter 4, Science Of The Soul (pdf)


Kheper.net Heart Chakra (pdf)

A good discussion on descending versus ascending kundalini at Spiritual Forums * (need to pull out some quotes to discuss; the mod says that ascending is kundalini and comes from within, while the descending energy is grace and comes from without; I never thought about that)


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