Taking The Day Off To Spread 3/4" Minus Volcanic, Basaltic "Blue Rock" Road Base Along My Driveway - Purchased From Jas. W. Limited General Contractors - Hawaii

Personal Minutiae - November 15, 2001

2001.11.15.  Thursday, 6:15 a.m. 

I’m taking today off.  I’ve got load of gravel coming this morning that I will spend the day spreading along the driveway and the perimeter of the house.  Hopefully, this will help boost the value of the home when the appraiser is here next week.  The more money the house is worth, the larger the low-interest, tax deductible mortgage (and points) I will be eligible for.  Running a close second to spiritual peace is my need for money: for car repairs, for electromagnetic safety, for whatever.

From Global Landscaping Supplies (pdf): "¾" crushed gravel is a mixture of sand and rock that is best used as packing gravel for underneath asphalt, concrete, driveways, pot holes, garage pads and paving stones. It is also known as 3/4" crush, road crush or road base."


Comment from 11/17/2012

The gravel pictured above was sold to me as "3/4 minus." Over a year or two period I had several cubic yards delivered. My long driveway and all the areas surrounding my house were made of volcanic ash or crushed lava. Both are relatively cheap materials with the problem of being very lightweight and tracking easily into the house. I am not sure if the islands' volcanic activity produces granite, but the above rocks are quite granite-like, and as such are much heavier and don't turn into dust as soon as you step on them as do many of the lava products. I recall ordering it from Jas. W. Glover, Ltd. (pdf) that mines this basaltic "blue rock" on the island of Hawaii.


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