Overwhelmed By Kundalini Symptoms - Panic Attacks, Claustrophobia, Tachycardia, Anxiety, Near Death Experience, Fear Of Death, Healing Childhood Trauma, Heat In Solar Plexus, Radiation From Chest

An email to a spiritual aspirant in Italy who feels overwhelmed by his Kundalini symptoms. He had been meditating and practicing yoga for several years prior to arousing this force. His kundalini awakening symptoms include panic attacks, claustrophobia, tachycardia, anxiety, near death experience, fear of death, trembling, re-experiencing and healing childhood trauma, fire and heat in the solar plexus, and radiation from the chest. He has read Gopi Krishna's account, but is seeking additional input and guidance.

Website Correspondence - August 16, 2014



Hello V,

Thank you for your email. It sounds like you are having difficulty with the kundalini energy, or kundalini process. I have one blog post that discusses what I did to maintain balance during my initial awakening:


Thirty years later I still do many of the same things to keep energetically balanced. I use food, sleep, exercise, and sexual release to manage this “kundalini energy.” I am happy that I have been able to survive 30 years. But I am tired. Being awakened makes you more sensitive to everything. And unless you are wealthy and can live away from the many things that cause you stress, you will have to earn a living. You will have to put up with a lot of things that are harmful to your body and mind. You have to develop as much strength and resilience as you can in order to manage life’s difficulties. Being able to moderate kundalini’s expansion and purification process is essential for your longterm wellbeing.

You have to listen to YOURSELF. You have to listen to your inner voice in order to determine what foods you should eat, how much sleep you need, and how much exercise and sexual release will help you.

If you need direct spiritual guidance from a living, human teacher, then you need to research that. Look for teachers who are skilled in kundalini yoga, meditation, and anything else that you think might be helpful. I would only caution that it is YOU and YOU ALONE who is an expert on YOU. God/Kundalini manifests in people differently. Everyone is unique. Many "teachers" out there try to force you to experience or see things a certain way. That is wrong. Your experience of Kundalini is unique. Did you hear that? Let me say it again: U-N-I-Q-U-E. Please try to find the faith and courage to stay true to the exceptionally personal path Kundalini has placed you on.

Also, if you feel your life is at risk, you may wish to consult with a Western medical doctor or psychiatrist. Such medical “experts” are not trained in spiritual matters and will likely prescribe psychotropic medications whose active ingredient is fluoride which creates holes in your brain. I have had doctors suggest medications to me so that my spiritual perceptions would cease. I never followed their advice. I suppose Western doctors believe it would be better for us to be zombies than insightful threats to the status quo. The choice of whether or not to medicate is yours.

That you have so much energy at play in your solar plexus and heart chakra I think is highly auspicious. You need to find the inner strength to manage and not be fearful of this purification. Also, your having near death experiences and a great fear of death is a highly positive development. These are likely precursors to greater awakening. Somehow you need to feel safe enough to be able to trust that this kundalini process is intelligent and benign.

When similar experiences were new for me, I also reached out to several people, including guru-types, hoping they could offer advice. Almost no one did. It would be nice not to feel so alone. Humans need community. But if what you are experiencing is a genuine kundalini manifestation, then such a thing is rare, and apart from the help you receive from authors like Gopi Krishna, you will be very much alone. I don’t talk about "Spirit" or "God" or "Kundalini" with people. What would be the point? Most people are stuck in lower chakra behavior patterns and aren’t looking deep or high enough to sense spirit as directly as we do. In terms of sadhana, or spiritual practice, God intends for the awakened to “walk the talk” - to demonstrate their enlightenment through how they behave. You can’t directly reveal what you experience; but you can demonstrate personal conduct that is kind, patient, humorous, sensitive, insightful, helpful, truthful and so forth. If you wish to ground inner saintly experiences, then you need to BEHAVE like a saint. That is all that most people will see in you anyway - your behavior.

Well, V, that is it for now. It appears that your years of spiritual practice have yielded fruit. Congratulations! I wish you good luck in balancing the effects of kundalini’s movements within you. May you find the peace, stability, and sanity that you seek!


Comment 2015.11.17.

Here is an additional post on kundalini complications from Bob Boyd, Puran Blair, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and El Collie.


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