12 Apple Boxes Full Of Books - So Much Confusion And Useless Information - The Equivalence Of Singularity And Universality On The Level Of Consciousness - Can This Be Reproduced On An Intellectual Level? - My Opus, "Spiritual Thinking," Seeks To Reduce 500 Books To 1 - A New Bible

Spiritual Commentary - December 30, 1996


I just set up a few boxes' worth of books in my living room, although there were just a couple of titles that I needed to have out. It weighs on me to know that I still have ten apple boxes full of books in the garage.  They sit there indolently on cinder blocks, sagging over the edges.  Maybe I should place them at ground level and let the rain water have at it with them.  I crave release from ownership.  There is so much confusion and useless information inside those five hundred books.  It's major karma for my brain.  Spiders are spinning webs underneath their exposed bottoms that jut out over the blocks' edges.  I can see white splatterings of spider digestive juices along the concrete beneath them.  The boxes interfere with my sweeping.  Lawn clippings, dust, and a general filth are collecting behind them.  Something has to change.  I would toss them in a second.  But I promised myself that I would make sense of the pile.  Condense five hundred books into one.  Ultimately, singularity and universality are the same thing, at least on the level of consciousness.  So why can't I do the same thing with articulated knowledge?  Given more time and support, I think I could have done it.  My mind was up for it.  Our world is sinking from an overabundance of unsystematically related knowledge.  People don't see how everything is connected, how Marx, solar power, sex, and white bread can all be understood within a single framework.  But my career, exposure to Lidocaine, and bombardment by EMFs have probably wiped forty points off my intelligence quotient.  My base inspiration has been dulled as well.  But I am going to do my best.  Little by little I am going to reduce the number of apple boxes in the garage.  One by one those books are going to be mercilessly critiqued and de-boned.  Sentence by sentence I am going to create a paradigm that makes sense of my entire collection.  It will be a new Bible.  Everyone will be able toss out hundreds of books from their homes.  All they will need will be a few periodicals, a few volumes of inspirational fiction that bears re-reading, a few non-fiction titles pertaining to gardening and diet, and my theoretical-analytical magnum opus.  I will call it "Spiritual Thinking," and it will be a fat volume or series of volumes.    






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