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August 20, 2002 (Spiritual Intuition - Good Judgment - Inner Voice - Critical Thinking - Aspirations - Mind - Clear Connection - or Thinking Critically, Thinking Spiritually)


December 4, 1996 (Why I Don't Discuss "God" With People - Spiritual Experience - Talk Is Cheap - God Is Not A Concept, It's An Activity - Difficulty Describing - Adverse Reaction To EMF - God Consciousness - I Claim Ignorance)

December 28, 1996 (Purging Personal Artifacts On Spiritual Quest - Certain Of Victory - Tossing Love Letters, University Diplomas, Into The Trash - An Unwavering Intution That I Needed A Clear Break From Something I Couldn't Exactly Define)

December 30, 1996 (12 Apple Boxes Full Of Books - So Much Confusion And Useless Information - The Equivalence Of Singularity And Universality On The Level Of Consciousness - Can This Be Reproduced On An Intellectual Level? - My Opus, "Spiritual Thinking," Seeks To Reduce 500 Books To 1 - A New Bible)

December 30, 1996 (b) (Catalyst For Promoting A More Spiritually-Oriented Society - Take What I Say To The Core Of Your Being, But Arrive At Your Own Conclusions - God, I'm Doing The Best I Can, Honestly)

January 1, 1997 (a) (A New Standard In Human Suffering - The Social Alienation That God Consciousness Can Bring Is Bad Enough, But This Incessant Persecution And Invasion Of My Consciousness By Manmade EMF Takes The Cake - Losing Myself In Work And Physical Debasement Give Only Partial Refuge)

March 23, 1998 (Honaunau New Age Workshop - 50 Year Old Caucasian Women Searching For Self - Off Topic Remarks Key To The Path - EMF Complications - Symbology Of Linda S. Hanek's "Vision de Chaos" - Inverted Triangle With Symmetrical Cross, The Family Hero - Circle With Plus Sign And Minus Sign Inside, The Mascot)

November 8, 2002 (Spiritual Transfiguration - Creation's Purpose - God's Intention - Duality - Pure Consciousness - Evolution - Fulfillment - Divine - Universe - Explosion - Dark Matter - Life)

December 25, 2013 (Essay) (In The Modern Era, Is Kundalini Awakening Safe Or Even Relevant? Is Access To Wireless Internet A Meaningful Substitute For Spiritual Awareness? Socially And Spiritually, Are The Two Compatible?)



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