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"Gold Diagram" by Dave Miller.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America (2010) (mp4) * PrisonPlanet.tv * Amazon * YouTube * Solari.com * Options for Storing Precious Metals (*) * Solari.com article "Coming Clean" (*) * [add more Fitts articles] *

Erste Group Gold Report July 4, 2011 (GATA) (GoldMoney)

Solari Report: Precious Metals: The Top Ten Dates in American History by Catherine Austin Fitts & Franklin Sanders (*)

3 Ways To Hide Valuables At Home (*)

Casey Research (commodities news site) (*)

JFK vs. Federal Reserve (pdf) * 14th Amendment Fraud - Republic vs Federal Corporation: Whom Do You Work For? (pdf) * Famous Freedom Quotes (*)

Kenneth Storey - The 200 Year War Against Silver Ends with Digital Currency (a good overview of silver's recent history in the US) (May 2015)

Franklin Sanders' The Moneychanger: What Is a Numismatic Coin? What the Law Really Says... and Why You Should Not Buy Them! (*)

Solari.com: Allergic To Numismatic Coins (*)

I store precious metals offshore at Goldmoney.com (*). Goldmoney is hailed by numerous independent groups as one of the safest precious metals investments in the world, and is a great way to diversify the location of your precious metals assets (i.e., avoid US govt seizure -- although heavy taxation of incoming money wires may be an issue at some point). They give $30 credits on incoming bank wires in excess of $10K. The cost over spot is very reasonable: about 3-4% for silver and 2-3% for gold, depending on the amount you purchase. Storage fees range from .2-.49% per year, which includes the cost of insuring your holding. There is no fee for selling your metals. You can have your metals converted into 6 different currencies (US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs and Japanese yen) and wired to any bank account you set up in the world. They can also arrange for physical delivery of your holdings via Kitco (*) to other countries. You are the sole owner of the metals you buy (i.e., there is no counterparty risk), and each storage location (there are vaults in London, Hong Kong, and Zurich) is insured to $500 million by Lloyds of London.

I buy my precious metals for physical holding at California Numismatics Investments (www.golddealer.com) (*). CNI has one of the best and fairest spreads in the business (3-4%). Their associates are not commission-based. They buy back from you what you bought from them at a price very close to spot. Their profits lie in their huge volume of sales ($200 million/yr) rather than gouging each individual sale. CNI offers free shipping and no sales tax on purchases over $2K. CNI are huge Alex Jones/Ron Paul/free market/end the Fed fans. CNI spares US customers the hassel of dealing with eBay when owners of precious metals choose to liquidate their holdings. CNI provides MUCH better value to their customers than Goldline, Midas Resources, and many other businesses that adverstise on national TV and radio, hawking their commemorative "private" gold coins at 50% over spot, and offering to buy the same coins back from you at 10% below spot, which amounts to a 60% spread and is in my view usurious if not fraudulent.

California Numismatic Investments: considerations for buying and selling precious metals (pdf 3/2011) * California Numismatic Investments: silver bullion reporting requirements (pdf 3/2011)

King World News * Blog (includes transcripts of interviews) * Radio Interview Archives (interviews with the world's top PM bugs; definitive audio source for precious metals, commodities, and paper currencies information; I listen to Eric King's interviews and post summaries of what I consider to be the most important take-home information )

Zero Hedge (financial news website, pro-precious metals, anti-fiat currencies) (pdf 5/2011)

24 Hour Gold (pdf 3/2011) * for precious metals news

Extraordinary David Icke piece RE: Occupy Wall Street; the fiat money system; fractional reserve banking; one world government; G8, G20, and NATO forces acting as de facto world government; the move to cashless control system (YouTube)

How Silver Bars Are Made (YouTube)

Corbett Report Interview of Catherine Austin Fitts

Ann Barnhardt: The Economy Is Going To Explode (workbook pdf) (DVD purchase) (add page of commentary - Barnhardt does a great job defining the fraud and theft inherent in 0% interest rates, Swaps, Repos, Reverse Repos, and Credit Default Swaps)

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - Michael Rivero * What Really Happened (*) * Michael Rivero's Daily Video Stream @ YouTube






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October 24, 2015 (Public Storage - Aerosol Skies - High Fees And Poor Maintenance - Shareholder Benefit Is Primary Focus Of Operation, Not Employee Or Customer Satisfaction)








For real time Gold/Silver ratio calculations check out SilverAndGoldAreMoney.com.












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