$109 Naturopathic Exam - The Catastrophe That Pranic Nerve Development Is To The Physical Vehicle - The Required Anaerobic Vacuum - The Spiritual Path Shortens Your Lifespan - Full Spiritual Capacity Versus The Dwarfed State We Find Ourselves In - Water Purification Options - The Masters Degree As A Force Of Spiritual Dislocation - The Deeply Dissociative Quality Of Windowless, Electronics-Infested Environments

$109 Naturopathic Exam - The Catastrophe That Pranic Nerve Development Is To The Physical Vehicle - Tired Of Breathing Shallowly To Restrict Subtle Awareness - Elevating Feet and Massaging Scalp Have Been Essential - Kundalini Development Requires An Anaerobic Vacuum In The Physical Body - Hiking Without Breathing Promotes Pleasurable Secretions In My Brain And Greater Stability In My Consciousness - Walking Without Breathing I Call My "Death Glide" - Thinking Too Much About The Future Is Destablizing And Prevents My Thinking About God - The Spiritual Path Shortens Your Lifespan, As Spirit's Demands Upon The Body Are Great - If You Want Longevity, Don't Ask Too Much Of This Life - A Sublime Feeling - Everything I Have Not Felt In A Relationship - I Would Trade Everything In My Life To Be Immersed In That Feeling Forever - Transcendence Versus Extinguishing Of Limited Self-Consciousness - Spiritual Intuition Only Brings The Seeker To The Edge Of Transcendence - Full Spiritual Capacity Versus The Dwarfed State We Find Ourselves In - Water Purification Options - Electric Steam Distilled Water - Reverse Osmosis Water - Solar Distillation - Aluminum Versus Stainless Steel Condensation Coils - Reflective, Pale Irises Are A Sign Of Spiritual Weakness, Insecurity, And Other-Directedness - Refusing Personal Possessiveness Of Spirit's Manifestations Within You - God's Gifts Belong To God - Constructing My Dream House - The Board Of Directors Of My Philanthropic Organization That Will Continue After My Death - What Is Most Important Is Providing The Material Basis For Spiritual Development - There Are Hundreds Of Valid Ways To Approach God - My Goal Is To Retire From Teaching By Age 45 - A Job Can Exhaust Your Life Force - Excessive External Obligations Cast A Shadow, A Pall, Over The Innate Freedom That Constantly Seeks To Arise Within You - Is Anything Worth The Price Of Your Being Pulled Away From Being Fully Present In The Moment? - The Masters Degree As A Force Of Spiritual Dislocation - College Libraries Are Dungeons To The Soul - The Deeply Dissociative Quality Of Windowless, Electronics-Infested Environments - The Head Shrinking Auto Cannabalization That Is Cold Calling And Sales For Products For Which You Have No Emotional Or Higher Order Relationship With - Modern Life As The Routinization Of Hopelessness And Depression - The Forgetting Of Spiritual Yearning - Modernity's Lifestyle, A Yoga Of Death That Leads To The Demise Of A Person - More Accurately Modernity's Lifestyle Is A Deathstyle - How Laying Down With Your Feet Elevated Doing Absolutely Nothing For An Hour Or More Each Day Leads To Deep Spiritual Integration

Tape Transcriptions - Tape #14 - July 29, 1994


1994.7.29. (Tape #14, continued.)

(hiking, heavy breathing) It was wonderful. I just spent $109 on a naturopathic exam. I go back in ten days for the results of my hair analysis and for a full evaluation. Some things came up that I knew already. My eyes showed that there was some congestion in my lungs and some junk in my body. My score on this electrode test that is applied to various points on my toes and fingers revealed two weak areas. One of them was my lungs. This past month or two I've become increasingly aware of the shallowness of my breathing and how I am not using my lungs half as much as I was prior to the fall of 1985. Ever since that experience my inclination has been to breathe shallowly, because the extra oxygen or whatever makes me irritable and makes it difficult for me to go to sleep. Yeah, I guess the word I am searching for is "off;" breathing deeply makes me feel off. The only way I could get through or get around feeling off was usually to eat or to masturbate -- i.e., something to deplete me because I had too much of something I couldn't handle. So I had to deplete the whole system. (sigh) But what I am finding is that slowly, partly through the intuitions I'm getting, also partly through my own effort -- just because I am witnessing the catastrophe upon my physical body that this development of pranic nerves has rendered. I mean come on, my body was built well, definitely to last a long, long time in very good health, and to be breathing shallowly and eating as much heavy foods as I have the past nine years has been totally detrimental, physically. My contention is that it has allowed me to develop spiritually -- in that anaerobic vacuum that it wants. But anyways, I'm breathing more deeply, and I can handle it a little bit more; and I'm going to continue to try to push it. As far as my brain goes, what I have enjoyed a lot of over the past years has always been plenty of putting my feet up on a wall. I enjoy the blood and the pressure, if not the extra oxygen. And I've enjoyed the frequent massaging of my scalp. Not just the scalp, but applying pressure to my skull. It feels great. But anyways, I just really felt that going to this naturopath filled in a great deal of the health evaluation information that was missing from my traditional, medical, HMSA, you know, doctor exams -- which just measure cholesterol, blood pressure and that's about it. Really bogus. He [the naturopath] felt my organs, all sorts of things. What it looks like is that the electrical conductivity of my tissues could be improved. I know that. It's that bloated unhealthiness that I've got in my system. And I can get around that by increasing the fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing somewhat the overall amount of food I eat, and putting a catalyst in my distilled water. (continued hiking and heavy breathing) What I am doing now is exercising, but not quite as much, so I don't have quite as much, oh I don't know, exhaustion of my tissues. I need to focus on getting more lean and centered without being so strung out on five or six hours of exercise per day. Which I might still be doing if my schedule could truly accommodate it and if my body could handle it, but 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm is about right as far as a sustainable duration goes. I've been intrigued by how I get high -- from this morphine or endorphin secretion in my head -- when I'm walking up this hill or I'm walking down these paths, and I'm not breathing much at all. It becomes sort of a, I don't know, death glide. (spitting) I want to get away from that, or somehow be able to sustain that with more breathing. But I know that it's been good for my brain in a way that I don't understand.

There are some other things that I hope to be able to get away from, and that are relatively new to me now, over the past few years. For instance, hiking. I'll know that some people are catching up to me, but they're still five minutes away, and I'll be thinking of what to say to them for the next five minutes, or my mind will be focused on them in some way for most of that time. What that is, is that my mind lurches into a future-orientation rather than being grounded in the present. This excess thinking doesn't help. It makes me less spontaneous when I do see them. Similarly, today I was thinking about my masters degree paper. But not constructively. I wasn't actually problem-solving. I was just thinking about it. And so I was just depleting my energy reserves, and basically accomplishing nothing. It wasn't being constructive. What I should have been doing is thinking about God. Really, that is the only thing I should be contemplating. And leave all the menial tasks in my life to the very moment I am doing them. No premeditation or mental masturbation necessary.

(hiking, heavy breathing) I was wondering whether spiritual consciousness decreases your life span. Heightened awareness causes considerable stress on one's system. There is no doubt about that. Spirit's constantly searching for perfection, and one thing for sure is that this is not a perfect world. The spirit's demands as they arise through the body are great. The demands for contemplation, good food, peace. I don't know if it's true or not, I was almost going to say that if you want to live to 120, and fast a lot, et cetera, then you might as well make your body your focus of consciousness. You know, not deal with spiritual matters. There are studies on longevity. The bulk of the people who live past 100 are simple people. They don't think too much. They don't stress much. They don't have a boss over them. They're beekeepers. They live simply. They don't have a wrist watch. When the sun comes up they get up. When the sun goes down the go to bed. People who pursue spiritual knowledge tend to be very intelligent, high strung... always searching for something more. The process of rebirth into that new state of mind and body is extremely tumultuous. Very stressful. (pause) I was thinking about how Gopi Krishna died of some kind of a lung infection. My lungs rated very low yesterday. I think there's a relationship between not breathing in that deeply -- for some people -- and spiritual development. I don't know. It's a depressing thought -- and one that I will fight against.

Right now I am just thinking again about that feeling over my chest that night. When I felt the energy descend and fill my chest. Like I said, it was only a fraction -- 5 or 10% -- of what is possible there. It was the most exquisite, sublime feeling I've ever had. It was like you are totally, desperately in love. And you feel that your love is totally, unconditionally given back. It's the most complete and whole feeling of love I can ever express. It's everything I haven't had in a relationship. Totally, unbelievably amazing. The most fulfilling feeling. (laughter; sigh) I could live in that state. I could live with that relationship constantly. I mean, it's so truly amazing. I would give up my whole life in an instant... And that's what worries me and scares me also, because my job, everything I've got, all the little details and bullshits in my life I could drop in a second without even looking back, because there would be absolutely no comparison, in terms of fulfillment, of where I should be. (sigh) I want balance, but, I don't know. Anyways, I just had to strike that chord again.

I don't really think that this unitive experience is one of transcendence. I mean "transcend," at least in my mind, means to like include and go beyond...

[end of Tape #14 Side A]

...and what my intuition tells me, based on my limited experience and what I've read, nirvana, this blowing out the candle -- extinguishing -- those are much closer to the mark because, from the sense that I got [pause, heavy breathing, hiking] it's very much a total, complete dismantling, or extinguishing, of this thing called self-consciousness; and it's being replaced by something much larger and profound. In that sense, it's uncomfortable because there are a tremendous number of discontinuities between what I am experiencing, or how I'm perceiving things now, and how I'll be perceiving things then. There is this thing called "spiritual intuition" that I've written so much about, you know, that has very much been able to bring me to the doorstep -- the doorway -- but it can really go no farther than that. Everything is rendered obsolete once you've gone beyond that.

(later) When I said that my intuition, my experience, told me that my heart chakra was only getting five or ten percent of it's full load or capacity, my theory or my hope is, if I am enlightened mentally prior to that area being opened up, if that's the normal course of things, then maybe the reason why it was only five or ten percent is because all I've got going on in my mind is like five or ten percent of capacity, and the blockage is this thing called self-consciousness that I'm holding onto with my ego. (spitting) So once I kick in that door then my mind will be flooded with all that I've got, and with the right kind of contemplation and reflection, hopefully I can rouse my heart chakra up to 95% capacity or so, or whatever it is that is my capacity in this dwarfed state that I'm in.  

If I ever get into the mindset where I can start writing about things, I'd like to intersperse serious stuff with daily tidbits that are [actually] serious when you look at them deeply.  For instance, my latest agonizing decision as to which kind of water purification system to get -- everything from water catchment to reverse osmosis to reverse osmosis with ultraviolet light -- the cost of the Watercheck [pdf] -- or distillers and different types of distillers, or Solar Still with it's enormous cost of shipping and questionable water quality -- structured water versus unstructured, la la la la la la la. As a consideration there is no end to it. It is very tough to make a decision on these things.

(still hiking) Let me enumerate a few of my considerations here regarding my water purification options. Reverse osmosis: It's of questionable purity as the RO process is not as thorough as distillation. Although it does a reasonably good job, every four months you have to have the output water tested to make sure the membrane is functioning properly, which costs about $100. And then you have the costs of replacing the membrane every couple of years, the carbon and pre-filters every six months, et cetera. I'm not sure of the cost of the RO unit itself. I haven't done that research. It's probably moderately expensive.

Okay. Distiller. The ones I have are just tabletop units. I have to fill them up with water. The problem is that they're kind of a hassle to deal with. They use a lot of electricity. They take about 4 kilowatt hours of energy to produce one gallon of water. But the condensation coil is made of aluminum (on my Sears Kenmore units), and aluminum is a terrible free radical. The one I'm thinking about getting is all stainless steel. It's pretty expensive. It's probably double the cost of an RO system or these other distiller units. The upside to it is you've got uniform quality water. Very pure. Very consistent. The downsides are a couple of things: the heat that it generates makes the house hot. The noise: the whirring of its fan that cools the steam coming up out of the boiling chamber. But I can deal with the noise. But also, electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic field. It creates a heck of an EMF. It disturbs the living room. So when I walk into it I'm always having to worry about that. When I exercise in the room I turn it off. Then of course, after five or ten years I'll have to replace it.

(hiking) Then you have the solar water distiller -- as opposed to the $1200 or $1300 for the excellent electric distiller I'm thinking about -- and which makes nine gallons in a day, in a 24-hour period, which is real high output. The solar distiller is something that takes up a lot of space in the yard, but lasts pretty much forever. There's nothing to replace. It's pretty easy to use. The electric distiller is automatic feed, but this one you have to fill every morning with water. There are a couple of problems with it. One is, it's expensive, quite a bit more so than the electric one. A two-gallon capacity solar still runs about $800, and that doesn't include the $100 shipping. And then there's installation. I'm going to have to have some sort of concrete blocks made to anchor it in the yard so that the wind doesn't blow it over, especially a hurricane. Another problem is that we don't get a lot of direct sun in Manoa. We have a lot of cloud cover. Also, I'm next to the mountain, which further reduces sun exposure at a certain point each afternoon. So if it's a two-gallon capacity system, I might only be able to count on its producing just one gallon a day. So therefore I'll probably need three of these things. So you're looking at $2400 -- plus shipping, plus installation. Plus -- this is the added thing -- it might bother Laura [my landlord] that I'm using so much of the yard with these things; and, another consideration is that if I ever move, not only will it be a hassle to relocate them -- physically -- but it will be difficult to find another rental that will let me put them in the yard. A lot of people have nice yards and they don't want all this stuff clogging up their aesthetics, and I don't blame them, in a way. The pluses on this thing are that it should last a long, long time; it's good for the environment in the sense that it doesn't use any electricity -- so no fossil fuels to make it go. And I'm supporting a company that's trying to help the planet. The output is more structured and more heavily oxygenated than electric distilled water that's boiled. It gets to 212º F whereas this one does not. It's a lower temperature. An RO unit I think is more structured and oxygenated, also. I think for all of these I'll have to add a catalyst, which is a further expense. For ease and reliability, it's probably the electric distiller, but we'll see. [More.]

A couple of solar still designs, and the Waterwise 1 gallon electric steam distiller.

I had an episode of egotism a couple of nights ago when I was at the Hare Krishna restaurant. I ran into this guy who I had seen a lot. Very handsome, very athletic. He seemed pretty cocksure of himself. I got into a little conversation with him. (wind blowing in microphone) I looked into his eyes. I saw that they were those reflective, pale blue eyes that tell me that his development, physically, is not grounded in a spiritual direction; that his consciousness is very much outwardly directed. I felt his personality vacillating, like he wasn't all that strong. Frequently, I see people with these brown eyes that are a pale, reflective kind of brown. There is no shimmering, deep, layered quality to the irises, with several colors and shades of colors mixed in. It's just one flat color that has no depth to it. It's pale, one color, that you can see through easily, and that has a reflective or superficial tone to it. (dog barking, nearing home at end of hike, or is this the beginning??) It made me feel good in a way, to feel more powerful than him in this deeper sense, even if he was in some ways more handsome and more physically developed than me. But what I need to get a better sense of is, if I come across as more powerful or more whatever than the person I am with, I can't take that egotistically. I need to somehow say that is a product of spirit coming through me; and that it's not something that I own, or that I should be egotistical or prideful about.

(pause, later, next day?) I've been totally, totally fantasizing the past half-hour about the house I want to get. I've been walking through it. It's two stories, with two or maybe four giant bedrooms on each floor. Each bedroom is like -- I don't know -- maybe 30' x 30' or maybe larger than that, 40' x 30'. Huge. The kind of space that a human being needs. With all the bathrooms equipped with composting toilets. Low flow everything. Water catchment. No reliance on any public utility. No municipal water, no municipal sewage. Everything handled there on the site. I'd be deep in the valley (Manoa, on Oahu), so I'd need several solar distillers up on the roof, and a lot of solar panels, and a couple of solar water heaters. And I want this whole thing constructed, I don't know, possibly of tires filled with earth, so they're really thick walls that prevent you from hearing the neighbor next to you, making it very quiet and still inside. I want this whole thing hurricane proof. And the roof should be slanted in such a way that all the apparatuses get the maximum sun; and there is of course water catchment coming off all that. And then all around the home will be bananas, or a mixture of bananas and jabong and other fruit suited to this wet, warm climate. There won't be any avocados and mangos, as they like it dry and sunny. There'll be a wonderful path going around. I don't want any giant trees right next to the house, because they will block the sun and because they'll be potential hazards if they fall over during a hurricane. But the whole thing would be extraordinary, with the solar panels, Sunfridges -- you know, those super efficient refrigerators. The whole thing is amazing. With maybe a water intake from nearby streams to be used in case of emergency.

(sigh) I was thinking about the foundation I want to set up. I'll be able to operate it while I'm alive, but when I die I'm going to need to have its charter and governing rules written up real well. I'm thinking that the board of directors will be like the leaders of maybe 25 different philanthropic organizations for social advancement, the environment, and political activism. I'd have a few socially responsible investment firms represented, too. They'd meet every quarter or so to make decisions regarding adapting the foundation's activities to future realities that I am not able to foresee. There will be a formula by which each person or organization represented on the board will be given a percent of the interest earned above and beyond the rate of inflation. So, let's say the foundation's investments, or its endowment, earns 5% over the rate of inflation. The foundation's bylaws might say that out of that 5%, 10% will be used for social purposes; and of that 5%, 1% will go to each organization represented on my governing council. So if there are 25 organizations, then that would be 25% of the amount the endowment earns above inflation. (still hiking, sound of footsteps) The whole beauty of this is that the CEO (of each organization) will get the average yearly salary for the nation as their fee for being on the committee, and any amount beyond that (up to the 1%) will go toward their organization's operational expenses. So, if it's $1 million that is their 1% portion, then $40K, for example, will be their fee, and $960,000 will go straight into their organization's coffers to advance their own agendas. You'd have women's groups, social justice groups -- all these groups would be represented on the foundation's governing board. It's really fun thinking about this. It's all tied into the betterment of the world.

I don't think any of the organizations will be strictly spiritual in nature. What's that group in northern California called? Uh, the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Something like that approaches human potential from a secular point of view. That might be okay. The reason being that my whole premise here is that there are hundreds of ways to approach God, and they're all valid to varying extents. I don't want to be picking winners and losers here. All I want to do really with this foundation is to support the material conditions for whatever spiritual path someone might choose. Of course, my books will contain a lot of direct spiritual insight. But if you get the education situation taken care of, you limit the number of kids and give them love, have a wonderful, clean environment, good work conditions for lots of people -- you know, stuff like that -- the potential to flower as a human being will be much greater.

My goal is that by the time I am 45 I'm out of the D.O.E., I have some books published, and I'm financially independent. I might not have enough money for my dream house, but I'm starting to look at that. I'll have the means to pay for a modest rental, and I'll certainly be able to write full time. In the meantime, my goal is to live as healthfully as possible, try to reclaim as much of my health as I can, somehow weather these years as best as I can, get serious about my writing, and not give overly much to my job -- because it can literally drain you to death.

Another thing I've been thinking about, as I've been revving up for my masters degree work. Largely, the reason is financial -- why I'm taking the extra night course each semester. It's going to drain the hell out of me, because there will be days that I can't replenish my supply of God-given energy. One thing that haunts me is the knowledge that, increasingly, as X's [edit] expectations mount upon me to get this thesis done, that I'll have that old nagging feeling again of when I lie down -- when I'm doing anything in my spare time -- I'll have this feeling, this nagging, this shadow over me that I'm supposed to be doing something else. That is, until the degree is done, I won't really feel that any time is mine because it's this never ending thing and I have to finish it. I'm going to try to minimize that feeling of displacement -- that feeling that I can never really enjoy myself. I'm going to try to minimize it as much as I can while I'm working at a moderate pace toward that goal.

(later? Next day?) I feel pretty bloated. Weird. (sigh) I had about 8 ounces of maple syrup in the last 12 hours. There's something about it. It tastes good, but just doesn't work right in my system. I have to lay off it. It just doesn't combine well. Or maybe it's something else that I cannot identify. Also, I went to U.H. to do more research for my thesis. It's funny. There are so many things that I find so alienating about it. I mean, almost everything. Enclosed rooms. No natural lighting. All air-conditioned. Computers buzzing. The people: the kind of personalities and consciousnesses that that environment attracts and creates. There was a feeling in front of this computer terminal. I was doing a data base search on behavior states. I had a sense of unreality. I couldn't believe that I was there. I mean, it was so foreign to me, to that part of me that I identify with, to be associated with that environment. I had almost an out of body experience, a feeling of not being connected with my body, not being connected with my mind. My mind and body were doing things that I did not want to do. Kind of a splitting of consciousness. A deep dissociation. It brings up feelings of those long seminars I used to be in after putting in a long day at work. Having to go to those seminars with X [edit], and actually hearing an audible crack in my skull as my anxiety and depression and disbelief that I'm actually there -- even though I hate it and don't want to be there -- all culminated in this major implosion of my brain. It's like Y [edit], when he was working at Wedbush Morgan, making all the cold calls, (laughter) we laughed at how he'd come to work in the morning looking normal, and he'd leave there at the end of the day with his head shrunk to the size of a golf ball. Work for Y was analogous to those cannibalistic, head-shrinking practices. Cold calling was so foreign and alienating to his spiritual self that it caused his brain and skull to wither. Or, certain activities can be so demeaning and so devoid of personal merit, or personal growth, or personal identification that another image he got (laughter) was Y sitting at the desk, he's been doing cold calls all day, trying to do transactions that he doesn't care about, and I walk into his office at 4:30 pm and what do I see? I see a cardboard cutout picture of Y standing behind his desk with the phone to his ear. Kind of like one of those life-sized cardboard movie advertisements you see at movie theaters. Basically, the idea being that through this activity Y had become lifeless and artificial. Just like the cardboard image was. (laughing) I mean that activity was as life like and as life promoting and as reflecting of life as the cardboard is reflecting of real human life. (hiking, spitting, birds chirping) What I hate the most is that these experiences, which are horrible at first, but over time and major numbers of them, that perception becomes the norm; and, basically, depression and hopelessness, and this expectation that things will get better gets put off further and further until... (heavy breathing) Well -- this is sometimes like during the school year for me -- I begin to forget how to strive for peace or happiness. I call it sometimes the yoga of death. The path of death. It's not just merely perceptual, because it affects everything. You begin to age faster. Your thoughts become darker. Your relations become more cynical and uninspired. You begin to eat foods that are not as good for you. Basically, the whole thing leads to a real demise of the person.

(later, hiking) I recall once that MS (college girlfriend, edit) told me that she liked to just lie around a lot, just stare at the wall. Vegetate. This is when I was 19. It totally turned me off. I never did that. I was always productive. I didn't look at walls. I was always exercising, running, or doing something. I wasn't the type of person to loaf around. But now, ten years later, I find myself doing a lot of that. I think it's a way for me to somehow integrate or accommodate my growing consciousness -- (laughter) or a highly sophisticated rationalization for it. When I can, I spend at least an hour a day with my fanny propped up on two pillows and my legs straight up on the wall -- with my head down below the pillows and a dark shirt covering my eyes. Just vegging. Also, I take lots of breaks from whatever I am doing, to lie sprawled out on the bed. Part of it is to help with my digestion, because I've had a lot of gas these past couple of years. But it's just to lie down, massage myself, and just veg. I do that a lot

Comment from July 8, 2014

Here it is 20 years later and what have I learned about water? One thing is that you should have more fresh vegetable juices. You need hydration with enzymes and life force -- and you can't do better than vegetable juices for that. If you eat a lot of cooked, processed, dead, or dehydrated foods you'll want to drink lots of water, and that helps to create an acidic, age-accelerating condition in the body. I still think that distillation creates the purest water, but you've got its associated issues of heat, noise, calcium carbonate build up (in the boiling chamber), and electricity costs. For the four years I lived in Ojai there were good sources of distilled water made fresh and dispensed through stainless steel spigots and piping at Rainbow Bridge in Ojai and the Water Store in Ventura (pdf). It would have been cheaper to make the water at home, but I lived in an ancient one-room cottage for which the heat and noise would have been intolerable, as well as a fire hazard. When researching alkaline water systems I spoke with an owner of a company who said he liked a lot of deep "artesian" well water. Apparently there is an energetic and memory effect in water, meaning that 1000 year old, undisturbed water has different (and likely therapeutic) characteristics than reclaimed H2O that a municipality has just aerated and chlorinated and put back into public drinking water use. At my present residence, in the low lying deserts of California, it is just too hot to warrant using a water distiller; so I've opted for reverse osmosis as it operates more coolly and quietly. But I don't like the idea that the untreated water goes through a membrane to separate out pollutants. I think of it like a pasteurization process (without the heat) for milk where the milk is forced through tiny holes that while destroying pathogens, also changes (deforms) the milk's structure. Pasteurized milk makes me sick. I get LOTS of mucus from it, so I avoid it like the plague. I've learned about something called "structured" water. I think it involves molecules of water linking up to form crystalline structures. Perhaps when water is left alone in its natural state, subtle, energetic changes occur that make it healthier to consume. Maybe the earth's magnetic field accumulates in it. When the water is forced through a reverse osmosis membrane the complexity or structure is destroyed, and the water becomes more acidic or less healing. Though I am confident that the RO unit (with its prefilter and carbon filter) is removing much of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the water, I am not sure that the structure of the water, having passed through the membrane medium, is ideally suited for the body. I'd rather drink rainwater or well water, but with all the chemtrailing, pesticide use, radioactive fallout et cetera around us, you can't really trust anything that hasn't been specifically purified. So I just try to do my best with the live, apparently "structured" water I can get directly from fruits and vegetables. Lastly, I have a whole house water filtering system that removes the chlorine, many of the heavy metals, and swaps out the calcium for potassium. This extends the life of the RO membrane under the kitchen sink (calcium, for some reason, is hard on it); it's better for my skin when I shower; it's better for the longevity of the clothes in that they are exposed to less chlorine; and it prevents calcium carbonate build up in the plumbing. Actually, I have a five-gallon container in the shower that I keep full of RO water. I use about one gallon to rinse myself off after having used the filtered water to soap wherever my body needs it. Though the filtered water is good, I feel more confident that the RO water is more pure. I might have considered piping RO water throughout the house, but it is so clean, and does such a good job of pulling contaminants away from whatever it touches, that the copper would have been leached out of the pipes. The plumbing would eventually get holes in it. I would have to use stainless pipes, or perhaps redo the house's plumbing with PVC, but I don't trust PVC, and I can't afford such a large expense right now. If I lived in a cooler climate I might place a gallon capacity water distiller in the garage just for drinking, and use the RO as feed water to prevent scaling and improve purity, but I spend so much money as it is on air conditioning, I just don't see paying to overcome the added heat forced into the home by the distiller.


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