Pituitary Gland - Endocrine System - Harmonization - Tuning Fork - Spiritual Vibration - Thymus Gland - Kundalini

or Harmonization of the Pituitary and Thymus Glands -- The Tuning Fork

Details the event of spiritual calibration of my pituitary and thymus glands, just two months after the awakening of my heart chakra by the descending current of kundalini.

Describes how unprecedented sensations of rapid vibrations -- and associated audible pitches -- occurred in both of these endocrine system glands.

Describes how these pitches and vibrations culminated in a minute-long note held in unison by both glands.

Argues that this vibrational attunement, or "tuning fork" event, aimed to harmonize my body and mind with some underlying subtle force or presence.

Argues that the thymus gland and the pituitary gland play critical roles in the adaptation of the human body to Spirit.

November 3, 2002 - Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Awakening - Signs And Symptoms

In September 1994, two months after the awakening of my heart chakra, the vibrational frequencies of my pituitary and thymus glands harmonized in an event I call the "tuning fork."

After the initial opening of my heart chakra, there was a constant, but fluctuating sensation of richness in my thymus gland. It waxed and waned with the beating of my heart. The sensation was strongest directly in the half-dollar sized area of the thymus, directly beneath the sternum; but over time this feeling spread with greater power across my brachial plexus and up into my face. Direct exposure of these areas to sunlight, concentrating my mental attention, and encouraging feelings of love and gratitude all would intensify this feeling.

By "richness" I mean a feeling of great intensity. It was not love; it was not sexual bliss; it was not sadness or pain. It was just a feeling of intensification of my being's capacity to relate to this world. It was clearly an augmentation -- an overlay of subtle perception -- that coursed through pre-existing pathways for nervous and endocrine system functions. It was not the insane love I had experienced that July. However, this feeling of intensity was clearly building and becoming more refined.

I believe that over time, had this transformation been allowed to continue unimpeded, it would have come to be identical with my original perception of radical, maddening love. It would have involved every nerve ending, perceptual capacity, and mental function of my body. But this time, with the necessary acclimation of my body and mind to this overwhelming presence of relationship, I would be able to sustain what had been at first an incapacitating experience of divine love.

Over a period of a week in September, there was a series of events of rapid vibrations in my thymus and pituitary glands. The sense of vibration -- of rapid movement -- had never occurred in me before. Each gland would vibrate at what I estimate to be between fifty and one hundred times per second. The vibrations were associated with audible pitches. First one gland would vibrate and reach a high note, then the other one would. I am certain that the perception of sound was not merely an event of "inner" hearing; were other persons present, I believe the sound would have been perceptible to them as well. These high notes would fluctuate with slight changes in their frequency and pitch, and would last up to a minute. There was no emotional quality or feeling associated with these events, per se. It was obvious to me that what I was experiencing was merely a mechanical -- or predetermined -- exercise aimed at calibrating or harmonizing some function or relationship within me.

These vibrations and high notes culminated in one remarkable event of endocrine system calibration. I was sitting in my bed, slouched against the wall one afternoon after work, resting before another five-hour hike. As I sat there, completely relaxed, I felt rapid vibrations occur simultaneously in my thymus and pituitary glands. After about fifteen seconds the pituitary gland hit an exceedingly high pitch that was immediately followed by an identical note held by the thymus gland. Together, in unison, they held a single note that lasted for about sixty seconds.

This attunement or calibration event was not associated with any remarkable emotional feeling. However, I understood that something important had occurred. In some fashion these two glands, which were directing most of the unusual movements of energy in my body, had aligned themselves to some underlying force. There appeared to be a vibrational frequency associated with God consciousness; and even if God, or Spirit, transcends the concept of physical or subtle harmonics, the capacity of the human body to intuit or fully receive its influence is associated with a certain vibrational state or capacity.

I call this event the "tuning fork" because through the vibrational effects of two small but powerful endocrine system glands located near my heart and in my head, the gross and subtle dimensions of my body were made more harmonious.

I remained sitting up in bed for a few minutes afterward. I was amazed -- not so much because of the unusual sensation, but because of its remarkable intentionality. The calibration event was completely intentional and purposeful; yet it was utterly devoid of my personal, conscious, voluntary involvement. Since the descending current's entering my chest two months earlier, the kundalini process had taken on a life of its own. Though there had always been a logic and a purpose to everything it did, since July that purpose had become more swift and marked. I realized that, in the most dramatic way, my personal, conscious involvement with this process had ceased to be necessary.

I had feared that I had numbed my spiritual capacity through four years of endless personal compromise to achieve my professional status. But obviously I hadn't. I was so pleased, like a child being taken for a ride in her buggy. I thought to myself, giddily, "It's happening. Finally, it's happening."

In the months ahead I felt a symphony of vibrations -- of growing complexity, force, and radiance -- occurring simultaneously in my pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, and prostate glands, and their associated nerve plexuses. It was unmistakable that these glands were like high-voltage electricity transformers placed strategically along the pathway of kundalini's descending current, with each gland taking that electrical force and transmuting it into its own unique frequency -- or vibration -- and associated emotions and sensations.

Note from February 3, 2005: During a week's period at the time described there had been ten, maybe fifteen times where the glands exhibited this vibrational effect -- at least individually. I've had doubts lately regarding whether the thymus and pituitary had vibrated in unison. What may have been remarkable to me was that one gland held a note for 15-30 seconds, and immediately was followed by the second gland with a similar (though perhaps not identical) note for an additional 30 seconds. It was clear to me that there was a coordination and communication going on, even if the two glands did not vibrate in unison, or with identical frequencies. I just wanted to be absolutely clear about this. My recollections cannot be any more exact until I transcribe my microcassette logs for this period.

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