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Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - December 18, 1995


1995.12.18.  Tape #50 continued. Monday.

I'm finally on my way to work.  I got into my car this morning and I noticed I had a flat tire.  I took a deep breath and just said, "Okay.  There's nothing I can do about this.  So relax."  So I called AAA, and I called school.  I am very happy that I work in a situation like I do--with kids in wheel chairs, and with an aide who can take over for me, and with a support staff, such as nurses, who can pitch in and help when we need it.  With any other classroom this wouldn't be possible.  So I'm very, very pleased.  I'm going to be at work about an hour later than usual. 

Also, I heard a lengthy article on National Public Radio regarding how journalists and other writers are under increasing pressure to not offend the corporate sponsors of their employers.  So, if company X advertises with, or otherwise supports, a particular magazine, publisher, radio show, or television program, then the employees of those various shows or magazines better be very careful to edit out any information that may be found derogatory to company X.  That is, advertising money rules program content.  In fact, it may often be the case that program content is more geared toward selling a particular product than it is toward informing the audience about a particular issue.  Do not offend advertisers, even if it means printing or transmitting intellectual "jello."

Apparently, corporations have banded together to create a rating service whereby journalists are given scores for their positive coverage of specific industries or products.  So, if a reporter does a negative piece on cellular phones, then people in that industry will know not to talk to that particular reporter in the future.  Thus. in a very powerful fashion, industries are using newspapers as instruments of their ever-widening public relations campaigns.  Similarly, tobacco companies have withdrawn advertisements from magazines with a negative editorial stance toward smoking.  But this is a more obvious example.  The use and abuse of the media by corporations is getting more and more subtle and skilled.  By using ratings of national reporters, corporate public relations people can identify which reporters to send press releases to.  There are many reporters who have become virtual mouthpieces for corporate interests.  I am sure that there is a money trail here that helps to demonstrate the corporate slant of this dishonest journalism.  It is all very scary.  Barbara Ehrenreich had some illuminating comments on this developing phenomenon.  She said that truly investigative, critical reporting is almost non-existent at this time. 

(Later.)  I'm coming down from the Kulio'o Ridge.  I only went to the point right before it really starts to get steep, because my right knee is extremely sore.  My anterior cruciate ligament and the surrounding cartilage are very, very sore.  It's okay, I suppose, to back off.  It was just a couple of days ago that I had to take off some hiking and rest completely.  These are definite signs that this hiking thing is coming to an end soon.  It has to.  I feel that my consciousness is doing quite well.  I had a good day at work.  I was pretty conscious, pretty competent, and had a good time running around and immersing myself in the whole thing.  But my knees are really in a sad state.  What I really need is a couple of months of solid relaxation, for their sake.  But my consciousness would really miss this aerobic meditation.  But it's strong; it's doing well. 

Last night, for example, I was laying down.  I had had an orgasm that day, and I did not really feel like meditating much.  But I lay down for a while, with my feet up--not really falling asleep, but just being awake, and extremely relaxed.  After a while I started feeling a tightening in my heart that grew uncomfortable.  After a few more minutes I decided that I definitely did not like the sensation, so I rolled over into a prone position and went to sleep.  The implication of this is that it was the utterly relaxed and open disposition--physically and emotionally--that I had assumed, while laying there on the bed, that was responsible for the increased spiritual function of my heart.  That is, it was that attitude of deep meditation that primed the pump, so to speak, and began to draw upon the vital juices of my heart.  It is obvious to me that these two aspects are intimately connected: the spiritual consciousness of the human body, grounded in sublime feeling and awareness, and this transcendental function of the heart.  Just as my brain was adapting to God, to this process--for all those years drawing upon my balls--now my body is drawing upon my heart.  Now, every time I am comfortable, and reach a meditative state, my heart comes into play, with this uncomfortable suction, to accelerate this transformation.  On a critical note, I hope that my heart is not being to forced to compensate for a deficient thymus gland, because I have not felt a great deal of activity there, when you would expect a torrent of sensation.  I hope that I feel more in my thymus.  I hope that my heart is not being put under undue pressure because it has to step up production of something that ought to be coming from the thymus.  Obviously, I am having difficulty interpreting all of this.  I hope you are patient with me. 







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