#WeDoNotConsent - Geoengineering Heavy Metal Aerosols - Joshua Tree National Park

RichieFromBoston t-shirts for the #WeDoNotConsent campaign against geoengineering, with reference to Harvard University's Operation Solar Shield Work and the phrase "Look Up" which the sheep rarely do and is also the title of a anti-geoengineering documentary (*). Billboard by ByeByeBlueSky (*) to raise awareness of the toxic trails filling our sky with aluminum, barium, and strontium. Bye Bye Blue Sky anti-geoengineering meme: Trinary Attack - Exposure (to heavy metals and chemical contaminants), Integration (with genetically modified foods), and Activation (by manmade microwave radiation).


Twelve pics and two videos taken November 21, 2017 along Pinkham Canyon Road in Joshua Tree National Park. I titled the series, based on a meme promoted by activist RichieFromBoston (*) and others, regarding the public's nonconsensual exposures to vaccinations, water fluoridation, and toxic, life-ending "solar radiation management" or "geoengineering."

Criminal Aerosol Spray Operations - AKA "Chemtrails"- November 21, 2017

Heavy aerosols over the Cottonwood Mountains and Eagle Mountain. There is an X pattern that has repeated on different days over the same location. The vegetation is dying. I figure there is just another four years of tolerance in the hardy Smoke Trees (small woody shrubs) up here before they die from the heavy metals, soil toxicity, lack of rain and UVC exposure (on account of depleted ozone layer). I walked along some lonely wash areas that may not have had rain in 6 months, and there were barely any snake trails or paw prints. Life is ebbing here for sure. 11/21/2017

Narrated video (11:57, 681 MB) of Cottonwood Mountains and heavy metal aerosols. Plants are dying, bees are dying, humans and dolphins are coming down with Alzheimer's in record numbers. People who don't trust their own eyes and recognize this destruction for what it is are part of the problem. Joshua Tree National Park is becoming a crematorium with intense UVC's and plant die offs. Park Rangers lie about the spraying. Did they get a memo from the federal government that speaking out about this wholesale destruction would be a violation of their employment agreement? A former NASA contractor who now informally monitors UVC levels in the US has proof that the WHO statement that the DNA destroying UVC radiation is being blocked by the atmosphere is a lie. The nanoparticulate matter being injected into the stratosphere is binding with rising oxygen and preventing it from reaching and replenishing the ozone layer where the O2 is split by UVC and then combines with free O2 to form O3 or ozone that is stable in the presence of UVC. Saudi Arabia has arrested numerous billionaires on corruption charges. Many of these men also are pedophiles who traffic in children from all over the world. Right now US special investigators have up to 2000 sealed indictments. The hope is that these indictments will be directed at not just financial corruption, but human trafficking at the highest levels. If these global pedophile rings can be brought down, my hope is that an end to the global spraying program -- which is a similar insult upon innocence and the entire web of life -- will be close at hand. As long as precious metals are suppressed, children are trafficked, and blue skies are desecrated, no one on Earth can be said to be free. 11/21/2017

Narrated video (1:20, 76 MB) of chem clouds above Eagle Mountain in Joshua Tree. The Satanists behind this activity must be stopped. 11/21/2017


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