The Spiritual Function of the Testicles and Ovaries -- The Heightened Conduction of Subtle Energy

The principle purpose of kundalini's sublimation of sexual energy -- whether it be from the testicles or the ovaries -- is the heightened conduction of energy along nervous and physiologic pathways.

The most important component of spiritual practice is one's sense of emotional vitality and freedom. While there are likely numerous biochemical and metabolic processes set into motion by kundalini awakening, the principal focus of the spiritual aspirant should be upon her attaining a sense of health, sanity, optimism, and energetic vitality. These are the true measures of spiritual progress.

Just as the spiritual function of the testicles and ovaries is integral to the newly awakened ascending current of kundalini, so it is that the spiritual function of the heart muscle manifests in the state of whole body enlightenment. The electromagnetic properties of the heart muscle correspond closely to the subtle energy conduction -- and the visible radiation of that energy -- associated with whole body enlightenment.

The spiritual function of the heart muscle -- which is similarly yoked to the kundalini process -- is the conduction and transmission of visible, living, radiant feeling.

Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation, And The Spiritual Function of Sexual Fluids - July 17, 2003

In a post regarding the sublimation of sexual fluids, I describe how the kundalini process compelled my testicles to produce vital fluids throughout the day in a forceful and not always pleasant manner. This sublimation function whereby sexual energy was harnessed for spiritual purposes was most apparent to me in the first few years after my kundalini awakening in October 1985.

I do not know the exact metabolic processes employed in this sublimation function, nor do I know precisely what body functions were transformed or adapted by this mechanism. In other words, I do not know the exact "why's" regarding the need for sexual fluids in the brain and elsewhere in the body.

I've never been a really scientific or "details"-oriented person. My principle focus, not only during this process, but throughout my life, has been on the state of my emotions; I've always looked to how I felt as the most accurate measure of the integrity of my life's engagements.

The point of life -- and the most critical component of spiritual practice -- is stoking a sense of vitality within yourself. The most important thing is that a sense of emotional intensity and emotional freedom grow within you. If you exercise good judgment, and if your heart is leaping for joy most of the time, then rest assured that everything -- whether it's your social relationships, the kundalini process, or anything else -- is going fine. So, in my case, as long as I felt healthful, sane, optimistic, and energetic, I didn't make too many additional inquiries into the nature of these various unfoldings of kundalini.

Having said that, some kind of augmentation of the central nervous system and human physiology is most definitely at work in this harnessing and sublimation of sexual energy. Whether it's in preparation for the perception of inner light, the conduction of a continuous bliss presence within the brain, or the permanent, full conduction of this much more powerful energy source, the sublimation of sexual fluids appears to be a necessary and critical component.

I don't know what the testicles are producing when yoked to the kundalini force. To say that the substance is sperm (at least for male aspirants) may not be entirely accurate. At the very least, what is being drawn is a hormonal, energetic substance that is identical -- or at least comparable -- to that which is capable of being produced under similar circumstances within the female body. I would imagine that the corresponding endocrine function for female aspirants occurs within the ovary glands.

I believe that if I were to have to paint the function of sublimated sexual energy in the broadest terms possible, that I would say that the principle purpose of this energy, fluid, and hormonal activity is literally to coat the nervous system -- and, literally, all other human physiological systems -- so as to effortlessly conduct the heightened kundalini energy current in its full manifestation. Sperm or ovary energy, in this scenario, is like anti-freeze or engine coolant for the body, something which is necessary to have in large quantities if you don't want to suffer a psychic meltdown from the pressure and intensity of this force. Or you could describe this physiological overlay of vital fluids as an inner "Teflon" or "non-stick" coating (which is applied to pans to avoid having food stick to them during cooking). In other words, these sexual fluids are used in such a way as to reduce the friction and "sticking" of the kundalini force during its heightened conduction.

In sum, sexual fluids are transformed for the purpose of heightened energy conduction not only of the central nervous system, but the entire human body.

The human body's capacity to emit visible light, as well as conduct and transmit a phenomenal Love energy, are triggered by Shakti's descent into the peripheral nervous and endocrine systems. The physiological source of fluids responsible for making this advanced state possible is the heart muscle itself, whose spiritual function is described here [make link to heart-muscle-function.html].

The testicles and ovaries are to kundalini awakening what the heart muscle is to whole body enlightenment.

The shimmering aliveness visible in an advanced state of whole body enlightenment, though having roots in the physiological overlay of sexual fluids, is most especially indebted to a hormonal function of the heart muscle itself, whose electromagnetic properties correspond most closely with this conduction and transmission of visible, living, radiant feeling.

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Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation And The Spiritual Function Of Sexual Fluids


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