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Details a three-year-old student of mine's taking a nap. Describes how she sought me out as her anchor of safety and security -- and immediately, having laid down next to me, fell asleep.

Argues that the search for such emotional and material trust and connection is played out again in a more rarefied form later in life, in the spiritual aspirant's conscious immersion in transcendental awareness.

Argues that the secret of life is this sense of profound connection and trust -- the truth of which is rarely acknowledged in the noise and madness of social life.

Social Criticism - September 19, 1998

1998.9.19. Saturday, 6:00 a.m. (Social criticism.)

Yesterday while my students watched a video after lunch recess, I lay down about five feet behind them to rest. I was lying on my side with my head propped up on my arm, absent-mindedly watching the video's hip-hop renditions of several nursery rhymes. Sarah [not her real name], a three-year old girl and my newest student, became tired and decided to take a nap. But instead of lying down where she was, she looked back at me and decided that she wanted to nap with me. So she walked back to me and proceeded to position herself with as much of her body in contact with mine as possible. She pulled my free arm and placed it on her chest and face. I began to caress her. She dozed off immediately.

There are a million things I could say to analyze this small, miraculous event. Things like this are what is really going on here on this planet. Life's not about presidential impeachment hearings or economic crises: It's about profound trust and connection. But this truth is rarely discussed or acknowledged. People fill their minds with garbage. In today's world of syndicated dis-information, it's a full-time job keeping the crap at bay. But as my mind is relatively uncluttered, and as yesterday I was particularly tired and sensitive, Sarah's action hit me with more impact and meaning than it otherwise normally would. To me, a whole world of truth was contained in Sarah's innate need for connection and security. I was emotionally overwhelmed by her little, but profound, act. I looked down in awe at her miraculous, perfect little toes, her big, innocent, brown eyes, her two little fingers placed delicately in her mouth. My eyes misted over as I wished that everyone and everything were this emotionally pure and sincere. I felt that my whole week's toils were fully compensated by Sarah's one beautiful act. Sarah had not said one word the entire time. She had merely identified me as a source of safety and had instinctively, naturally, non-verbally nestled next to me.

Contained in Sarah's action is the secret of life. Just as God made her perfect little body, so he made her emotional impulse to feel safe, to find the source of that safety and connection, and to submit to it. Just as Sarah sought to take a nap with me, so it is that a spiritual person seeks out God to enter spiritual union. Without the feeling of being surrounded and protected by Spirit, nobody can transcend her limited consciousness. In the right environment, achieving God-consciousness would be as easy as Sarah's taking a nap. But it takes as unblemished a faith and conviction as Sarah's -- and it takes a better world than what we've been able to create so far. But I can tell you without a doubt that Sarah had a great nap. I wish I had naps like that. I wish that our spiritual needs were as simply and fully met as Sarah's need for security and sleep.


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