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Spiritual Commentary - December 30, 1996 (b)

1996.12.30. (b) ?

Some of the things I write about may seem mysterious and improbable because they may fall outside your personal experiences and the expectations of life you have based upon those experiences. However, by writing about my life I hope to broaden your thinking about what is possible in your own and what the purpose of your being here might be. In reading this, it is your task to corroborate or challenge my perceptions. Use your experience, use your intuition, and wrestle with what I say. Arrive at your own conclusions, your own unique aspirations, even if they are at variance with mine. All that I ask is that you take what I say seriously, take it to the core of your being. There will likely be many people whose bodies and minds are more spiritually keen and full of health than mine. I am not jealous. I have done my best with what I have been able to salvage and nurture in what has turned out to be a most difficult life. Although I have made a tremendous, concerted effort toward spiritual liberation, my physical and social environment limits me. I know that God wants more out of this body and mind of mine. All I can say to Him is, "Dude, I'm doing the best I can. Honestly." I would be gratified to know that my writing was a catalyst for promoting a more spiritually-oriented society. I do not care if my voice is but one among hundreds of genuine written outpourings. I have a huge ego, but this planet and our long history have plenty of room for better, bigger egos. As long as my writing serves to deepen, clarify, and broaden the application of spiritual insight, then I shall be happy. If I can help just one person during the next thousand years to avoid my own mistakes, then the years of my toiling in the class room, on the mountain, and in front of the computer will not be in vain.


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