Photos of McKittrick, Taft, Highway 33, Chemtrails, Missouri Triangle Min-Mart, and Belridge School District - 2006

Traveling through nowheresville, San Joaquin Valley, March, 2006. I was job hunting in the Monterey area, with an eye toward hiking regularly in the Ventana Wilderness east of Big Sur in the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Photos/Pictures/Photographs - March 2006


Belridge School District sign, McKittrick, California, with aerosol spraying and oil derricks. March 26, 2006. Interestingly, as I look at some of these older pictures (it's 2015 as I write this), it is only now that I "see" the chemtrail activity. I was oblivious to it at the time. I checked out the Belridge School District website and as of the 2012-2013 school year (the site's last update) it is a K-8 school with 35 students, three teachers, and two bilingual instructional assistants. Tammy Reynolds serves as both principal and superintendent. I'd like to highlight the school's use of Accelerated Reader, which is about the only reading program that I endorse, as it is based on real books that kids can hold in their hands and still ties in to the world of tracking and data via its 5-10 question online comprehension test for books. Equally important, AR is self-paced and kids can read as many books as they want, taking and passing the online tests before going on to the next book. It was a teacher in Oxnard who showed this program to me in 2008. Her love of AR was contagious. I recall her awarding lollipops to students for each book they successfully completed.

Chemtrails above clouds along State Highway 33 near McKittrick, California. March 26, 2006. Beautiful open road...and poison from above. :(

Map of McKittrick, Bakersfield, and Taft areas. 2006.

The thriving Missouri Triangle Mini-Mart at Lost Hills Road and California Highway 33 in McKittrick. Pepsi + Aspartame + Oil Derrick Activity + Nitrate Filled Deli Sandwiches + Stratospheric Aluminum Spraying = A Completely Dominated Human Subspecies. March 26, 2006.

Missouri Triangle Mini-Mart nine years later with cell tower for added revenue. Google image 2015. Note that the additional $500 per month cannot begin to pay for the $50,000+ in increased medical costs to treat the cancer, Alzheimers, and other diseases that accompany EMF pollution.

Aera Energy LLC operations in McKittrick, California, along Highway 33, with aerosol spraying above. 03/26/2006.

Pics taken within a ten minute window: Aerosol spraying, clouds, oil derricks, and vast empty spaces near the intersection of State Highway 33 and Brown Material Road near Lost Hills and Paso Robles, California. 3/26/2006



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