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Personal Minutiae - January 3, 2017

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On my hike yesterday I reflected on how little I've accomplished the past 12 years since relocating to California. For a variety of reasons I was more productive in the islands. I had my own home with minimal interruptions during my personal time. I would go days without saying a word to another human being. Maybe I would exclaim, "I love you God!" filling my house with gratitude a few times a day. The EMF exposures of the house were very good, so I was able to think deeply for some hours before overheating. The situation at my workplace was quite manageable, certainly relative to what I have since encountered in California. I taught preschool for my last nine years in Hawaii. The wonderful kids and staff I had provided for an emotionally safe and rewarding experience that did not detract from the overall creative and spiritual focus of my life.

In my present circumstances, I am able to do an hour or two of the most rote and mundane cognitive tasks, but almost immediately, if I attempt any higher order thinking where I am trying to generate a truly creative, summative thought, my mind is arrested. It feels like my mental functioning is stretched out on a torture rack, and held immobile. This is because, for the most, I live in a barely acceptable EMF location. There must be a half dozen towers within 2 miles, including one just a half mile away. I am here due to financial constraints, living with family, until I can pay off some $80,000 in debts, and save the money I need to prepare my land parcel in the high desert. I give my present workplace a C+ in terms of EMF exposures, so that means that my body and mind are quite worn out from a day at work, an abused and sluggish state that continues into the following day.

I have fallen into some destructive patterns to manage these deficiencies. Not only does my mind shut down early in the day, I feel listless and will just lay about. For the past several years I have been spending more and more time idly listening to talk radio or watching video streams to the point now that I can actually fall asleep while radio personalities like Alex Jones or Dane Wigington are engaged in hot, heartfelt rants. This would have been impossible for me in Hawaii. I was so responsive to my environment that I could have no such stimulation late at night, or at any time preceding my sleeping.

One particular bad habit, which I share with many people, is watching video streams for the last 3-4 hours of each evening. I really really really must stop this! It's a form of anesthesia, or dampening, of my life force. It's the lowest level of mental engagement. It's pure passivity and lethargy. Studies have shown that the brain is more active in sleep than it is watching television. It's a form of spiritual autoeroticism that while superficially titillating, is overall most deadening. If I go to bed at midnight, after having abused my mind with such engagement from 8pm on, I feel hungover and particularly unresponsive spiritually or creatively the following morning. I get tired of the abusive messaging I receive overtly and subliminally as well. I never did this previously. In Hawaii, my internet was via dial-up phone connection. I paid for two lines, one for phone calls and one for the internet. Basically, I could only access text on the internet, which in retrospect was fine. If I wanted to watch a movie, I had to go to the local store and rent the DVD. In any event, if I want to be as strong intellectually as I can, keeping my mind, spirit, and body as intact and harmoniously engaged as possible, then I need to go to bed much earlier and minimize this mental suffocation.

The following schedule is something I printed out this morning and taped to the white board above my desk. It addresses the above concerns, as well as acknowledging a few more matters. I need to re-focus my attention on tape transcriptions. At the very least I need to get the year 1994 completed. I've probably only transcribed a few weeks of it to date. While I may have interesting, helpful observations regarding cultural and political matters, those are of more passing concerns relative to my experiences of the kundalini process. It is these sharings from my personal experiences that likely will be of the most lasting value. Also, I have piles of paperwork, articles, memos to myself, et cetera that could fill 10 apple boxes. I need to go through them and clear them out. If I had a 2500 square foot home all to myself, that would be one thing. But I don't. I am sharing a small house, and I grow tired of the $203 per month I spend on a 10'x10' storage unit for warehousing my personal effects, much of which I do not need -- and that I could easily replace with the $1200 per year I would save by going to a smaller unit. I expect to stay where I am for the next 5 years as I seek pay down debt and save money. There is no good reason to waste $5000 on storing unneeded items that I can easily replace for half that amount. Lastly, I have made poor progress developing my digital music library. This is because all my faculties of discernment have been depressed, aesthetic, intellectual, and otherwise. I would like to see some time in the evening, perhaps an hour, used to screen music, and if I can tolerate sitting upright at my desk for 20 minutes in the early evening (I often can't), scanning a CD cover to attach to my music file.


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