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I received an email from a woman with complaints of bloating and general digestive difficulties as a result of her kundalini awakening.

My response:

Hello S,

Thank you for writing. A post that addresses my digestive issues early on is central nervous system irritability. I had difficulty consuming live foods for a few years after my initial awakening. But as I got older and resumed more vigorous exercising, live foods weren't a problem, and my digestive process worked like a champ. If you were referring to a particular page at my sprawling, poorly organized site, let me know and I can be more specific in my response.

I am not a health practitioner. I will not be able to help you choose what diet, foods, exercise regimen, sleep practice, et cetera that YOU need to undertake to bolster YOUR health. I advise that you look up such keywords as kundalini, digestion, digestive issues, food, diet, healing, remedy, holistic, naturopath, et cetera into a search engine and spend several hours researching this. You will find plenty of good resources.

You should do whatever you can to maintain your health. As it is said, "Health is our greatest wealth." But the appropriate course of action for YOU will be unique and highly individualized. If you take long walks, meditate, and pray on this matter, you should grow increasingly aligned with your inner voice that knows what is good for you and what is not.

Some matters that I have found that disturb my digestive processes are lack of sleep and occupational stress. I have even begun to blame strong manmade wireless signals (such as cell tower radiation) for impaired digestive function and the epidemic of neuropathy (generally, the degeneration of our nervous systems) sweeping the West. In my own experience, cellular radiation interferes with the peristaltic contractions and the general force of my digestive tract. When I've spent some time in natural areas with reduced EMF exposures, I find that my digestive function improves. Although it could be improving for other reasons associated with Nature, I am certain that there is a direct link between EMF exposure and impaired digestive efficiency.

If you exercise regularly (a good hour per day minimum; 2-3 hours is even better), sleep 8+ hours per day (or whatever is appropriate for you), and have little negative stress in your personal and work life, then that ought to set the stage for your body's being able to digest just about anything.

There are some basic rules about diet and health that you should attempt to follow.

1. Drink clean water. Do your research on this. Some people like well water. They say the minerals are good for you and that ancient aquifer water has a "memory" and more healing properties than any water that has been treated (whether benignly with a filter, or municipally with chlorine and ammonia). Others prefer purified water (distilled or reverse osmosis). I drink distilled water because it is the only way to make sure you have all the toxins removed.

2. Avoid genetically modified foods. Corn today is grown with a pesticide spliced into its DNA, causing the digestive tract of insects to rupture if they eat it. What we're finding is that autism and many other modern ailments are linked to, among other things, the "leaky gut syndrome" that occurs in humans who eat GMO corn (and other GMO products). Literally, the gut lining becomes perforated with small holes that allow undigested food and stomach acids to seep directly into the blood stream, causing inflammation and many other illnesses.

3. Eat less food overall. Think of the dictum: "Eat to live, don't live to eat." I have difficulty with this; but it has been my experience that if you exercise and sleep right, and if your stress is manageable, then you are more likely not to "use" food for psychological (as opposed to body sustaining) purposes. That is, food intake will normalize if the rest of your life is in harmony.

4. Sleep right. Sleep enough to maintain health. Have a good bed. Reduce noise and light in the bedroom. Avoid sleeping close to household EMF sources (e.g., clock radio, cell phone, refrigerator three feet away on other side of bedroom wall). Etc.

5. Work right. Find work that is meaningful, rewarding, and pays adequately to meet your needs.

6. Reduce negatives in your personal life. Reduce exposure to people that take away energy from you. Increase time spent with people more aligned to your higher purpose.

7. Eat foods that bring vitality to you. While this varies from person to person, a general rule is that green salads, raw seeds, and simple dressings should be a staple. Even better, if you have the time and resolve, drink a half gallon daily of fresh pressed vegetable juices like the naturopathic physician Norman Walker did for nearly 100 years.

I think that is all I have for you for now. I hope you can bring your digestive system into better alignment. In my experience, bloating is a sign of weakened digestive function. The best way to avoid bloating is to increase your core strength -- your metabolic rate -- by exercising vigorously. Sleeping well and reducing stress will also allocate more of your body's resources to a struggling gastrointestinal tract. Reducing food inputs and avoiding foods that don't combine well will also help. When you add kundalini as a concern here, I can only look to my own experience of this being a whole-body energetic problem. Hence, the importance of strengthening the whole body to address this. In my experience there is nothing better than prolonged physical activity to ground kundalini and improve the bodymind's functioning in any metric that we might use to evaluate our health.

Thank you again for contacting me!






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