Spiritual Autobiography

Presents links to chapters in my spiritual autobiography.

The sun: A representation of the life giving force or potential that lies within the human body that is activated through aspiration, effort, and grace.


Posts prefaced with an asterisk (*) indicate that I am dissatisfied with the level of egotism and/or general confusion displayed. I am slowly ironing these bumps out.

Thinking Critically Is Thinking Spiritually

*This Revelation: No Substitute For Direct Consciousness Of God

Talk Is Cheap: Why I Don't Discuss "God" With People

Kundalini Awakened: A Liberal State Of Mind

*(Quang Duc's Self-Immolation: Not An Act Of Integral Thinking ---this post sucks; still editing*

Awakened vs. Enlightened: What is the Difference?

Meditation: What is its Purpose?

The Importance Of A Life-Culminating Tome 1000s Of Pages Long

A Protective Sheath: The Product Of A Safe And Fulfilling Childhood

Waking Dream States And The Perception Of A Tangible Rock In The Head

My Dad: Surfer, Dreamer, Intellectual, Rebel

To Live Fully Means Being Brave And Dying Well

Girls, Sexuality, and Individuation

Political Notes And Commentary 1

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly ~ A Review

The Body as Self-Concept

Live Your Life With The Intensity Of A Vampire!

Kundalini's Awakening

Tangerine Dream: A Music Of Individuation and Isolation

Kundalini's Sublimation Of Sexual Fluids: An Ecstatic Dripping Into The Thalamus

Why Hiking At Night In The Forest Is Better than Sex

An Email To Someone Overwhelmed By Kundalini Symptoms

The Spiritual Function Of The Testicles And Ovaries: The Heightened Conduction Of Subtle Energy

Central Nervous System Irritability After Kundalini's Awakening

Why I Don't Smoke Cigarettes On The Toilet

My Undergraduate Studies: A Quest for Intellectual and Spiritual Truth

The Thymus Gland Speaks: My First Contact With A Transcendent Peace

A Winter in New Jersey: Death by Quantitative Analysis

The Spiritual Function Of The Pancreas Gland & Commentary Regarding The Safety And Relevance Of Spiritual Development For The Modern Era

Quitting a Doctoral Program: A Social, Material, and Intellectual Purge

The Kundalini Process and Its Need for Warmth: Searching for God in Hawaii

Manhattan Beach In A Dream

Employment and Social Adaptation: A Yoga of Death

My Car: A Chevrolet Sprint Laden With Messages

Energy Shift Symptoms

A Seemingly Never-Ending Delay of Emotional Gratification: Spiritual Stillbirth?

The Awakening Of Kundalini's Descending Force: The Heart Chakra Opens

The Spiritual Function Of The Heart Muscle: The Amplification And Transmission Of Visible, Living, Radiant Feeling

The Throat Chakra Awakens: The Exquisite, Ennobling Sadness of Spiritual Longing

Salvation Is Inclusive: A Commentary On Dostoevsky's The Parable Of The Onion

The Awakening of the Pancreas Gland: A Cooling and Calming of the Entire Body-Mind

George W. Bush And Me: 56 Photos

Kundalini Awakening, Heart Chakra Opening, and the Manipulation of Emotions

Harmonization Of The Pituitary And Thymus Glands: The Tuning Fork

A Tangible Texturing Of Energy Fields

An Ongoing Sensation of Internal Radiance: The Ecstasy of Contact with Solar Radiation

A Subtle Shift in Cellular Energy Polarity: The Calm Before the Storm

It's A Conspiracy!

Sarah's Satisfying Nap

Sacked By Kundalini's Descending Current - The Ultimate Ground

It's The Economy, Stupid!

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine: A Visit With Satan

How It Went At A New Age Women's Workshop In Honaunau

Donna Karan Models And Perfumes: Things I Do My Best To Avoid

The Lidocaine Injection and the Numbing of My Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Some Dietary And Lifestyle Recommendations To A Spiritual Aspirant Suffering From Digestive Issues

The Military Uplink Dishes and a Pain in the Thymus Gland

Beware Of Programming That Destroys Your Emotional Centers

Do Saints Watch Porn? Would God Come Prematurely?

Irritation in the Pineal Gland and the Round Top Transmitting Facility

The Healing Event And The 100-Fold Increased Sensitization To Electromagnetic Radiation

Super Conductivity

The Flu that Wouldn't Quit

George W. Bush: A Stupid And Corrupt Corporate Tool

Sexual Insecurity: The Root Problem Of Neoconservatism And Christian Fundamentalism

Bush Versus Jesus: The Violence and Hypocrisy Of Christian Fundamentalism

On the Relationship Between Kundalini and Electrical Sensitivity

My Pilgrimage To The FDR Memorial

That's No Ordinary Pizza! How Political And Cultural Elites Have Sex With Children And Ritually Abuse Them As A Sacrament To Lucifer. What Could Possibly Go Wrong With A System Governed By Such People?

O'ahu: Spiritual Wasteland

The Big Island

Stroke? Heart Attack?

Why I Would Make A Lousy Catholic Priest

A Medical Diagnosis

Teacher's Union

Good God! Someone Wants To Worship Me! What To Do?

On Disruptions To The Dharma -- Or How To Be Saved By A Child With Autism

A Consideration Of My Involvement With A Witch

Errant Knight

Sample Symptoms: 2003

The World's Falling Apart -- So What Am I Doing About It?


An Anthropomorphic Representation Of The Ability Of Mountains To Amplify Spiritual Consciousness

Creation's Ultimate Purpose: The Spiritual Transfiguration Of All Matter In The Universe

Why I Always Go Shopping With Pagan Checks

Hiking In The San Gabriel Mountains Of Southern California

Spiritual Intuition: The Obnoxious Voice of the Super Ego

The Adventure Library: Tales Of Heroic Expeditions That Mirror The Inner Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Path and Its Need for an Industrial Strength Self-Concept

Some Analysis of the Photos

Reflections And Photos From Joshua Tree National Park

House of Flying Daggers And The Feminine Life Force

Everything You Need To Know About This Spiritual Autobiography: The Bulleted List

Final Words: The Mantras



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