Kundalini - Vitamin E, Zinc, Flax Seed Oil - Improving My Candida Infection - EMF Irritation/Irradiation In Lungs

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - May 24, 1998



I cannot stress enough the importance of my taking vitamin E, zinc, and flax seed oil supplementation.  I've added these items to my already high supplementation intake and it's made a world of difference.  I think that the E in particular has been of help.  My Candida infection around the corners of my mouth is the least pronounced it has been since December.  Also, I've felt more resistant to flu-symptoms at work: less coughing, less feeling worn out, less uncontrolled tickling in my lungs.  This past week I've felt stronger than I've felt in months.  It's not just physical.  Emotionally, I am more full of laughter, more ebullient as I exercise on my step box in the afternoon, more intellectually and emotionally consistent.  This whole past week or two I've been working till 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., feeling very dedicated and fulfilled by more work.  I'm working much harder than I expected to, much harder than I wanted to, but it is what is needed in this crazy educational environment that I find myself in.  I was prepared for a nightmare level of work and job stress.  But this job has been much more manageable than that. 

Also, the last few days I've felt something going on in my lungs.  Three days ago, for the first time, I felt the uncomfortable irradiation from manmade transmitters in my lungs.  I felt it on either side of my sternum, extending a couple of inches in width and about three inches or more inside of me.  I've never felt such irritation there.  So I can say, nearly four years after the descending current opened in me, that my lungs are transforming.  God only knows how wonderful this would all be if I did not live in an EMF polluted environment.  My body's been spending all this time and energy deforming me, adapting me to a presence that does not belong here.  All these spikes of pain and the swelling of my circulatory system would not have occurred.  I am sure of it.  This process is meant to be pleasurable and intense, not threatening or painful. 

I feel more emotionally intact than I've felt in a long time.  I am excited about my house.  I am excited about saving money for an EMF enclosure.  All God needs to do is make sure I don't have a stroke, a heart attack, or get cancer in the next twenty years.  If He does that for me, then I promise to build my mansion for Him, write my books to the best of my ability, and get my story out for the betterment of this cool little world.        






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