Thymus Gland - Spiritual Voice - Peace - Sublime Feelings

or The Thymus Gland Speaks -- My First Contact with a Transcendent Peace

Details the event of a feeling of peace arising from my thymus gland, some three years after kundalini's awakening. It was the first conscious sensation I had experienced in this gland.

October 8, 1997 -- Signs and Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening And Spiritual Awakening

After graduating from [x university] in [year], I became a substitute teacher for the [x school district]. I had many assignments over the course of six months, one of which was a six-week stint teaching students with emotional disabilities at [x school], [some distance east] of U.S.C. The students were mostly black and Hispanic, from a poor, crime-ravaged neighborhood. My commute from the sanctuary of [city] to this impoverished area was a startling, daily trauma. East Los Angeles is a desolate sea of concrete. There are no trees to speak of; and much of the public space, as well as private, is riddled with graffiti. Every home has tall, sharp, perimeter fences, and iron grates on the windows. A few even have barbed wire. It is a war zone.

It was tiring at x: the stifling, smog-filled air; the tree-less, grass-less campus; the dreary brown buildings; the stampede of teachers leaving school right at the buzzer. And I was a lousy teacher. An old Black lady, who came to help me for two hours each day, saw that I meant well, but I clearly lacked the skills necessary to manage behavior and teach at the appropriate level. Frequently, the children ran roughshod over me. In my windowless portable, out on the blacktop, with nearly zero administrative oversight, there were a number of times that the kids shut the door and turned the lights off, or yelled obscenities at me or, on one particularly bad day, ran across the tops of the desks and leaped into the wall, feigning death. As a consequence, I developed an anxiety problem that was specific to this school and this group of kids.

But something strange happened to me one day while at [x school]. I was exiting my classroom, leaving school for the day, with my body and mind exhausted, as usual. I had a distinct and unusual feeling of peace that arose from my thymus gland. I had never felt anything like this before. In fact, prior to this, I had never felt anything in my thymus gland at all. It was strange, like a whisper, or a baby's breath. It didn't communicate anything intellectually. But my mind understood from this event that working with children -- this humane work of teaching -- was the only work I had found compatible with my pursuit of ultimate, lasting, peace. I understood in that moment that following this intuition, this subtle command, was absolutely integral to my spiritual path. That little voice that arose from my chest was more real, more profound than anything that my mind had ever created or perceived. Yet, it was a small voice, a humble whisper that I could easily have denied or subdued.

Though it was a little communication, from a region I had had no experience with, my mind instinctively knew its importance. My mind was to play a subordinate role to this feeling -- that much I immediately knew. That little feeling, that spontaneous arising from my heart, was more powerful than a million words and insights originating from the brain.

Listening to that voice -- or rather, that small, but sublime feeling -- became the guiding principle for the rest of my life.

Here are two posts on vibrations and pain I felt in my thymus gland, years later, after kundalini's descending current had awakened in me.


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