Heart Swelling Due To Cell Tower Microwave Exposures - I Have To Lie Down And Stop Thinking Until The Pain Subsides - In Bed 12 Hours Per Day - What A Pathetic Situation

Electrical Sensitivity - Personal Symptoms And Reflections - December 15, 2017


For the last few days I have had moderately painful swelling in my heart muscle. It's a persistent pain in the entire muscle. It happens when I am at the house, just a half mile away from the nearest cell tower that increased its transmission strength (yet again) about one month ago. The pain is such that I have to lie down and stop thinking about anything, becoming as vacant and lifeless as possible. Usually the feeling will pass after ten minutes or so.

It's concerning because really I have run out of adaptive measures. I eat a lot of raw cheese and other foods that slow the movement of energy in me. I've been sleeping 10-12 hours per day. Well, "sleep" might be too optimistic a description. I will be in bed for that time, but awaking every 2 hours or so to change sides, urinate or whatever. Often I will get up for an hour midpoint and read news articles or scan CD album artwork. When I am in a healthier environment and living more vitally, I might exercise for two hours in the evening and sleep soundly for 6-7 hours, awaking feeling refreshed and mentally supercharged, plowing through whatever writing tasks that lay ahead. As it is, I awaken exhausted and it takes me an hour before my mind is alert enough to produce anything written at all.

So, I have almost zero intellectual output. Really, I feel horrible. I am weak. I am greying rapidly. Really, I am dying. Someone at work told me that aging isn't a gradual process. There are periods where you age rapidly. I think I am in one of those now.

I need to get away from this nearby cellular tower, or install some protections against it. There are only a handful of areas that would be better for me, but I would need to buy a home, and much of my money is tied up in precious metals investments that have performed poorly the past several years. The Federal Reserve Bank pours hundreds of billions of dollars monthly into the stock market, and is shorting the precious metals markets in order to prop up the US dollar. It was naïve of me to bet against the financial status quo in the hopes that honest money would prevail. But my preference for hard money is like my preference for sunlight unobstructed by aerosols or an ether undisturbed by electromagnetic pollution. All these inherent goods -- goods that are our birthright -- are under attack right now. But just because they are under assault it doesn't follow that I will turn away from them. My physical, spiritual, and financial health are intertwined, it seems.

I continue to research shielded paints and curtains, or a Faraday cage of some sort, but have yet to find the right one for me. There is little attention paid to EMF pollution in a world suffused with this genotoxic exposure.


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