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December 10, 1995 (Wondrous Sunset - J.C. Penney Clothing Returns - A Discussion Of Whether Activism, Conformism, and Escapism Are Mutually Exclusive Categories - A Beautiful Girl Who Bored Me - A Preference To Be By Myself - Mere Devotion Annoys Me - Need Charisma And Sparkling Intelligence To Sustain My Interest)

July 1996 (Criticism Of A Young Mother - Interpersonal Compromise vs Independence - Be Guided By Intuition, Not Social Expediency)

November 12, 1996 (Middle School Popularity Contest - Most Likely To Succeed vs. Best All Around - The Struggle For Freedom Will Continue)

December 28, 1996 (Purging Personal Artifacts On Spiritual Quest - Certain Of Victory - Tossing Love Letters, University Diplomas, Into The Trash - An Unwavering Intution That I Needed A Clear Break From Something I Couldn't Exactly Define)

July 29, 1997(a) (Limitations Of A Physically Attractive Woman - Are Amazing Breasts Sufficient To Sustain A Relationship? - Sometimes Being Alone Is The Best Thing)

September 19, 1998 (Secret Of Life - Profound - Spiritual - Trust Connection Safety Security - Submit - Taking A Nap)

November 13, 1999 ("What You Want" Consumer Catalogue - A Betrayal Of Spirit - Satisfaction Of Base Needs With No Connection To Wisdom Or Social Justice - The Use Of Youth And False Expressions Of Happiness To Sell Products No One Needs)

December 25, 1999 (Smoking In The Bathroom - Smoke - Cigarette - Taking A Shit - Crap - Self Strangulation - Avoidance Of Psychological And Emotional Release - Orgasm -- or Why I Don't Smoke Cigarettes On The Toilet)

January 1, 2000 (Mister Bell's Restaurant - Naalehu, Ka'u - White Trash - Adulterated Food - Cigarette Smoking Customers Who Are Unhealthful And Somber In Appearance - Rural Ka'u, A Mortuary Of The Soul - A Toxic Environment In Which To Raise A Child)

December 10, 2000 (A Void In My Third Eye - Feeling Deceitful And Fraudulent In My Communications - An Erosion Of Authenticity)

August 17, 2002 (The Collective Aura Of Somber Hopelessness That Plagues Naalehu - No Effulgence Or Light In The People At The Post Office Or Grocery Store - An Existential Shock To My Vibrational State - A Dysfunctional Gravitational Field That Pulls All Higher Faculties Down To The Sexual Organs)

September 6, 2002 (Inspirational Development - Transcendent Bodymind - Human Capacity For Limitlessness - The Spiritual Imperative Of A Fulifilling Childhood -- or Protective Sheath -- The Product of a Safe and Fulfilling Childhood)

March 6, 2010 (Retirement Home For Elephants And Dogs) (6.8 MB wmv file, 2:34) * (YouTube)


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