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A response to a kundalini awakened husband who complained that orgasms give him migraine headaches that last for three days. Tries to answer the question, "My wife wants sex, but orgasms give me a headache. What should I do?"

Refers to Columbia University's Go Ask Alice! health column for information regarding the widespread cardiovascular condition called "coital" or "orgasmic" headache. Describes how orgasmic headaches are brought on when the blood vessels in the brain dilate and the muscles of the neck and head contract as one approaches orgasm.

Recommends that the husband rule out any medical problem, and refrain from sex until the orgasms' debilitating effects have lessened.

Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation, And The Spiritual Function of Sexual Fluids - July 17, 2004

2004.7.17. Saturday.

I received an email today from "R," a kundalini awakened man complaining of migraines following orgasm that would last three days. As a result, he does his best to avoid having sex with his wife, much to her consternation. He also notes that since his kundalini awakening he has now a mild form of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (pdf) and that his tolerance to chemicals has lowered. Exposure to the herbicide "Round Up," for example, puts him "flat on my back." He asked my advice. It looks like I'm becoming the Internet "Dear Abby" for kundalini and orgasms. :-)

Abigail Van Buren, aka "Dear Abby," the subtle entity I channel for all website communications. :-)

Hello R!

Thank you for emailing me!

Hmmm, sorry, but I don't have any secret remedy for the negative effects of orgasm you are experiencing, especially for someone kundalini awakened like yourself. I've talked to other people for whom orgasms just really wipe them out for days. Hopefully you're just going through a phase and will be stronger in a few months (or, if necessary, years). My only advice is that you do everything you can to make yourself stronger -- meditate, eat right, sleep right, exercise, ETC. What more can you do than that?

I don't feel your energy is misdirected at all. The more sensitive/attuned to spirit that your body becomes, the more that such experiences as orgasm will effect your entire body's functioning. In this case, the migraine headache is your body's way of telling you that the stimulation and energetic depletion caused by orgasm are too much for it to handle.

I say listen to your body rather than your wife. In your condition, too many orgasms will likely lead to a weakening in your immune system and cognitive functioning.

If your wife loves you, and if she is the right partner for you, this will all work out.

Thanks again for writing, R, and good luck with maintaining a steady course on your spiritual path!

Om namah shivaya,



There is a lot of support for R's concerns and problems. El Collie has reported that kundalini awakened people are more at risk for various environmental sensitivities. Sexual dysfunction can occur as well. Jerry Weinstein reports, from his kundalini experience (*), "My sexual functioning, endocrine glands and body chemistry have all changed for the worse as a result of the energy. From the beginning of kundalini, sexual orgasms were weaker and often occurred at the brow chakra. Sexual potency grew weaker over the years, and orgasms would cause a headachy and hung over feeling for days afterward, so I've just forgotten about having a sexual relationship with a woman during this time." So, R is clearly not alone in his kundalini and orgasm related migraines.

Other than validating R's experience, there wasn't much more that I could do. I told him to listen to his body's signals -- to be more internally-directed. As far as diet and lifestyle issues go, all I did was say, in so many words, that he should treat himself as well as possible. There is too much variety in terms of what kind of diet and regimen works for people. I've made a number of statements at this website about what works for me, so readers can have a sense of what I do to remain healthy. If something that I do resonates with another person, then she is free to adopt that if she wishes. But people like R will have to do a lot of research, experimentation, and inner listening to determine what kinds eating, sleeping, exercise, and meditation habits work for them.

The point of life, in my view, is two-fold: to do no harm to others; and to maximize the amount spiritual force that your body can conduct. Ultimately, what life's about is raising your vibration level, and it is you -- and you alone -- who is the best judge of what supports that.

Some additional information from Columbia University's Go Ask Alice! health advice column.

A letter to Alice:

Several years ago I remember seeing an article in the Reader's Digest about men getting headaches after an orgasm, but can not locate the article now. I was hoping you could provide some information on the subject. My husband has been experiencing this problem lately. He does have high blood pressure. Thanks for your help!

A second letter:

Dear Alice,

I am a fifty-year-old woman who has an active sex life with her fiancé. This past weekend and once before in my life -- about ten years ago -- I experienced excruciating pain in my head as I was climaxing -- pain building as I reached orgasm but not dissipating as quickly. The pain is as intense as a migraine and stays with me for some time after, leaving me almost in tears. Please tell me what can be causing this and how I can correct it.

Alice's response:

Dear Readers,

According to the National Headache Foundation, for some people, sex with orgasm can cause two kinds of headaches:

Coital cephalalgia

This exertional headache occurs during sex. It develops when the blood vessels of the brain dilate and the muscles of the head and neck contract as a result of building excitement in preparation for orgasm. This headache is usually benign and rarely associated with a serious health problem. Taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug could help relieve the pain of an exertional headache. However, see a health care provider if you also experience any of the following symptoms along with this type of headache, or if this head pain occurs more often than once in a while, because it could indicate a serious problem that needs to be looked at right away:

• Very stiff neck
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Unconsciousness

Orgasmic cephalalgia or orgasmic headache

A type of vascular headache that occurs right before orgasm, regardless of how vigorous sex is or not, this intense, severe headache can sometimes be caused by elevated blood pressure. It usually affects more men than women, and people who have migraines are particularly prone to developing one. Typically felt around or behind the eyes, the pain often persists for a few minutes, but can continue up to several hours. Staying still while having this kind of headache could help limit the pain. If you experience any other unusual symptoms, such as a stiff neck, see a health care provider for a check-up to rule out something more serious, such as a stroke, brain tumor, or bleeding in or around the brain. If your health care provider determines that your headache is just a headache, then taking a migraine medication that constricts blood vessels could be helpful before you have sex.

For more information, contact the National Headache Foundation, which offers written information, physician names for treatment through the mail, educational materials, and membership (for a small fee).


Related Q&As from Alice's advice column:

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There are a variety of cardiovascular and other problems that can come up for people during orgasm. Please see a medical doctor to rule out any physical ailment. With respect to kundalini, I suggest that the awakening of this force can render the human bodymind that much more sensitive to physiological crises and over-stimulation (such as when having sex). Headaches and migraines are a common affliction for un-awakened individuals; but with the arousal of kundalini it is likely that the attendant symptoms of cardiovascular and CNS stress will be worse.

Thank you, Alice, for some very helpful information!

Comments 1/21/2017

There were many times in my development as an awakened individual that an orgasm would give me the flu. Orgasm, for me, peeled back layers of obstruction, revealing my insides to the world. Often, it would be too much exposure. I would feel raw and unprotected. Sometimes my phlegm would turn green within an hour or two of orgasming. I would have an achiness all over my body. I would become hyper-sensitized to everything around me, especially negative things. Frequently, I would have to go to bed immediately after orgasm, as I felt so weak. Complete rest was the only way for me to regain my strength. This was particularly the case when I was exercising a good deal and eating vital foods. This might have been particularly the case for the first five years or so after the descending kundalini awakened in me. I could say that twenty years later I am more resilient to the downside effects of orgasms. But I attribute my ability to carry on with my various duties despite an orgasm or two to my not living or being at such a high vibration level. All my faculties are duller and more muted today. I might not feel "high" very often, but neither do I feel sick.


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