Bram Stoker's Dracula - Francis Ford Coppola - Review - Shakti - Wolf-like Vampire - Insane Passion - Lust - Full Physical Communion With Divinity - Energetic Importance Of Long Hair

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Live Your Life With The Intensity Of A Vampire!

Describes my aspiration to be like the wolf-like vampire in Francis Ford Coppola's, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Argues that only such ferocious physical, sexual, and emotional intensity are compatible with Self-realization and whole body enlightenment.

Argues that full physical communion with divinity requires an insane passion. Argues that a passionate union with Shakti requires an embodiment of the full animal-like passion and lust for life displayed by Bram Stoker's vampire creature.

Argues the energetic and spiritual importance of long hair.

Cultural Criticism / Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - March 16, 1993 (a)


Shakti overwhelmed by the hairy dude's advances. The vampire-werewolf inseminating his consort by moonlight. An edited clip at YouTube. I recall that in Coppola's original edit the scene was longer and more graphic.


*1993.3.16. (a) Tuesday, a.m. (Tape #3, Side A, continued.) (Note: This entry was pulled and expanded upon from a longer entry for 3/16/1993 [make link]).

I was picturing how I wanted to look and feel before I will consider myself ready for another girlfriend. Though I greatly desire to make love again, many things need to be accomplished first. I want my muscles to be honed, and I want to be really hairy. I want to be totally totally natural and powerful, with all of my faculties intact -- like that wolf-like vampire in Francis Ford Coppola's, "Bram Stoker's Dracula." That hairy creature was awesome. I want to be like that werewolf-animal-man, insane with lust and passion as he screwed that girl for hours outside in the garden under a full moon. His blood shot eyes were something else: No holding back on the flow of vital force there! That was an incredible scene. That's passion for you. I mean, the sensibilities aren't correct, but the level of passion is. I want for Shakti and me to be like that.

Later note from 2003.7.24. Thursday, 5:45 a.m.

When I wrote the above entry I had a beard and a pony tail for the first time in my life. I was very intent on letting my physical self demonstrate, in it's outward appearance, the passion I felt building inside of me. Among the clean-cut, conservative, largely Asian (and hairless) teaching staff at my school, I stood out. I ended up cutting my hair and shaving my beard by October of that year, mostly because I wanted to avoid the pressure and stigma associated with having a whole lot of hair. The conservative, church-going ladies that I worked with were relieved when I came to school one day completely clean-shaven. It was several days before they ceased complimenting me on my new look.

It is not that I couldn't handle the stress of looking or behaving in an atypical manner. But I wanted to be able to focus my energy on developing an increasingly powerful -- and wild -- interior emotional state. To the extent that my energies were distracted by various issues of peer pressure and conformity, I wanted to avoid that. I thought to myself, "Let me look like a neutered drone like everyone else." I knew that I would be given much more lattitude in terms of taking sickleave, holding controversial opinions, and focusing on my spiritual path if I merely took the step of appearing to be "one of them."

Today, ten years later, I still vow to myself to be much more hippie-like at some point in the future, perhaps when I retire from the department of education. I want a foot long beard, and hair down as far as it can grow. At some point in my life I hope to cease cutting my hair altogether. Partly, this desire stems from my simply wanting to be more free of social constraints; but it also has to do with what I believe to be the energy-enhancing aspect of long hair. It has been my experience that one's life force is better nurtured and amplified when you do not cut your hair. Cutting one's hair, in my view, is a social submission -- a self sacrifice -- at the expense of one's spiritual and energetic needs. It's a denial of Life force, of God's plan.

I use the sexuality presented in Bram Stoker's Dracula as a metaphor for the kundalini process. Kundalini's active presence within you is a very sexual and erotic thing. Your thinking, feeling, aspiring and everything else that your bodymind gives rise to become sexually supercharged. Your sexual energy comes to permeate all aspects of your being. All of your perceptions become suffused with sexual bliss.

As well, this Shakti force is constantly pushing the envelope with respect to new awarenesses and sensitivities being made available to you as this process ups the overall intensity of energy flow within you. Kundalini forces you constantly to adapt to a more intense and profound conduction of heightened energy.

It is in this sense of a passionate conduction of energy -- of an absolute submission to this awesome energetic process -- that I found the werewolf-vampire's disposition inspiring. Of course, this character's awareness was limited to his sexuality and basic survival instincts. He didn't seem particularly expressive of love and intellectual insight. But it was his basic root life force -- and its unobstructed, though demented expression -- that attracted me. It's always been my belief that the qualities of passion and intensity are just as important to Self-realization as compassion and ethical conduct. That vampire may have been a real bastard, but I sure respect his vital force!


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