Dreams - Walking At Night Along The Beach And Ocean - Flying Near The San Francisco Bay

Recounts two dreams that point to a merging of my limited consciousness with the wider field around me.

Spiritual Dreams - October 19, 2017


Two dreams.

I am walking along the beach at night. I am at the water's edge. Waves are rushing up the sand, splashing my my feet and calves, and then receding. There is no moon, with the stars providing the minimum illumination necessary to walk. My eyes are adjusted to the darkness. I feel confident. I wear the headlamp that I use for hiking, but it is off. The sand is smooth and without the rattlesnakes that are common to my desert hikes, so there is no need for the additional light. After a time a lifeguard truck passes me. He does a u-turn to check on my safety. The rack of safety lights on the roof are on, casting a blinding light. I tell the man that I am fine and that he can carry on. He leaves me to continue on my walk. The mood is one that predominates all nighttime, naturally illuminated hikes for me: quiet, peace, calm, depth.

Another dream.

It might be San Francisco near the bay. I am flying. I am over quarter of a mile up over highways. I am over grassy parks near the water where people are flying kites. I come upon a tall building and I fly up its side to a high floor where I open a window and float inside.


When I am hiking at night, whenever possible, my preference is to do so without artificial illumination. This is most easily achieved when the moon is near full and there are no clouds. But it also depends on the type of terrain. Smooth, flat jeep trails in the cold are your best bet, as there is little to trip on, and the venomous snakes are underground. Beaches are good spots, too, provided there is little criminal activity (I live near Los Angeles, and so I wouldn't recommend it here). I have the added complication of cellular radiation sensitivity, so most heavily populated areas (e.g., beach communities) are off limits to me for recreation.

The first dream presents two forces that connote depth and the merging of limited consciousness with its transcendent source: ocean and night. Provided you are not in a state of fear, dreams of the ocean are auspicious. The ocean covers and consumes land. All that is visible becomes invisible in the ocean. The ocean is a metaphor for that which is vast and unbounded. Night is similar in that it consumes all that was once visible. Night connotes the mysterious unity of all things. In darkness -- as in light -- we are all one, although it is more obvious in the dark. The divisions of consciousness arise in the light or awareness of the limited self. But in darkness, one is reminded of the essential unity of all things as one's discrimination has to move inward to function on a more subtle level. Darkness forces one to seek an inner light that will illuminate the world again, but without the discordant preeminence of illusory separation. I think the only dream more powerful than this that I could have had would have been to be swimming in the ocean at night with the moon overhead. That would have demonstrated a fuller union with the subconscious mind, and the moon's reflection upon the water would have represented a more brilliant illumination of our conscious and subconscious dimensions.

Flying. I would like to say that flying in dreams is a universal good. It reflects a consciousness that is less restricted, less limited, hence, FLYING. In my dream there was no associated sense of emotional freedom. I might as well have been walking, given how normal my state of consciousness was. Still, at least on a physical level, flying represents a less encumbered corporeal existence, plus an altered (and wider) frame of reference, so I am happy that my subconscious mind was occupied in this way.


I have gone the past 2-3 years with few dreams. I might have them, but they are not vivid, and I certainly don't have the energy or interest in the morning to reflect on them. But in the last week or two I have had more dreams. They are detailed and colorful and I actually care about reflecting on them. Dreams should be an important part of our daily lives. Dreams are a bridge between our waking consciousness and the wider field of awareness that surrounds us. If our normal waking functions comprise just 5% of what we are potentially capable of, then dreams are pointers to that much larger 95% that eclipses the ruts and routines that define the bulk of the short time we spend on this planet.

Why haven't I had dreams or felt a deep positive current running through my life? I blame two things: a nearby cellular tower that has grown markedly more powerful and a dreary teaching assignment that sometimes feels more like a prison sentence than a path of liberation.

I am not joking about the cell tower. It undermines my energetic functioning on the minutest level. Its hostile transmissions are like the vibrations that shatter glass. Not only does no biological or energetic function within me work optimally in its presence, my lack of wellbeing worsens with each day that I live near it without protection. You might not think that it would affect my dreams, but it does. Rich dreams, at least for me, arise from an optimistic, positively charged life. To the extent that I experience my life as a negative, the intensity and number of my dreams will diminish. So, if I am going day to day without dreaming, it also means that my waking hours are characterized by diminishing aspirations and feelings of wellness. When I try to contemplate on a subtle level, I feel immediately fractured. I am unable to achieve resonance with the wider field of healing, naturally occuring energies about me. Cell tower exposure forces us into a more gross and limited state.

Work can deplete your energy reserves just as effectively as a cellular tower or any other form of pollution can. If your coworkers gossip about one another, come to work to be mean to others rather than to be of service to them, it wears on you. If they are all government employees with a sense of entitlement to lifetime income with little accountability for positive output, maintaining a productive and positive disposition can be a real challenge. If you combine this with nearby cellular towers at work and home, and industrial microwave Wi-Fi routers overhead in every classroom, you have a recipe for many years of dreamless nights.


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