Kundalini Symptoms - Right Side Of Chest - Spiritual Node - Pain Running Down Right And Left Arms - Nipples - Heart Attack - Electrical Shocks - Feeling Of Weight

Describes kundalini symptoms involving a spiritual node on the right side of the chest. Describes a pain running down my right and left arms that I argue is a result of pervasive EMF pollution. Describes electrical shocks and heart attack symptoms that occur on both sides of my chest. Describes a feeling of weight that grows as kundalini's descending force seeks to ground itself in me.

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - September 26, 2003

2003.9.26. Friday, 5:20 a.m. Kundalini symptoms.

The last few days I have felt pretty heavy emotionally, with my work -- its energy outlay, its paperwork demands -- more dreary and difficult to manage than usual.

For the past week I've felt consistent pain running down my right and left arms. I've heard that pain down the left arm is often associated with heart attack, or heart strain. In my case, the spiritual mechanism on the right side of my chest is suffering, too. I can feel a shock of pain -- that is identical to the feeling in my heart muscle -- that starts near my right nipple and shoots up to my shoulder and down my arm.

Coincident with the pain down my arms is a feeling of symmetrical weight throughout my whole chest that extends across to both nipples. My heart muscle is involved at the same time as this spiritual node near my right nipple. There is an intensity, as well, that grows like some thunderstorm at my solar plexus.

There is ringing in my ears; and a feeling of weight pulls down upon my entire brain. This force is pulling hard, but not hard enough to dislodge my separate self sense.

I am doing nothing to actively encourage this process. There are too many dangers for me to consciously marshal it on. The best I can do is just remain open to it -- to whatever this force, or process, decides.

I haven't felt disabling electrical sensitivity symptoms -- such as "tearing" sensations -- occurring at this time. So that is good. This sensation of weight was never threatening or problematic prior to the onset of my manmade EMF sensitivity. What I mean by tearing is the feeling that the added neural burden of grounding a ten-fold increase in intensity of consciousness -- with its associated sensation of weight -- is ripping apart my consciousness synapse by synapse, atom by atom. So there is hope yet that I will have a consciousness grounded in my chest. But these sensations of weight and intensity of relationship are probably only 10% as powerful as they once were.

I suppose that all this misery and drag at work are at least partially a response to my still not being enlightened. It's just a pervasive feeling of, "Mission Not Accomplished."

My sadness, then, is not just a response to EMF pollution, per se, but to its frustration of my deeper needs.


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