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It is important to husband one's sexual energy in order to promote spiritual growth.

In an advanced state of whole body enlightenment the urge toward external orgasm is sublimated into -- and dwarfed by -- a feeling of love and spiritual union that consumes every pore and nerve ending of the spiritual aspirant's body.

The sterile offerings of pornography deplete one's energetic field due to its objectification of a private and sacred act, and its impoverished emotional content.

Many expressions of human sexuality, though degenerate, should be legal because spiritual evolution requires highly individuated, self-reflective beings who are empowered with the capacity to choose right from wrong, or better from worse. True spiritual knowledge can only come from personal choice and personal experience. Righteousness cannot be mandated or regulated.

Societies may wish to apply "sin taxes" to harness constructively the power of various depraved, intractable cravings. Sin Taxes could be used to fund, for example, college scholarships for girls, a group that suffers disproportionately on account of the porn industry.

Sexual coupling is an evolutionary act. Spirit tends toward oneness. Interracial sex is integral to this drive. As human civilization evolves it will transcend xenophobic, race-specific prejudices.

State power is often abused in its prosecution of victimless "crimes" involving drugs and sex.

Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation, And The Spiritual Function of Sexual Fluids - August 8, 2001 (b)


Much of the spiritual path deals with husbanding one's energy effectively. While orgasm is a form of release that can be helpful and opening, it is more often a repetitive act that leads to energetic depletion and continued craving.

So there is a self-destructive aspect to orgasm that predominates.

Holding onto one's vital fluids is necessary to provide the juice or pressure necessary for making evolutionary leaps.

One of my greatest regrets is that I have never experienced what the urge to climax would feel like in an advanced whole-body enlightened state. My intuition always has told me that in such a state the urge to release through the penis -- i.e., external orgasm -- would be more than counterbalanced by the internal amplification and self-perpetuating arousal of the endocrine glands and their associated nerve plexuses. That is, my thymus gland and brachial plexus, for example, would be so turned-on during lovemaking -- or just the mere thought of lovemaking -- that the cravings for release through my sexual organ would be insignificant by comparison. Hence, full union in an enlightened state would not be diminished by the desire for sexual orgasm. Orgasm could still occur, but it would be by choice, not compulsion. I've always believed this to be the case; and I've always found this to be the most satisfying answer -- or hoped for state -- to my un-enlightened condition's frequently overwhelming urge to come during the first few minutes of sexual union.

In posts from 1994 (need to make page) -- there are only a dozen right now, but more will be added as I get around to transcribing my box of microcassettes -- I describe intense sensations in my thymus gland, brachial plexus, and other non-genital-specific areas during sexual arousal. Even then, without the ten-fold increase in energy conduction accompanying the grounding of kundalini's descending force (need to make page), I was nearly liberated from the desire for external sexual release. That is, the throbs of pleasure -- and other, more refined sensations -- throughout my body were already nearly a match for karmic sexual desire.

In my present condition of not being grounded by the full weight of kundalini -- and, most especially, on account of complications arising from every system within me getting blasted and frayed by electromagnetic field pollution -- it is impossible for me to regulate the energy flowing through me in a life-supporting manner. I am overwhelmed by the desire -- I would say need -- for self-destructive behaviors: sexual release, overeating, shallow breathing, sitting with poor posture, et cetera. All of which I utilize to dampen my body's conduction of manmade EMF.

In lovemaking I am often upset with my premature ejaculations because they remind me of where I am at developmentally -- caught midpoint in my spiritual development, held like a prisoner against this human-made electrical fence. My experience since late 1995 is that I am stuck. I've simply been treading water. Just existing. The circuit within me is not grounded, is not complete. Hence, my subtle essences, once each week or so, find their ennervating release through my penis. The pressure and vitality, in my current condition, have nowhere else to go. I am certain that this would not be the case were I living in a world that supported a whole body enlightened state. It would be easier to hold onto idealism and push the envelope energetically and spiritually. Any additional energies that accrued in such a condition and context would be far more easily grounded in -- and transmitted through -- my body.

Nevertheless, even if EMF were not a plague to me, I would never deny the urge for orgasm. Without higher consciousness grounding your entire body, the desire for orgasm is natural. Prior to whole body enlightenment there are a thousand minor -- but important -- orientations aimed toward integrating one's body-mind-spirit relationship. In short, you have to fully accept your feelings as they are in order to transcend them.

Sometimes guys try to distract their minds while making love in order to delay orgasm. But they shouldn't do this; they shouldn't focus on anything other than love during intercourse. Doing so fosters a flattened two-dimensionality to the relationship. Separating your mind from your feelings debilitates the whole heart region, impoverishing the emotional foundation that is critical to the vitality and durability of the union.

I was going to post some of the emails between a couple of friends and me -- but I will wait. My intention was to show the completely open and informal style of communication that we share. Success on the spiritual path requires this kind of openness and honesty. One of the exchanges was about interracial sex; but I won't post it until I can script out a deeper context for the thoughts shared. One of the points of the exchange was to describe how and why interracial sex excites me. I think it is healthy -- even ideal -- for people to be drawn to what is different, seeking out mates from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I would love to see the whole world's blood mixed up beyond recognition. Humanity would be better off if we could get beyond our obsession with superficial things like race. If there were no more "pure" Japanese or "pure" Germans (to name two examples of our most xenophobic brethren) the world would be a safer, more tolerant, and happier place.

Much of the hopelessness I express in this series of emails arises from the limitations inherent in communicating human sexuality over the Internet. The Internet is a cold, sterile, inhuman medium. For arousal to be healthful and spiritually-oriented, it should occur in the context of an emotional relationship. It is your emotions that hold the door open for Spirit to flood your being. Maintaining one's emotional integrity is essential. Unfortunately, millions of people (mainly men) flock to the countless pornography sites that litter the Internet. Their addiction to Internet sex undermines their emotional -- and hence, spiritual -- integrity. On the Internet -- as opposed to real life -- the focus is upon big cocks, waxed vaginas, and ejaculating on a girl's face. Pornography's "actors" don't have names; they don't say "I love you" to their partners; there is no story or context to give their activities meaning.

Sex in this environment desensitizes your heart.

Sex is a sacred, private act. It is not to be bought, marketed, or consumed by a third party. Pornography is an objectification of human sexuality, stripped of the emotional, relational, and intellectual foundation that supports human society and the evolutionary drive toward transcendence. To consume pornography is to live a life that is not directed by love. Being a consumer of porn diminishes your capacity to live lovingly and freely in all areas of your life.

As the Internet grows, so will pornography, as they go hand in hand. If you spend your time imbibing emotionless, human-less content over the Internet, you will be predisposed to sexual fantasies that are objectified and degenerate.

Working at an emotionally alienating job makes it more likely that you will accept loveless sexual relations in your personal life. So society needs to create jobs that are more emotionally rewarding if it is to stem the growth of porn. Similarly, if you have much love and emotional fulfillment in your personal life, it is more likely that you will seek out work that is consistent with that -- or at least push your workplace in that direction.

While you cannot keep all negative influences at bay, you should at least do your best to support what is good and wholesome. Ultimately, it's all about balance. With Right Thinking and Right Action, you will keep the forces of darkness at bay, and move closer to Spirit.

If you do not make an attempt to consciously ground your perceptions -- and world -- on an emotional level, your body-mind will fracture. The only way to raise awareness from a purely sexual level is to think about it, intellectualize it, idealize it, and develop a deep, compassionate, feeling-awareness to it. In the same fashion, the only way to ground thought -- to ground content -- is to connect it to love, to unifying whole-body desires. Not doing so leads to destructive, dysfunctional thoughts, and a fracture in one's spiritual nervous system.

Lastly, though I detest pornography, I am definitely not for censorship. Yes, pornography shackles the spirit. And, yes, when you are viewing pornography it rips a hole in your soul and sucks you into its sterile and debased world. But people should always have the choice between good and evil. Provided the act is consensual and harms no one -- at least in an overt, physical sense -- everything else becomes fair game. [Defining "harm" would require a long essay. It's complicated. I suppose a lot of one's consideration is based on social norms and a notion of relative harm. For example, I feel that pornography harms us emotionally, yet I don't wish to ban it. Getting tatoos and smoking cigarettes harm us physically, yet I feel they should be legal, though controlled, activities.]

You can't have virtue without vice. You can't have personal empowerment without the option of disempowering yourself. Human will -- the freedom of choice -- is an essential component of the spiritual path. God consciousness requires a highly individuated, self-reflective individual. Such a person must come to choose righteousness. Righteousness cannot be regulated and mandated.

It's easier to frown on unwanted behavior than it is to provide compelling options. Therefore I'm a big fan of "sin" taxes. Let people do what they will, but let us tax them heavily when they engage in degenerate activities. Levying a 100% tax on the admission price to pornography sites would be a good place to start. We all know that porn is particularly exploitative of women. So let's use the proceeds to fund college scholarships for girls, or loans to women-owned small businesses at below market rates. Let's use the proceeds from unwanted behavior to provide real opportunities for people to empower themselves. If we do, it is much more likely that many of these self-destructive behaviors will diminish, because the social context -- the ambient energy level of society as a whole -- will be raised over time.

Comment 2011.7.5.

Since writing the above I've become distrustful of our increasingly large, unaccountable, corporate-controlled government. This began in earnest with my investigations into 9/11 and ensuing Orwellian "war on terror," but grows deeper as I learn more about the history of the international banking system, vaccines, eugenics, and the private corporate takeover of the world's food supply via GMO. I've become much more critical of the role public education has played in the brainwashing of our nation's youth. I find it staggering to discover that so much information was ommitted during my own 20 years of unquestioning suckling at the teat of state-run education. Information critical of corporate and economic power. Information concerning the economic interests that were served by the Civil War and every war since then. How the lucrative illegal drug trade IS controlled by-and-large by governments worldwide. How patriotism and a faux moral high ground are used to write a narrative for the masses to believe in, meanwhile the same corrupt elites continue to do what they always do: consolidate economic and political power. And so forth. I can see that a specific purpose is being served by Americans being so uninformed and self-involved today. Though I've been a public school teacher for 21 years I ask myself now, Would our nation's children be better off if the State was not, in effect, raising them, as it is today?

In any event, what I have learned is that in Common Law (pdf) -- which provides an important foundation for the US Constitution -- you cannot prosecute a crime that has no victim. If someone smokes marijuana or pays someone for sex, those are consensual acts that have no victim. The State has no business incarcerating someone for such victimless personal choices. The State's behavior in such circumstances is no more warranted or morally grounded than, for example, the Catholic Church's prosecution of witches for "heresy" five hundred years ago. The actions are rife with prejudice, self-interest, and caprice. Pure and simple, these draconian actions are about the coercive expansion of State power. Just a short few hundred years ago, if you were branded a heretic, Church authorities were allowed to confiscate your property and possessions -- and of course kill you. There are striking similarities between these practices during the Inquisition and the civil asset forfeiture "laws" in the US today that declare if one marijuana plant is found (or is claimed to have been found) on your property, you too will lose your property and other financial assets -- or at the very least have all your assets frozen so that you cannot afford legal representation and are forced to plea bargain even if you are innocent. Many police departments share these proceeds with federal agencies to boost their operating budgets, which is an obvious conflict of interest.

Getting back to the original topic, condemning pornography is more an aesthetics or relative values judgment. It's also a political diversion meant to divide the people (social conservatives versus social liberals) when the "money masters" on top couldn't care less the outcome provided they are allowed to continue waging illegal wars, robbing nations of wealth via debt-based monetary systems, and generally lying to the public about all substantive matters that affect corporate profits or the centralization of political power. Obviously, when the State criminalizes consensual, victimless activities it becomes a tyrant. Such an invasion of our privacy and personal behaviors is both unwarranted and unconstitutional.

I still think there is a place for taxation of commercial porn enterprises, as well as verifying that pornographic actors are of a certain age (e.g., 18 in the US), as there are valid arguments regarding the exploitative nature of the business, that is magnified exponentially with decreasing age.

For additional posts regarding orgasms, please check out one dealing with the loss of fluid and vital force from the third-eye point (MAKE LINK), another that details my using a calendar to chart the frequency of orgasms (MAKE LINK) over a three year period, and some correspondence regarding when it is appropriate to orgasm (MAKE LINK).


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