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Comments July 9, 2013

A picture tells a thousand words. There is more of an emphasis in the above picture selection on heightened energy or conduction of Grace. But the social context and impact of the above "experiences to end all experiences" is missing. While it is necessary for an individual to seek spiritual understanding -- often in a very private moment under a tree or cross-legged alone in one's bedroom -- equally important is an emphasis on what the Buddha called "right action," that is, using the experience of insight or grace to shape (or empty) one's character in order to more effectively promote "positive social change." That's a loaded phrase, and has become tied up with all sorts of misguided political activity, but it basically refers to social behavior, where the "rubber" of spiritual insight meets the "road" of community and social relationships. If the problem of the limited "you" has been resolved, people will be less resistant to your message or actions. I am not a fan of people sitting in caves. I view it as a temporary condition/need that is abandoned as Self or Spirit becomes more integrated into your daily actions and state of consciousness. If I am not mistaken, Ramana Maharshi was meditating in his cave, confident that he was doing all that he could to save the world, while Hitler rose to power and started World War II. Maybe Ramana was right. Maybe that was all he could do. But I think the most advanced aspirants would be more engaged with the world. I've always believed that the great task for human beings is to create a world and social system that fosters Self consciousness. It's hard for a child to think "big picture" when he/she is hungry and not physically safe. What human beings can do -- awakened or not -- is to meet those basic needs of children, and leave open-ended and unrestricted the quests for spiritual truth each child has budding within him or her. In more basic language, give sunshine, clean air, pure water, rich soil, protection from trampling feet -- and let Nature take care of the rest. Who is to say how Spirit shall be realized, and what fruits shall come of it?



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