Crust In Eyes After Rinsing Off In Mountain Stream Water - Aerosolized Biological Agents In Snowmelt Runoff

Healthful Diet and Lifestyle, Environmental Toxins, And Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - July 21, 2017


This summer when I have rinsed off in the streams along the Devil's Punchbowl hike I have, within 5-10 minutes, developed crust in the tear ducts of my eyes. I'll scrape out the crust, and within another 10 minutes, more crust will be formed. This is highly unusual. I don't recall having crust form near my eyes directly after rinsing off in these streams before. This never occurs with the purified water I use at home for bathing. Obviously, something is different with this "spring" water. While the water appears cold and clean, this must not be the case.

The stream is dry just 100 feet up from where I bathe. That is, for a time, the stream is underground. Farther up it must be exposed to the elements. At my location I see no suds or other signs of bacterial contamination; but perhaps animals void in or near the water higher up, with these contaminants following the water when it goes underground again. While this might be the case, I don't think this is the issue, as for many years I have rinsed off in these streams and have not had this crud develop in my eyes nearly immediately after contact.

Unfortunately, I have to attribute this development to the universal irritant and health-impairer, chemtrails. Many materials are embedded in these aerosol injections. It varies with time, place, and purpose. I don't think the typical heavy metal nano-particulate matter would cause this immediate immunological response. I believe there is a pathogen -- a biologically active agent that is causing my immune system to develop crust and thus provide a barrier between my interior anatomy and what it rightly perceives to be a dangerous world around me. The Carnicom Institute ( among others has established a bizarre range of viruses, molds, and synthetic life forms (tubules that enter the body and "grow" when exposed to manmade EMF and that can be delivery mechanisms for implanted pathogens) found in the air column that we all share and breathe. Government agencies tasked with monitoring air and water safety test for only what they are tasked with testing for. Air quality agencies test the air only for the product of combustion engine pollution, particles that are larger and made of different materials than what is being injected purposefully into the stratosphere every day. You are not going to find what you are not looking for. Agencies responsible for radiation exposures, such as was the case after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, simply raise by 10,000% what permissible exposure levels for humans are; or they take the radiation monitors offline entirely. The government is there to pacify the sheep. Ignorance is bliss in "the land of the free."

So who is to say what is in snowmelt that I am bathing in? I think it is best that I no longer rinse off in it. It is so sad. This is the desert. Water here is a rare commodity. It's like rinsing in liquid gold. But when the gold has become radioactive -- i.e., biologically incompatible -- then you have to change your point of view. Can I rinse my legs and back with this water? Will the EMF-responsive synthetic tubules burrow into my skin pores, finding a home in my body? My health is already compromised. Can I risk it? I am already carrying two gallons of purified water in my backpack. It helps to extend the time and distance of my hikes in the summer heat when at least some of my rinsing/cooling water can come from these streams. But perhaps I shall forego them entirely.


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