Political Notes & Commentaries #2

Miscellaneous commentaries on political subjects. Included are the handles posters use at the blogs I frequent. My handle is "HamFistedIdiot" at the site, Zerohedge. For commentary that I've added at a later date I post as "KCT."

Political Letters - November 25, 2016


Schools And Colleges Are Making Students Even More Terrified Of Trump (11/22/2016) (*)



One school system introduced an anti-Trump curriculum:

The San Fransisco Chronicle is reporting that lesson plans in the Bay area include such instructions as:

“Let us please not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base,” wrote Fakrah Shah, a Mission High School teacher, in the introduction to her lesson plan. “DO NOT: Tell (students) that we have LOST and that we have to accept this.”

Let’s look at two things in the introduction to this program.

First, “DO NOT: Tell (students) that we have LOST and that we have to accept this.”

Who are the “we” in that line? It seems to presume that all students were Clinton supporters. Would this have been acceptable if a school was teaching the children that they didn’t have to accept a woman as a president? Or a black man? Or a person of a religion other than Christianity?

Not only that, but the plan demonizes anyone who voted for Trump. The curriculum says that the only way Trump won the office was by “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.” That means that anyone who voted for Trump will be, in the eyes of the children being fed this garbage in a tax-payer funded classroom, considered a racist and a sexist.



Let's make a list of what Pro-Trumpers are more likely to do than Pro-Clintoners:

- More likely to work hard
- More likely to pay taxes
- More likely to be respectful of other's beliefs
- More likely not to think the world owes them anything
- More likely to make you feel safe when you walk past them on a sidewalk
- More likely to believe in freedom of speech
- More likely to believe in freedom of religion
- More likely to believe that government should not rule your life
- More likely to believe that people deserve to have control over their own finances
- More likely to protect somebody when they are in danger
- More likely to say, "Merry Christmas" to others
- More likely to drop money into a Salvation Army pot

I could go on and on, but I will stop here. Fuck you, alt-lefters.



NEWS FLASH- Trump didn't make any "right wing extremist." We're all just right wingers, sick of war and death. Sick of non tax payers stealing our social security funds, and when liberals and HRC call conservatives "deplorable" and you spit on us for choosing to help our vets, not sell out the country to foreign leaders, and end the terror wars... YOU GET HOSTILITY BACK.

Usually in the most base means.

So dems call us bigots, homophobes, xenophobes etc... (2% maybe that?)

And Repubs fire back calling you snowflakes, consumers, illegals, sellouts & traitors (90% of you, minus the traitor part-really to be fair).

Hostility on both sides to be sure, but the people see through most of the rhetoric. We just want our country BACK. LEGAL, TAXPAYERS, NO WAR.



KCT Comments

I have two cousins who claim to be so depressed as to be unable to work and who are receiving government "Welfare" payments sufficient to cover all living expenses. They have not worked in over 10 years, and spend their free time campaigning for Democratic party candidates and attending Black Lives Matter anti-police protests. Neither my father nor stepmother have worked in over 15 years, due to my stepmother claiming to be disabled due to chemical sensitivity illness, and my father having received $750K from his parents and now proceeding to spend it all including reverse mortgaging his home. He and his wife are Clinton-supporting "progressives" who believe whatever the corporate media tell them and are for shutting down free speech in the U.S. that doesn't align with their political beliefs.

What the four of these family members have in common is a strong support for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and the continued wealth redistribution function that government has assumed that takes the income produced by the productive 150 million Americans and give its to the 100 million unproductive Americans who depend on government handouts for most everything in their lives. The rise of the $20 trillion U.S. national debt (and Obama's current $2.4 trillion annual federal budget deficit) parallels the increased international trade imbalances, off-shoring of jobs and manufacturing, decreased incomes for 80% of Americans, and increased dependence of Americans on government subsidies, e.g., Welfare payments. It's a complicated, messy picture. There is a saying that socialism works until you run out of other people's money to spend. That day may soon be approaching.

I used to be a "bleeding heart liberal" who thought that Big Government was the solution to every social ill. I no longer hold that view. I have met many lazy people who have been emboldened by the government for their sense of entitlements. There are too many people in the U.S. who feel it is their right to receive something in exchange for doing nothing. They believe themselves to be victims of one thing or another, and hence they believe themselves to hold a morally superior position to my own that entitles them to whatever I have. The same goes for employees protected by unions who make it nearly impossible to fire them when they are intransigently unproductive and a cancer to the workplace. There is a similar dynamic at work both when a worker says, "I can sit here and do nothing because I have union protection" and someone saying, "I am quitting my job and going on Welfare because I am unhappy." Both statements or points of view assume that someone else will do the "work" -- or "produce" -- for them.

I am astounded when I hear that the federal government is borrowing $2.4 trillion per year to meet it's operating expenses. Who else can run their family's finances this way? How can it not lead to bankruptcy? If you know enough about history, you know that war is resorted to when nations need to shear their sheep and wipe their balance sheets. This is not good. Too many people want a free lunch. Who shall pay the bill? How will that bill be paid? Your own death? Your first born son offered to the nation state's pedophilic gods?

I was happy to hear Vice President elect Mike Pence, former goveronor of Indiana, state with pride that there were fewer state employees when he left office than when he began. I haven't heard an elected official talk like that since Ronald Reagan. It's not that I am against all government functions, but the problem is that every government employee and welfare recipient then becomes a special interest group that is going to vote for more benefits, entitlements, and compensation. This all, ultimately, becomes a drain on the financial wellbeing of the average, privately employed, hard working taxpayer. When the government compels citizens to pay excessive taxes, it becomes destructive to our Constitutionally protected seeking of happiness, liberty and self-determination.

At the present time, the Democratic party has become the voice for those seeking greater Welfare handouts and government-employed compensation. Yes, I am a government employee, but I am honest enough to see that the course we are on is not sustainable. Back in 2008 I urged a cabinet member of my school district to reject federal funds and take a course of action that would allow our city's citizens to have more control over their lives and education. But the financial short-term pain of doing so would have been nearly impossible to manage for all the political puppets and misinformed public responsible for managing this move toward self-determination. School districts across the country are beholden to the strings attached to the moneys coming to them from the federal government. All of this money is just redistributions from local sales and income taxes, and from borrowing from the private Federal Reserve Bank (who has a lien on every U.S. asset, including its human beings). The federal government takes our taxes and then agrees to give back a small percentage with all kinds of conditions that shape our behavior in ways that serve increased federal control over our our states and our citizens' lives.

When your livelihood depends on the coercion of others to pay you money, that is thuggery or communism. There is a morally degrading component to this, in that over time, it becomes your expectation that others comply with your beliefs, not through demonstrations of logic, but rather force. Hence, the appearance of Social Justice Warriors who believe in force, intimidation, and shaming to achieve their ends. The SJWs are perpetual victims, and people who are intelligent, hard working, and successful are their eternal oppressors. I have seen the spillover of this corrosive mindset into the public schools where for many it is no longer acceptable to be excited by achievement or to put forth your best effort. There is a widespread lack of industry and thrift in our nation, because such sloth and immorality serve the political elites. They must rot out our nation's moral core before they can institute their New World Order of enslavement to the State. If you don't believe in God, your family, or yourself, then what or who do you believe in? For most, the State becomes your spiritual and parental surrogate, and the corporate media its vehicle of mental enslavement.


Trump's Ominous Warning To The UN: "Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20th" (2016-12-23) (*)

greenskeeper carl

This headline gave me hope that he was going to tell the UN to fuck off and that the US would stop wasting our time and money on it. But nope, just coming to the defense of Israel. Fuck. I feel dumb for thinking it would be otherwise.



I lived near the UN for awhile and it's non-stop partying for these policians away from home, and I mean EXPENSIVE partees on their taxpayers' money. It was sad to see some of these fat cats from poverty stricken nations living it up so extravanagntly while their citizens back home are dying like flies.

In any case, the UN is a huge waste of money the way it's organized right now. I am not sure if it can be changed. The fact it did not stop Bush's Iraq war or the many other conflicts around the world is proof.



Dear Mr. President Trump:

Whoop some shit on Israel January 21st.

How about a tweet saying;

"Israel - 5 billion + a year in aid - and costing U.S. taxpayers way too much - BAD INVESTMENT!"

So we can all watch Bibi's head explode like Gallagher hitting it with a mallet....


Everybody NOT Jewish on the planet.



In this area, Trump scores a total FAIL.

israhell was the end result of a talmudic zionist conspiracy that led to major world wars fomented by the juden. Americans have shouldered the immense cost of subsidizing its existence for well over 70 years, depending on how you count and from what starting point.

Americans have seen nothing but trouble on that investment. We have seen no benefit - none - at all. The jews played greedy for power aspiring American pols who were happy to sell out for the jew cum stained fiat d0llahs. America received no interest, no rate of return, no repayments of loans. That is a fact.

If Trump, who talks big talk about getting a return on his investments (a good thing) had someone come into his office and ask him for $5,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) over the next 70 years, and the terms are the money would never get paid back, there would be no ROI, the money would be used to create death, chaos and mayhem in the world, that would force his company to send his most valuable employees by the hundreds of thousands, and at a cost of trillions more ON TOP of what was already paid, who would all surely die, and Trump's company would get absolutely NOTHING in exchange for it, does anybody here think Trump would make that deal? Hmmm? Anyone?

But this is precisely what we get from the jews and their israhell. Objectively, when viewed from a moral lens, and a bottom line pragmatic lens and a national security lens, israhell is a TOTAL F_ING SCAM.


Why the 99.8% of Americans put up with this s- is lost on me. And it is a MAJOR black mark on Trump to be so virulently Likudnick.



KCT Comments

Israel is a thorn in the side of the Middle East. It's the world's only theocracy. You have to be Jewish to be a citizen. Do your own research on this complex subject, full of disinformation and the rewriting of history, but Israel was forced upon the people of Palestine 80 years ago at the behest of the Rothschilds and other elite Zionist banking interests. An ethnic cleansing of Palestine occurred to make room for the Jews. At the very least Jerusalem should be under international control. There is no such thing as a two-state solution for the Palestinians. Everyone must be included, equally, under a single state solution. Since it's inception, Israel has continued to expand into Palestinian lands, bringing Jewish settlers from across the globe into Israel with promises of free (Palestinian) land.

Making matters worse is that Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, is up to its eyeballs in child trafficking, terrorism (deep involvement in 9/11), and many other atrocities and international destablization efforts. The existence of Israel, in its current racist and inflammatory form, is central to globalists' plans for world domination. Watch Fabled Enemies (*) to learn more about Israel's telecommunications and intelligence operations holding the keys to all U.S. communications. The U.S. FBI has complained for years that Israel has access through the backdoor to all U.S. wiretaps and "secure" communications, hence the many breaches that appeared on 9/11.

The article above is about the Obama administration's allowing a U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands to go forward without a veto. Trump, apparently, would have vetoed the resolution. I disagree with Trump on his hyper-supportive Israel stance.








InfoWhores Exposed - Alex Jones is a Sensationalist BS Artist and Shill - 100% P4WND 12/24/2016 (*)

Titus Frost

This is my official start of destroying infowars for pushing sensationalist garbage to sell product and mislead people right back into the fake two party paradigm. This is a war versus the religion of Statism, that Alex Jones subscribes to. The Alt-Right are a bunch of brainwashed sheeple who have latched on to charismatic figures like Alex Jones and Trump. You pretend to be "free thinkers" then you parrot everything that fat load at InfoWhores says without verifying or fact checking him. I am not a democrat or a republican. I am more against Hillary than Trump so don't come at me with your bullshit comments. Go check the videos I have made they speak for themselves.


ty6099lle1 [this is my handle at YouTube]

Titus, I am not buying your argument. Infowars is not perfect, and neither is Trump, but both are worth supporting; and no, I am not stuck in the right-left paradigm. Some of Alex's reporters HAVE been harassed or death threated and have left. Yes, Alex has an ego, and is problematic in some ways, but who isn't? The reporter you criticize is a smart young kid who has had many excellent observations. He also is brave. I do think Alex saw a potential for law suits in going after pizzagate; he may also have been threatened, especially given the airtime he gave to that despicable lawyer who said he was there with his kids when the crisis actor shooter came in, and who thinks Comet Ping Pong is as wholesome an eatery as you'll ever find. Alex has also been something of an apologist for Israel, which is a problem for me. I am 55 minutes into your rant, and my takeaway so far is that it is YOU who are shilling for someone or something -- your ego if nothing else. I happen to prefer Sargon of Akkad, David Seaman, Chris Greene of AMTV, Paul Joseph Watson, Dane Wigington, Bait and Sketch, Styxhexenhammer666, and a few other YouTube voices more than I do the bulk of Infowars. But I still am a subscriber to their feeds and purchase some of their DVDs, books, and health care products (which are quite good, BTW). Alex has a large operation and payroll, and hence, though I wasn't happy about his not being on the cutting edge of pizzagate, I understand that he might have other considerations that cause him to be more cautious. Alex is an entertainer, too, and I am okay with him and the Young Turks pulling a few stunts to catch more eyeballs/views/traffic. Alex has admitted as much himself. The 500 radio stations that air his show have bills to pay, and they are competing for the attention of a largely unconscious public. You can be a purist if you want to, but I don't think you'll achieve the level of success that Alex and his team has. BTW: David Knight is still with Alex, and so are John Bound and Paul Joseph Watson. Those three have a lot of integrity and intelligence in my opinion, and wouldn't be associated with Alex if he weren't basically worth hitching their careers to.

(Above comment posted on 2016.12.26. Two days later, this post has been removed -- viewable only when I am logged in, but not viewable when I am not.)



Still watching this piece of shit substanceless hit piece. And now it's being HEAVILY monetized by YouTube. I have to sit through 2+ minute ads that I can't skip. That wasn't happening the first day or two after posting. Looks like TPTB are rewarding you. None of your other videos get ads. But boy, this one sure is. It must be nice working for the Man creating division within the truther movement. Sargon of Akkad, David Seaman, Alex Jones, Chris Greene of AMTV, Paul Joseph Watson, Dane Wigington, Bait and Sketch, and Styxhexenhammer666 get no such ads, but now you are. George Soros and his minions are smiling on you, Titus. If nothing else, the dark side pays well.



Like you said yourself! At this point we will be lucky to get back to the way things were before everyone in politics was either black mailed or a pedophile. Alex Jones can't keep preaching the hard core line of end the fed everyday or people will just stop listening. In order to the end the game you have to at least know how it's played. We all know Alex says stupid stuff. When he said lower taxes. He was talking about the small changes that we all hope will lead to the big changes. You are calling the man a WHORE. Instead of making a hit piece about Alex Jones I wish you had stuck to pizza gate or made a video about how YOU think a real media truther should behave. We really don't need anymore hit pieces especially on one of the few people that at least seems to be trying to do the right thing. Or maybe that's what you are trying to do? Pull the rug out from under the group that FINALLY has a small victory? What's your deal? You too have come out of nowhere, you know? Or are we all supposed to know who you are?


Gore Metal21 hours ago
terrible video. no facts. only shallow speculation talking about division and disinfo but I saw zero facts just division from your video full of empty "truths" aka your opinion. that's why they trying to shut him down right? you're the perfect shill doing the elite's job for them while on your high horse based on nothing


Annemie Anonymous

Titus is on the establishment payroll.

Titus is an atheist who has received his first check from the government.


John John

you seem like the type of person msm would use to try to bring down real reporters reporting real news..so how much u gettn paid to be a msm media whore? you troll the alternative media that the majority of people have turned to due to false syndicated main street media lying to them ..and know many like you appear to attack those the majority have turned to..don't trust you dont like you don't believe you at all..great minds invent and make change..average minds discuss weather sports fashion..small minds just degrade other people to make themselves feel more important..after watching only a few of your vids i can tell wich one you are


K Antoniou

ATTN TITUS FROST: An hour plus long video and not any real substance to back up the claims that Alex Jones is "exposed" and a "BS Artist and Shill"? Nothing more than speculation and conflation (e.g. same old straw man attacks AJ constantly receives by haters) probably based on feelings of inferiority and jealousy on Titus's part that HE WILL NEVER HAVE THE IMPACT, LEGACY, FOLLOWING, AND SUCCESS THAT ALEX JONES HAS ACHIEVED I WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT AND WATCH TITUS'S VIDEOS DUE TO HIM ATTACKING A TRUE PATRIOT THAT HAS DONE MORE FOR THE NWO RESISTANCE THAN TITUS 'INTERNET NOBODY' FROST WILL EVER DO IN HIS LIFE.



I've watched Alex since he was on public television. Watched him since the start. So saying he came from nowhere is complete BS. He was on public access making ZERO for years. Takes cash to run a news organization. I'd rather him sell supplements than be responsible to advertisers. Alex is legit. Like a few of your other videos I watched to hear your point of view. It just sounds like you're the one jealous of Alex.


David Mar

titus why all the hate brother? why the dog bone to pick with alex? we need everyone on board together not fighting smearing others within alternative independent media. sounds just like the trump smear attack campaign. nobody's perfect. let me tell u our government does not care or give 2 shit cents about our health or safety....so exposing these evil satanic globalist elites like alex has is only beneficial for u and me. fluoride in our water, toxic vaccines, toxic geoengineering chemtrails, plutonium warheads, gmo frankenstein foods, Monsanto glysophate spraying on wheat products...list goes on and on.

look i like your style and pedogate investigations u r doing....but let's all stay focused and together and keep exposing the real criminal elites


Mike Cox

I think you can find better uses of your time and energy that telling people who to believe. Focus on your truth if that's what you care about, not attacking someone who is passionately doing the same. Alex is not even Alt-Right, he's been extremely vocal against the right and left for many years... he's even hated by the KKK... He runs InfoWars as a business - SO WHAT. He did what he's doing now for years without making any money. He actually cares about the truth and believes what he says - so he's hardly a BS Artist, hoaxer or con-man. Seems like your problem with him is a personal one.



You spend 40 minutes of this video (starting at 1:01:10 ) implying that Alex Jones is somehow involved in drugging, harassing, burglarizing, etc... his ex employees. Get some real information next time and stop wasting others time. Some documentary this is.


Baby Bae

there was a time when I wouldn't have watched this video. but after Alex Jones went silent about pizzagate, even going as far as removing a video he formerly posted about pizzagate, I grew suspicious of his intentions. how can ANYONE, in good conscience, be silent about the biggest occultic pedophilia, child sacrificing ring in U.S. history??


Ann Truth

It's real simple. There's no solid proof and he can get sued. He said this a million times. You can't be that retarded. You're talking about a massive pediophilia ring operated by elites and protected by politicians and military WORLDWIDE. That's some deep shit. There needs to be a lot more solid evidence before he can accurately report on it without fearing repercussions. Mainstream used Pizzagate and the dumb ass who went there armed to create a false flag regarding the "fake media" and just the other day passed laws to try and silence "fake media". Sometimes you got to think instead of jumping the gun.


Heike Dorothea

Alex Jones has been elaborating on the subject of Ending the Federal Reserve Banking system early on, and of course had Edward G. Griffin on his program more than once. Infowars provides an educational platform to educate and inform those who want to get a broader spectrum of information. It is always recommended to tap into various sources of information. Your video sadly focuses on discrediting a news source instead of you providing new information. Pizzagate was btw used as a trap to provoke emotional instead of factual reporting - that is why AJ was cautious from the beginning to cover the Podesta emails.


Cortex Zero

As an honest truther myself, I keep my eyes peeled, always watching out for anyone that may just be a shill, but Alex could be exactly what they want, they need an enemy, and it's very possible Alex is doing honest work, but because of his sensationalism that has the power to turn people away immediately, the new world order cockroaches may just allow him to do as he pleases, and then they use him as the truth community poster child, which turns many people away from doing any research.



Alex Jones is controlled opposition. The elites pick a few opposition leaders to establish a facade, while using them to hide the truth and divide people. He makes real truth seekers look crazy on purpose.


Ann Truth7 hours ago
He stopped going after Pizzagate the same time mainstream media started covering it. Obviously you should know if mainstream picks up a story and vehemently attacks you over it that it's a false flag...which he's explained... To nauseum. He knows damn well theirs pedophile rings and Pizzagate was bs in comparison to the real story behind it. Pizzagate only exposed that DC had pedo tendencies there is no proof about Comet and he can get sued. The major story which no one talks about is the fact that our military and politicians cover up for these rings. Look up Monica Petersen, the assistant director of Human Trafficking Center who died from "suicide" in Haiti. THAT is what people should be investigating.


stezothewhitenegro8 hours ago (edited)
Alex has taken down many informative videos on PizzaGate which has me scratching my head. Infowars has stated they worship satan and murder children for years..... What changed to make him shut up about this most important topic? Ive always waited for Alex to call the Globalist what they really are "Zionist Jews" Not the sons of Israel, But the synagogue of Satan. He wont do it . So, I will keep a close eye on Mr. jones.


Ann Truth7 hours ago
He stopped going after Pizzagate the same time mainstream media started covering it. Obviously you should know if mainstream picks up a story and vehemently attacks you over it that it's a false flag...which he's explained... To nauseum. He knows damn well theirs pedophile rings and Pizzagate was bs in comparison to the real story behind it. Pizzagate only exposed that DC had pedo tendencies there is no proof about Comet and he can get sued. The major story which no one talks about is the fact that our military and politicians cover up for these rings. Look up Monica Petersen, the assistant director of Human Trafficking Center who died from "suicide" in Haiti. THAT is what people should be investigating.


KCT Comments 12/28/2016

I have a Samsung TV on my wall that connects to YouTube. I do find it concerning that Alex Jones and Infowars are so heavily promoted at this time, when smaller, more independent voices that I note above, are almost never set up in YouTube's cue for me to view. YouTube is supposed to be using each person's preferences and viewing history to set up watchlists, but obviously they can tweak the list to serve other agendas. None of the other YouTubers that I like, including Alex, have Google ads pushed on them. None of Titus Frost's other videos, including those on #PizzaGate, have ads on them. But this lone anti-truther, anti-InfoWars video of Titus's is being given unbelievable ad campaign support. Every time I refresh the page, I have to watch more ads, including over two minute long ads that I can't skip. Almost nothing else I watch -- regardless of subject -- has this kind of advertisement lockdown that ensures that Titus gets paid a LOT more than he usually does. The fact that this video is receiving such commercial/corporate support is a red flag to me. I read that YouTubers are paid something like $2 per 1000 views, which is chicken feed. But when these advertisements are required viewing prior to your content being served, you can get rich.

It is interesting to note that my posts were censored by YouTube. I don't think there was anything in them that violated YouTube's terms of service. My guess is that they didn't want reasonable, compelling counterarguments on this page. If so, this means that YouTube is pushing the narrative that Titus Frost's points are valid, and that Alex Jones is not to be trusted.But then YouTube promotes Alex elsewhere. Perhaps this is an example of double-, triple-, and quadruple-crossing meant to create mayhem and disorder as the First Amendment, and its guarantee of our freedom of speech, dies its long and torturous death.

My posts and comments at this site are meant to be timeless observations that benefit the development of spiritual aspirants' faculties of intellectual discrimination, long after the cultural and political zeitgeist of the moment is gone. I don't think you should waste an hour and a half of your time viewing the video in question here. The point of my observation is to note the incongruity of someone like Titus Frost, who had posted some excellent videos exposing the sadistic pedophile network revealed by Wikileaks and Instagram, who is now using his 15 minutes of fame in an attempt to turn some people against the alternative media outlet, Infowars, that has done much good. There is a sayig in the Middle East: have faith in God, but tie your camel. In other words, trust, but verify. Daily. Everything you consume in the media should be filtered by your intuition and logic. If something doesn't sit well with you, go back and think it and feel it through again.

While I do my own fact checking, which is mostly a logical inquiry, I also let my inuition, or higher level of discernment, inform me of the trustworthiness of the information -- and source of that information -- I am reviewing. If I "feel" that someone is not being transparent with me -- is lying somehow -- that does shape the way I look at the information he or she presents. The more information you are familiar with, the better you will be able to determine how what's being presented fits into the larger picture. People can lie by omission, avoiding important details that would change the conclusion they wish for you to arrive at. You need to be on the lookout for all of this.

Titus obviously has an agenda in this video. You can hear it in the jealous, angry remarks he makes, and in the many poorly supported arguments he makes. Nevertheless, I was very interested to learn more about Alex Jones because I do watch him quite a bit. If I could learn anything that would help to reveal Alex and his operation as a sell-out, I wanted to hear it. I didn't know about Alex requiring his employees to sign binding non-disclosure agreements. While this could be troubling, if you research COINTELPRO and how the FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers and many other legitmate social movements that threatened the elite's control, you would know that anyone seeking to become an important voice in the liberty movement needs to be HYPERVIGILANT. I cannot emphasize this enough. If your message threatens the status quo, the elites will attempt to co-opt, infiltrate, compromise, and control you. If that doesn't work, they may kill you. So I am willing to give Alex a pass on his tight security. In fact, we might wish to applaud him for it. Naive people don't last long in the infowar.

I often find Alex Jones's point of view exceptionally inspirational and empowering. But there is that 2% doubt that I have that keeps me questioning him, looking for his selling out or compromising in any way. Despite my doubts, I have a solid understanding that we need a strong, viable alternative media populated by a variety of truth-seeking, independence-loving patriots. I have determined that Alex Jones is one such voice, among many, deserving of our support.


2017.2.22. Russia Insider: John Podesta Squirms as He Tries to Explain Pizzagate (VIDEO)

Philippe Reines: Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., What goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession...https://jobs.dominos.com/dominos-careers/ … xo Philippe

CANADIAN SHEPHERD: it's a sociopathic technique to project onto others your own behaviour, deflect and confuse your target to gain the upper hand. We would all do well to learn about sociopaths because they are these insane people running the world, media, corporations, politics... it is estimated that as many as one in five people are sociopaths.... A mental illness we need to take seriously.

Le Ruse: "it's a sociopathic technique to project onto others your own behaviour." Now which tribe it does remind me, of doing that all the time ?? Anyone can help ???

Steve Johnson: I think you are being too harsh on our invisible policy persuaders Mr Abbass. I personally feel the need to thank the Chosenites. Without their influence in immigration, banking, politics, media, spying, intelligence gathering, biometric surveillance, colonization, and entertainment .... we would not have the wonderful balanced society we have today. Please watch and say a special thank you to our Chosenite leaders and examples of morality... Thank you... (*)

Notes for "Thank you....": Here are some quotes from a magazine for Jews called "Moment". It is subtitled "The Jewish magazine for the 90's" These quotes are from the Aug 1996 edition after the Headline "Jews Run Hollywood - So What?": "It makes no sense at all to try to deny the reality of Jewish power and prominence in popular culture. Any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studios will produce a heavy majority of recognizably Jewish names." "The famous Disney organization, which was founded by Walt Disney, a gentile Midwesterner who allegedly harbored anti-Semitic attitudes, now features Jewish personnel in nearly all its most powerful positions." The head of Walt Disney studios is now the Jew Michael Eisner. On studios that were bought out by the Japanese the magazine says: "When Mitsushita took over MCA-Universal, they did nothing to undermine the unquestioned authority of Universal's legendary - and all Jewish - management triad of Lew Wasserman, Sid Scheinberg, and Tom Pollack." Here are some quotes from the paper "Jews Control the Media and Rule America" "American Broadcasting Companies (ABC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Each of these three has been under the absolute control of a single man over a long enough period of time-ranging from 32 to 55 years-for him to staff the corporation at every level with officers of his choosing and then to place his imprint indelibly upon it. In each case that man has been a Jew. "Until 1985, when ABC merged with Capital Cities Communications, Inc...the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer (CEO) of the network was Leonard Harry Goldenson, a Jew...In an interview in the April 1, 1985 issue of Newsweek, Goldenson boasted 'I built this company (ABC) from scratch.'" "CBS was under the domination of William S. Paley for more than half a century. The son of immigrant Jews from Russia..." "There has been no move by top G-E management to change the Jewish "profile" of NBC or to replace key Jewish personnel. To the contrary, new Jewish executives have been added: an example is Steve Friedman..." "The man in charge of the television entertainment division at CBS is Jeff Sagansky. At ABC the entertainment division is run by two men....nearly all of the men who shape young American's concept of reality, of good and evil, of permissible and impermissible behavior are Jews. In particular, Sagansky and Bloomberg are Jews. So is Tartikoff. Littlefield is the only Gentile who has had a significant role in TV entertainment programming in recent years." "American Film magazine listed the top 10...entertainment companies and their CEOs...Time Warner Communications (Steven J Ross, Jew) Walt Disney Co. (Michael D. Eisner, Jew)...Of the 10 top entertainment CEOs listed above, eight are Jews." "The Newhouse media empire provides an example of more than a lack of real competition among America's daily newspapers; it also illustrates the insatiable appetite Jews have shown for all organs of opinion... The Newhouse's own 31 daily newspapers, including several large and important ones, such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune; the nation's largest trade book publishing conglomerate, Random House, with all its subsidiaries; Newhouse Broadcasting, consisting of 12 television broadcasting stations and 87 cable-TV systems, including some of the countries largest cable networks-the Sunday supplement Parade, with a circulation of more than 22 million copies per week; some two dozen major magazines, including the New Yorker, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, HQ, Bride's, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Self, Home&Garden...."

Kjell Hasthi: It is now pretty established Trump's main picks are compromises, people he didn't like, but accepted to make sure he was inaugurated. Insiders paint a dark picture of who controls what. Trump has some days to make the right decisions. Then we have the X-factor, who people trust. Media don't control their own credibility, neither Trump. You need a supercomputer to make predictions, and that science is still in infancy. Technology does not always work, regrettable. As CIA noted, in the long run truth will come through. It is a principle in the constitution the president is the boss. That principle is important to defend, even it you don't like the president.

KCT Comments

Regarding the lengthy quote on Jews in the media, all I can say is that this is something to bear in mind. I went to Beverly Hills High School and had several Jewish friends. On the whole I find Jews to be more money-oriented, competitive, and intelligent than the average person. But apart from that, I noted nothing troubling. However, every group has its darker, occultic side. I have read about Talmudic Judaism and some groups within that are deeply embedded in the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, and believe in a number of "racist," ethnocentric, dark things, among which are that the goyyim (people who are not Jewish) are inferior to Jews and should be treated like dogs, and "blood libel," which is the ritualistic killing of goyyim, especially young, virgin children, for power, energy transference, and the greater glory of the god they serve. Of course, Talmudic Occultism isn't the only Satanic game in town, but it appears to be a nasty one. In terms of who we allow to lead the US, there should be concerns about dual citizens serving at the highest echelons of poltical and corporate power. There are many dual Israeli/US citizens in government and in corporate CEO or other such privileged positions. As a nation we should think about whether this puts the citizens of the US at risk. I believe it does. Corporations are chartered to serve the public good. What kind of public good is served by someone dedicated to the wellbeing of a foreign country and not the one from which he derives his power?


2017.11.18. A good comment about Internet privacy in an article at ZeroHedge.Subscriibing to a Virtual Private Network that allows me to mask my location is something that I have wanted to do, but have not done so to this point. The cost of the service is $5 to $10 per month.

shadow54: When the internet filled up with ads people became ad blind. No longer seeing them as their eyes ignore. Then people began to block ads. On this page, adblock is blocking 21 ads, https everywhere is forcing encrypted connections on 13 trackers, Kaspersky anti virus plug in is blocking 230 attempts to collect data. And my VPN is giving them all a bogus IP. Now I have become blind to Sex Charges appearing in the media. These charges are becoming a tidal wave. Soon someone will build a browser plugin to to block the stories and I will install it. And by the way, this page never stops trying to access data. While writing this attempts to extract data list climbed from 230 to 436 attempts. One per second.






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