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December 28, 1996 (Purging Personal Artifacts On Spiritual Quest - Certain Of Victory - Tossing Love Letters, University Diplomas, Into The Trash - An Unwavering Intution That I Needed A Clear Break From Something I Couldn't Exactly Define)

December 30, 1996 (a) (I Hope That This Writing Pays Off - My Only Chance To Secure Spiritual Safety - I Have No Intention Of Being Icharas - Society Owes Me For These Countless Hours Of Headaches And Chest Pain - I Will Hang Those &*$@ Transmitters Out To Dry If It Is The Last Thing I Do)

December 30, 1996 (c) (Sadness - Who Would Want To Read Yet Another Tale Of Pain And Disappointment? Is There Not Enough Of That In The World Already? The Difficulty Of Mental Activity Amidst A Strong Ambient EMF - Not Ready For A Publisher, Yet)

December 31, 1996 (Leaving Some Writing On The Wall So That The Next Person To Naively Tread This Path Will Know What The Hell To Expect)

December 31, 1996 (a) (Non-Fiction Is A Tedious Bore - The Primacy Of The Imaginative Worlds Of J.R.R. Tolkein, Carlos Castaneda, Frank L. Baum, Ayn Rand, And The Brothers Grimm - Nights In The Mountains Meditating On These Fabulous Worlds - The Spiritual Context Provided By Ken Wilber And Gopi Krishna)

January 1, 1997 (Truth Alone Is Insufficient - It Must Be Beautiful)

December 26, 1998 (Ohia Tree Blossom Pictures/Photographs - Barren Lava - Cleaning Out The Leaves And Moss That Clog The Rain Gutters - Redwood Catchment Tank Nearly Empty - Need More Rain - Little Precipitation in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates Which Lies In The Rain Shadow Of Mauna Loa Volcano)

March 26, 1999 (Herman Melville Died An Unknown - Reclusive, Bitter, And Poor - I Hope Such A Fate Does Not Await Me)

March 26, 1999 (a) (Scoring 100 Out Of 100 On The HMSA (pdf) HealthPass Measure Of Stress And Emotional Wellbeing - Is This Newfound Health Or A Sign Of Exhaustion And Resignation To Interminable Pressures?)

November 15, 2001 (Taking The Day Off To Spread 3/4" Minus Volcanic, Basaltic "Blue Rock" Road Base Along My Driveway - Purchased From Jas. W. Limited General Contractors - Hawaii)


Gridley Camp Spring - March 24, 2010 (audio file, 128 kbps AAC format, 89 MB, 1:32 length, includes pic/artwork [new])

Gridely Camp Spring, Upper Tributary - April 7, 2010 (audio file, 128 kbps, AAC format, 57 MB, 58 minutes, includes pic)

Gridley Camp Spring, Upper Tributary - May 22, 2010 (audio file, 128 kbps, AAC format, 59 MB, 1:02, includes pic)

Big Rock Creek, Valyermo, CA - November 8, 2010 (audio file, 128 kbps, AAC format , 31.9 MB, 29:31, includes pic)

January 2, 2012 (Trip To Hawaii - Where To Go - Waikiki - Paradise Park - Lyon Arboretum - Manoa Falls - Waahila Ridge State Recreation Area - Sandy Beach - Sacred Falls - USS Nimitz - Kalani Honua Eco-Resort - Mauna Kea Beach - Parker Ranch)

Surfing Clips: Epic Waves - Walls of Death!! - Biggest Wednesday Condition Black - 28 Jan 1998 * (Huge Surf) Big Wednesday Highlight Reel at The Wedge, Courtesy Hurricane Marie, August 2014 (HD) * Wedge Monster 8-27-14 * Biggest Teahupoo Ever, Shot on the PHANTOM CAMERA. [Original 720p video] * Seven Ghosts Ep2 - The "Bono" - Amazing Tidal Bore Surfing

January 3, 2017 (Personal Schedule - Let's Be Productive!)



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