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Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - EMF Complications - More / Website Correspondence - January 3, 2018

2018.1.3. Wednesday.

Over the past few days I have had some exchanges regarding adverse kundalini symptoms with the author of the website, CloserToGod.net. As I always do, I referred him to seek professional medical advice while at the same time encouraging him to remain open to his symptoms being an overall positive development. Ultimately, if he doesn't seek to mask or destroy his symptoms, they just might lead him to a deepened conscious connection to our divine source. This is a tricky matter. Many people have physical ailments that are organic in nature. Not that I think Western medicine has anything constructive to offer except in emergency care (like treating a gunshot victim), but it is important to rule out any obvious physical problems. Much of what people are dealing with falls into a gray zone that does not require immediate medical care. These people would benefit more from exercise, improved diet, more time spent in nature and inward contemplation, and the removal or reduction of various external stressors such as negative people, EMF pollution, contaminated air, and so forth. And even if you are truly sick, doing the aforementioned is still of benefit. I wrote the following:

Dear CTG:

I pulled a few quotes to comment on from your page Heart Condition (*):

"My heart seems to stop and I feel like I’m going to die... I check my pulse out of curiosity and initially it feels okay, but soon starts to diminish and I can’t feel it any more. With this I feel like I’m going to pass out and begin to panic at the thought of my heart failing. My vision begins to tunnel and I get a ringing in my ears... I have dizzy spells although not as bad, and always about 11am. With them now I am getting chest pains. It is not like a heart attack but rather it is like someone is sticking me in the chest with an electric cattle prod and my heart feels like it is jolting, when it is not receiving painful shocks my heart feels swollen and pushing on my rib cage... While I am sleeping okay, I don’t feel at all well... I stop drinking caffeine... I will stop taking pain killers, and stop drinking probiotics, green tea, taking antacids, liquorice, etc. to see if it makes a difference... I have a big issue about 10:30 at night, my heart seems to stop and I feel like I’m going to die. I’ve never before felt like the heartbeat I just had was the last one, and I am at my wits end, I lie for a while on the sofa with my legs in the air, trying to maintain blood pressure in my chest and to give my heart something to pump. I do not sleep all night concerned that if I do I will simply die during my slumber... another new doctor treats me better and does a full examination checking my blood pressure, pulse, breathing, does some cognitive checks, and asks a bunch of questions... I feel a little better when he tells me that if my symptoms come and go then I have no immediate issues... The last few weeks have been strangely spiritless and emotionless."

Plenty of people are suffering these days. In terms of my own need for growth, I am interested in finding people who are fully functional spiritually and DON'T have these negative symptoms or have overcome them. I want success stories. I am tired of seeing all these casualties. I've met two women who were extraordinary energy channelers, but the energy and power they had was mostly directed at their sexual interactions with the mates they had chosen. They weren't boddhisattva types walking around with an intention to heal the world. They were withdrawn, mysterious, calculating women with amazing energetic qualities. I am miffed that manmade EMF wasn't a problem for them. Most gurus I've looked into don't have the EMF awareness I write about, so I've been in a quandary the past 23 years. But just because you don't have social validation doesn't mean your experience isn't true. It can be true for you and no one else. There are limits to what "scientific" tests can reveal. You may have an organic problem that no "professional" has been able to diagnose. But given that you have no obvious physical problem (per your doctor's evaluation), I think there is a good chance that what you are experiencing are spiritual manifestations. I am familiar with shocks and swelling in the heart, although I attribute my own symptoms mostly to microwave exposures. Also, for me, the sense of emotional or spiritual alienation -- or at least relative insentience -- is something that usually precedes a deepened awareness coming into being.

I believe that at least HAVING FAITH that this is all for your spiritual betterment can itself help the process along.

The concern with imminent death can also foreshadow a deepened spiritual functioning. There is so much ignorance regarding spiritual matters in Western medicine, most of which is purposefully instilled via entities like the Rockefeller Foundation that, in my opinion, are bent on destroying spiritual awareness.

All you can do is listen to your intuition and your body's signals, reach out to health professionals when you feel it is appropriate, and give God the time and space He/She needs to see your body and spirit through this impasse. I do hope for your sake that these conditions are temporary and that you find greater health and peace of mind on the other side.

Of course I always have one eye on cellular towers. Have you tried spending time in nature, with at least a few miles distance between you and the nearest microwave source? Electromagnetic field exposure -- or some other negative manmade or dietary influences -- could be contributing to your difficulties. Please continue to observe what is present around you and within you. Other factors may be at work.

CTG, that's it for now.

Best of luck to you on integrating this infinite Consciousness in our finite bodies. It's a lifelong path, I'm afraid. :)


Comment 1/5/2018

Since Kundalini's awakening (or at least since Kundalini's descending force became active in me) I have been unusually sensitive to the fluctuations of the earth's magnetic field, usually around noon and sundown each day. During these past 23 years I have felt extraordinarily heavy and sleepy at this time. It's like my consciousness weighs one thousand of pounds. All I want to do is plunge inward into myself and disappear. The fact that CTG feels dizzy at 11am each day may have a similar source.

The issue of a disappearing pulse is new to me. If I were to think creatively and "big picture," I would say that it is linked to an awareness that persists after the death of our physical form. I know that at points on my path I would go hours with greatly reduced breathing while hiking or studying. The cessation of breathing, or even the near-stoppage of the heart's beating, could be related to the development of a consciousness that transcends these fleeting manifest lives of ours. This is just an idea. Unless the loss of pulse or the lack of breathing is directly connected to dangerous adverse symptoms like passing out or crashing your car, it just might be helpful to consider them as spiritually oriented manifestations. As usual I must say, "consult your physician," if you feel you need such a "professional" 's opinion.

Comments on CTG's page, Integrating a Kundalini Awakening: Difficulties and Complications (*)

An overview of CTG's symptoms and reflections presented here include: elevated heartbeat; elevated body temperature; excess heat in the body at night; increased rate of metabolism; irregularity of heart beat; the perception of a loss of pulse; mind racing out of control; difficulty falling asleep; waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to return to sleep; allergic or highly sensitive to certain foods; bouts of anxiety; a sense of mental instability when physically ill; an ability to communicate with inanimate objects and the dead; doctors prescribing the drug Olanzapine (*) as he had been told that he was suffering from a psychotic break.



CTG reports that he never exhausted himself physically on a daily basis to see whether his symptoms improved. It is his belief that with the passage of time -- in his case three years -- his symptoms improved as a matter of course. CTG took medications such as Nytol and Zopiclone to assist with sleeping for some years.


psychotic break: Ramana Maharshi in cave, immersed in samadhi, needing others to care for him, for months

The purpose of sharing this is to reduce your sense of panic or anxiety. These symptoms, though they can be viewed in a negative or pathological light, can also be manifestations of a heightened subtle functioning of the body. If you have a nasty Kundalini symptom, the chances are that you are not the first and that if you persist as others have done, that you will be fine in the end.




YouTube Integrating a Kundalini Awakening: Difficulties and Complications









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