Energy Fields - Subtle Energy - Spiritual Communion - Tangible Relationship - Physical Validation

or A Tangible Texturing of Energy Fields

Details the perception of a three-dimensional, tangible texturing of the subtle energy fields shared between human beings.

Describes this ongoing sense of communion as being the most spiritually and physically validating experience I had ever had.

Argues that this whole-body perception of relationship with others was more satisfying a feeling, even, than the radical love that had erupted in my brachial plexus when my heart chakra was opened by kundalini's descending force that July.

Argues that this awareness develops with increasing density until there is a perception that one lives and breathes within -- and as -- a solid rock of spiritual force and relationship.

Argues that the goal and endpoint of this awareness is spiritual transfiguration -- the explosive, spiritual release of the biological form.

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - September 23, 2002

In September 1994 there developed within me the capacity to feel my relationship with other people. It was a perception of a three-dimensional, tangible texturing of the energy fields shared between human beings. This extra-sensory perception developed after the calibration or "tuning fork" event between my thymus and pituitary glands; it also followed the event of irrigation of cerebrospinal fluid into my pancreas, with its associated awakening of my solar plexus.

It is impossible for me to adequately convey this perception of tangible relationship. There is nothing in the normal range of human perception that comes close to describing this phenomenon. It was as if I could reach out and hold the energetic relationship -- that sense of communion -- between people. The feeling of there being a truly solid, three-dimensional quality to my emotional relationship with other people was utterly satisfying in a way that I cannot describe.

There were several instances in which I was standing within five feet of another person, having a conversation, feeling this thickening of relationship. I remember one evening in particular, after having a late dinner at the Krishna temple. I stood outside on their lawn talking with one of the devotees. As we talked, I became increasingly aware of a presence between us. My entire torso, from my prostate to my thyroid, with all of their associated nerve plexuses, was in tangible relationship with this man. Rather than air, or some subtle emotion connecting us, I was acutely aware of an energy between us that took on the qualities of denseness and tangibility. It felt like a slab of warm butter connecting us. As we spoke my mind was transfixed by this unprecedented solidity I felt. There was no need for physical contact: this sensation was more than sensuous enough to satisfy all my mind's and body's needs for communication, relationship, sensory stimulation, and physical validation.

Though I had always felt a spontaneous emotional connection with others, that perception of relationship was always weightless and intuitive. In other words, my relationships with others, though usually very positive and rewarding, were never something that I could actually feel in a tangible and relational sense.

The capacity to relate to other people with a tangible, three-dimensional field of energy was something I had never read about -- nor dreamed of being possible. It was fulfilling in the most basic and indescribable manner. It was the most sensuous, satisfying, and physically validating experience I had ever had. It was more fulfilling a feeling, even, than the incredible love that had coursed through my brachial plexus that July, because such love, at least at this stage in my development, was too internal and self-reflective: There was nothing shared or socially relational about it. But this feeling of a tangible, butter-like viscous energy shared between me and others was extraordinarily connective, rendering miraculous my every mundane social and professional interaction.

This feeling of interpersonal solidity -- of tangibility in my relationships -- was growing: more of my body was becoming yoked to this perception, and the relational energy field that was perceptible to me was becoming increasingly dense to my senses. What was at first a feeling of mild intensity or richness became heavier, more weighted, and more dense. The greatest density I was able to perceive was one of the shared human energy field acquiring a thickness like a warm stick of butter. But I know that this was merely a beginner's, or juvenile stage in the progression of this perception of relational solidity.

Had the kundalini process been allowed to continue without obstruction, I can only guess at where this particular development or feeling would have taken me. Over time, I believe that the sensation of three-dimensional relationship would have grown denser still, until it became like a rock of solid matter connecting me and all creatures possessing perceptible, living force. I would have been walking and living and breathing in an extraordinary singular mass of indivisible, solid spiritual force; the end point of the perceptual development of such solidity being the implosion, or collapse, and subsequent explosive release of such weight and relationship through the spiritual transfiguration of the biological form.

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