Insomnia Fatigue And Cell Phone Towers - Weight Gain And Depression - Purchasing A Galvanized Metal Radio Frequency Enclosure To Reduce Microwave Exposure

Electrical Sensitivity - Personal Symptoms And Reflections - November 21, 2017

1) Conrad LeBeau's book, "Insomnia, Fatigue and Cell Phone Towers (Sleepless in the City)," detailing the health risks associated with wireless exposure. 2-5) Three pics of galvanized metal radio frequency attenuating modular rooms, similar to the one I am purchasing. A spec sheet for one such room manufactured by ETS Lindgren for medical, industrial, and, government, applications.

2017.11.21. Tuesday, 7:39am

For the past five years I have lived about a half-mile from a cellular tower. When I first moved in the tower's field strength was weak. I thought I could put up with it for a short time, and that I would be moving on to a rural area. For various personal, financial, and professional reasons I am still here. Now I find that the tower's field strength is moderate, and for months at a time, extremely high. It's existential poison to me. I would move except for most other developments in this area being no better. There are a few pockets that offer relief, with perhaps one-third the exposure, but I would have to buy a home. My investments in precious metals, particularly in silver, are worth about one-half to one-third of the US dollar-denominated highs they hit in 2011 or so. So I am unwilling to liquidate until I am able to turn a good profit for use in a down payment. I am living at my mother's house, so I am saving money overall. All expenses in, perhaps I am spending $900 per month here, but that includes utilities, internet, phone, gardeners, etcetera that I would have to pay elsewhere on top of the rent. So maybe I am saving $500 per month, and contributing to my mother's financial wellbeing while doing so.

I am reading "Insomnia, Fatigue and Cell Phone Towers (Sleepless in the City)" by Conrad LeBeau who writes, "Microwave radiation from cell phone towers may cause health related problems that include one or more of the following: insomnia, shallow sleep, fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, loss of mental focus, oxidative stress, depressed immunity, reduced testosterone levels in men. endocrine dysfunction, elevated stress hormones (cortisol), headaches, impaired vision, hypertension, asthma and heart disease."

Well, all I can say is "amen" to that list, although you could probably add genetic damage, depression, and another 1000 damaging behavioral and cognitive effects.

What prompted this post is that I found myself driving around town yesterday doing errands, feeling buffeted by tower exposure wherever I went: pain in the thymus gland, an uncomfortable pressure on my entire subtle body, pain in various areas of my brain, and a general sense of exhaustion despite my having had lots of healthful snacks and rest. With these towers up and running, I am in constant battle mode. I continue to grey rapidly. My skin and muscles are sagging. I feel exhausted no matter what I do. Etc. So as I completed my tasks I returned home to find an increased allergic response to the tower near my house. This is to be expected. People develop allergies to stressors they have an inordinate exposure to.

It's impossible to describe the existential frustration I feel. High vibration emotional centers and your subtle being that expand out from you are an expression of vital physical health and a mental function that is sharp and aspirational. But it is these areas in particular that are impinged upon by manmade EMF exposure. I've seen movies where people are disemboweled. A knife is taken to the lower abdomen and slashes laterally and deeply, with the entrails spilling out. On an energetic level, that is what EMFs do to me. It is an energetic disembowelment. My tendency is to eat, masturbate, and sleep to excess in their presence. These are not exactly actions that lead to physical wellbeing and higher consciousness. The eating and masturbating behaviors are meant to ground the hostile energetic overload, while sleep places me in an unconscious state where I am less aware, and hence less conductive, of the damaging microwave exposures.

It was 3:30pm or so when I got home yesterday, and I should have had the energy to polish up a journal entry or two, rip a music CD, and scan some cover art for my collection. But my will turned to a puddle of nothingness as I sat at my desk feeling overwhelmed by my exposures. I had pain in my solar plexus; I was slightly nauseous; I had a headache; and the longer I attempted to focus my attention, the worse all of these symptoms became. So I just laid down or did menial, highly distracting tasks that didn't focus me in any way. I've gained 34 pounds since weighing 180 pounds in January of 2000. So I am 214 right now, which is not good for my joints, my heart, or my sexual functioning. Also, my creative output is probably less than 1/10th what it was when I lived in more electromagnetically benign areas. I find myself waking up at 1am or 2am nightly now. I get up for an hour or two and then try to get back to sleep. This had happened only a handful of times in the last 52 years, until the last few months where it has become a weekly and now nightly disturbance. There are all sorts of negative health effects associated with poor sleep, including obesity and high blook pressure. Not good!

Where is there hope? Not waiting for my gold and silver investments to triple in value, I have set aside money for EMF protection here at this location. I will make Custer's last stand right next to this tower. Twenty years after visiting some EMF enclosure manufacturers in 1997, I have decided finally to purchase a galvanized metal modular room. It will be like a large walk-in refrigerator with special filters for air, electricity, and Ethernet. These things are not cheap. They are used to protect high tech computer facilities for the military, magnetic resonance imaging machines in hospitals, and the like -- so they are common in certain industrial uses. But I doubt many people are living in them. Maybe I will apply for a spread in "Architectural Digest." But I imagine more people would take this matter seriously if they truly considered the negative health impacts of modern man's constant and growing wireless exposure. I have my letter from the Environmental Health Center at Dallas prescribing the purchase of such a room as a treatment for my condition of Electrical Sensitivity, thus allowing me to deduct the expense from my taxable income. My hope is that in the next few months the room will be installed. It HAS to be installed before the next Coachella Music Festival in April, or whatever it was this past year that drove the 5G and other wireless exposures through the roof as the entire valley accommodated the wireless connectivity needs of half a million visitors.




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