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Spiritual aspirants must be sufficiently prepared for the knowledge they receive. Spiritual seekers must be physically fit and wholly committed to the spiritual emancipation of all beings. It is an error for teachers or gurus to overstimulate the psychic potential of their students. The Eternal Self -- the Spiritual Wisdom -- that lies innate and within each person must claim ownership of any psychic manifestations that may unfold. "Kundalini," "Spirit," or "Grace" must not be attributed to an external actor. Grace is a state or potential inherent in all beings. No teacher should claim to be the avenue to That which is not limited to any person, place, thing, or time.

Spiritual Dreams - December 13, 2017


Last night I dreamt of a young man, early twenties, who would jump several times a day from 100+ floor skyscraper and would land safely in a chair, or standing, or in any position he wanted. He would fall from the great height, as anyone would, but then just a few feet from the ground his descent would halt and his body would hold stationary or float down gently into the position of his choosing. He was lean and fit, with long dirty blonde colored hair. After a time he began to take people with him. They would jump together. As long as he had his hand on them, they would land safely. I had heard that his partners would often take ayahuasca or some other drug in order to be mentally prepared for the jump. But what started happening is that the people who appeared to have landed safely would, some days later, start oozing fluid from their eyes and would go blind. I met a couple such people in a marsh at the edges of the city. They had bandages over their weeping, sight-less eyes as friends and family helped them walk about safely. Apparently the intense reversal of force required to land without injury had ruptured their central nervous systems. The intense pressure within their skulls had caused the blindness.


Miracles can happen. The "laws" of physics are not immutable. God has made accessible a dimension of existence by which matter and time can be bent or even transcended entirely. Of course, such instances are rare. But in smaller ways they are more common than we acknowledge. When people place their attention on others, those receiving this attention often can feel it despite large distances separating them. People should not seek miracles. Living with compassion for all beings should be our principal concern. But if miracles are made known to us, we should acknowledge them.

What this fellow was doing, jumping safely from great heights, was certainly miraculous. But the question arises whether it was wise for him to invite others to jump with him. In spiritual practice the question of "readiness" comes up a lot. The guru must determine whether the disciple is "ready" for instruction. Many years (or lifetimes) must pass before some students will be fit recipients of spiritual knowledge. Transmitting spiritual knowledge for which the student is unprepared can do more harm than good. In the case of this particular situation, the students who had joined the teacher for a lesson in spiritual power found that they became blind as a result. Whether this condition was permanent or not, or eventually led to some new improved state of being, I don't know. But I think the point of the dream was that their taking a jump that they were unprepared for was definitely an overall negative thing. The guru demonstrated a lack of wisdom in forcing an overwhelming display of spiritual force on the unprepared student.

I don't have too many spiritual reference points, but one that comes to mind is that of the spiritual teacher, Adi Da, who was known to lay his hands on people and transmit a powerful spiritual force down through their bodies. His students became ecstatic, had visions, fell in love. But one of the many problems associated with this teacher's practices was his encouraging the students to associate this newfound psychic activity with his physical form. To compound the problem he emotionally abused and sexually assaulted many of them. When his students, who viewed him as a perfect manifestation of God, were violently treated by him, they would spend the days or weeks following in depression. In domestic violence clinics they say that the emotional trauma is harder to recover from than the physical trauma. I would argue that the spiritual or psychic trauma is harder yet to heal from. Many of Adi Da's disciples who left his group lost interest in spirituality altogether. It was as if Adi Da's effect on them was to extinguish their access to the divine. In this sense, you could say that my dream, where a violent descent led to blindness, was functionally identical to the spiritual devastation wrought by an energy channeling guru who gave his devotees brief contact highs that led, ultimately, to their turning away from God entirely.

I have had interactions with a young woman who wanted a psychic, telepathic relationship with me. The girl was extraordinary in many ways. But with our minds locked three hours straight in the middle of the night -- or with her causing an eruption of awareness in my prostate gland and solar plexus -- I found that I became dangerously sensitive to subtle pollution (manmade wireless radiation) in my environment. I became emotionally irritable and felt myself losing the mental grip and existential groundedness that was required for me to be healthy and functional in all areas of my life. I was spiritually disoriented. Opening up to her caused me pain in my thymus gland and brachial plexus. The compromised environment I found myself in was simply NOT SAFE to support the psychic communion she sought. She was powerful and impulsive and had no idea that her actions on the energetic level were simply too much for me to bear. Being around her sometimes -- or seeking her out on the subtle level -- were simply NOT SAFE for me, as what she did was not calibrated or safety-tested for its suitability to my particular circumstance.


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