Tsunami Dream - Tidal Wave - Mega Tornado - Supercell - Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual Dreams - June 12, 2016



I am on an island like Oahu, but sparsely populated. At the mouth of what might have been Manoa Valley I see to the south a gigantic tornado a couple of miles across. It is a black, swirling mass that sounds thunderous even from a distance. Far up into the valley, where my house is, I tell my mother to seek shelter in the basement.

In the next scene I am still on Oahu when a series of enormous tidal waves hit the island. The waves are several hundred feet high, cresting over the arms of the valley, flooding far inland. Many people are swept out to sea, drawn across the tops of skyscrapers that barely pierce the water's surface. I too am sucked outward, but I swim diagonally and am able to reach an elevated land mass to escape the devastation. I hike along wet streets, climbing higher into the hills to avoid the next strike from the ocean.


The dreams were in vivid color. I had some fear as I gazed at the tornado and witnessed the high arms of Manoa Valley breached by a cresting wave. But I wasn't paralyzed by it. The focus was more upon the awesomeness of Nature, rather than the transiency of life.

I take such dreams as a positive sign that extraordinary energies are at play in my life. I am hopeful that great change and a resurgence in personal vitality and idealism is in the offing. I do need a great tidal cleansing and renewal in my life. Presently I am investigating a couple of teaching opportunities that would place me in closer proximity to my EMF-reduced land parcel and its nearby hikes that are far superior to the hot, flat, shadeless, dusty dreariness of what I currently resort to in Joshua Tree National Park.


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