Pregnancy - Kundalini Process - Gestation Of An Infant - Spiritual Force - Knot - Tight - Pressure - Self Consciousness - Difficulty Sleeping - Masturbation - Relax

Describes the sensation of a knot at the center of my head, which I argue is due to an increased concentration of subtle energy and vital fluids within the central nervous system. Argues that this knot -- which I describe also as the sphere and location of limited self-consciousness -- can become so tight as to make sleep impossible. Argues that having difficulty sleeping is a sign of the kundalini process. Describes masturbation as being one vehicle to relieve the pressure of a hyperactive, knotted, self-consciousness.

Compares the spiritual force and movement of energy associated with kundalini's development with the gestation of an infant during pregnancy; finds great similarity between the two states of kundalini awakening and being pregnant.

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms / Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation, And The Spiritual Function of Sexual Fluids / Tape Transcriptions - Tape #22 - October 30, 1994

(Tape #22, beginning)

*1994.10.30. Sunday, continued, about 1:00 a.m. (tape #22, beginning)

It's Sunday night; actually, it's early Monday morning. The knot in my head -- my individual self-consciousness -- has gotten so tight that I can't even sleep. Unfortunately, I masturbated tonight around 12:30 a.m. I didn't really need to do it. But I thought it would relax the knot. But it didn't really do a good job of it. But I'll see if I can sleep anyway.

To better distribute this pressure I've been focusing a great deal on my solar plexus and my heart. With my brain being in a knot, I've been trying to concentrate more of my energy down there, with some success. As long as the energy in me is not overwhelming, I ought to be able to get some sleep.

It's like when a woman is pregnant and has a hard time sleeping. This new life inside of her, with all of its demands, lives side by side with her own consciousness throughout its gestation. Even when she sleeps, the baby is no less there than when she's awake. But sometimes pregnant women have difficulty sleeping. So maybe my situation is like that. I hope this dilemma in my head is resolved, or goes away, soon. With this past orgasm I felt a draining mostly from my thymus, but also from the center of my head. It affected both areas this time. I feel a devitalized vacancy in both places.



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