EMF Exposures And Their Arresting Effect Upon Gastrointestinal Function That Is Exacerbated By Kundalini Awakening And The Spiritual Functioning Of The Stomach and Solar Plexus

Kundalini Awakening - Spiritual Signs And Symptoms - EMF Complications - More - January 15, 2017


2017.1.15. Sunday, 8:50am.

Exposure to manmade EMF stalls your every physiologic and energetic function. This is becoming increasingly clear to me. My abilityto think and even to digest have become impaired. Five years ago I didn't notice any effect on my digestion. But now, with my gut becoming more pronounced, and with my feeling that anything I put into my stomach just sits there and is not pushed along by the peristaltic contractions of my gastrointestinal tract, I am becoming more sure of this negative effect. It's not just that my metabolism is slowing down. I know that I am 51 years old. I know that I exercise just once every second or third day. I get that. There is an overlay, a greater factor here that is new and worsening what is already a bad situation. I am certain of this.

I did a four-hour mountain hike yesterday, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. During the hike I lay down for 15 minutes and shortly thereafter had a wonderful bowel movement. I felt light and purposeful afterward. The increased efficiency and intensity of my physiologic functioning should have carried through to the next day, but it didn't. I felt good and vital, though EMF-blasted, during the two-hour drive home. But the longer I remained in areas of high EMF exposure -- which is the entirety of the highway's length and continuing, though decreased, at my residence -- the more I weakened in a holistic sense. Upon waking from last night's eight-hour sleep, my stomach felt bloated, even though I had eaten lightly the night before and had nothing but distilled water during the night. The "bloating" I felt was not due to my eating too much or my combining foods improperly, such that gas or other blockage would result. It was an energetic obstruction to the functioning of my solar plexus, such that the engine of my being was anesthetized or immobilized by a subtle, toxic version of the darts used to arrest big animals. In areas of high EMF exposure, the entirety of my bodymind feels straightjacketed, or like it's trying to walk while up to its neck in a pool of quicksand. In the past, when I was less sensitive, I would awaken with a burst of energy and hopefulness, especially after a good hike. But not today. Not in these circumstances.

At my home in Coachella Valley I have 6 cellular towers within 2 miles, a good half-dozen Wi-Fi signals from surrounding houses, and neighbors on both sides of me have not just one, but two so-called "Smart" Meters each, all with onboard cellular antennas, one to inform the electric company of ongoing electricity usage and another that informs the solar panel company what the realtime rooftop power production is. Most people have gotten rid of their telephone landlines, using their cellular phones not just for emergencies, but just about every task and inconsequential communication conceivable. So who knows what my exposure levels truly are, but they are unacceptable and have grown steadily worse in the five years I have been here.

It was this past summer, when stomach bloating and a ballooning gut had become more of a problem, that I spent two weeks at a motel with reduced EMF exposure in California's high desert. It's rare to find a commercial lodging like this, as a matter of course commercial enterprises require strong cellular connectivity to meet customer expectations. (As "luck" would have it, a new and very strong cellular mast has been built nearby, so I don't think I'll be staying there again anytime soon.) What happened, over the two-week period, was that my stomach became noticeably less drum-like. I could feel and see the distension of my stomach subside some, maybe an inch or so. When I was laying down, my abdomen fell flatter. And when I kneaded my stomach area I felt less pressure and resistance. The body is supposed to be like that: firm when flexed, but soft and yielding when relaxed. Yes, I was exercising and resting more than usual. That of course helped. But I felt as though an energetic restriction upon me was lifted -- at least to some extent -- such that my entire being could relax and "breathe." One effect of this was my stomach area becoming less distended and tight. I was so happy to see this. In the past 5 years I have gone from a 36" belt to a 38" belt. I would very much like to see this reversed, perhaps going back to the 34" belt that I used 20-25 years ago. If I had a good year or two in a benign environment I have no doubt that I would easily fit back into a 36" waistline again.

What to do going forward? We should all listen to our bodies. There is no doubt about that. The body doesn't lie. That's one thing I didn't like about the fasting guru, Paul Bragg, who used to say: "Flesh is dumb." I have to disagree. God's greatest wisdom lies IN the body, thank you very much. The mind is not to dominate the body, but be a servant of it. My body tells me that I feel more relaxed in areas of reduced electromagnetic field exposure. I have seen my stomach relax in these areas. My digestion is better, too. So I am darn well going to listen to that. Due to financial constraints -- like the need to pay off $80,000 in loans, and the need to save the money that I'll need to develop my EMF-protected acreage in the high desert -- I need to stay put where I am, perhaps for another 3-5 years. I am not sure how I'll manage keeping the downside of my exposures at work and at this home to a minimum, but I will do my best. I am thinking of investing in a better bed, so that my sleep will be less disrupted. I'll continue to drink purified water and eat organically produced foods. I'll try to hike and relax as much as possible in the handful of EMF reduced hikes I've found. Apart from that I think I will just have to pray a lot. I pray to God that I will be granted the strength and resolve and good fortune to survive being apart from the safety I seek for a good while longer. I hope that whatever mental and physical capacity I retain through this ordeal will be sufficient to carry on this creative and spiritual project of mine. Amen.


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