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Screenshots from Disney's animated feature, "The Three Musketeers," showing the heavy reliance upon visual conditioning of children to accept aerosol spraying or "chemtrails" as normal.

For the first several minutes of the movie the clouds are normal, fluffy, cauliflower-like balls of cumulus; then the first aerosol trails are introduced as reflections in the large window that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are hoisted up onto to clean.

These photos demonstrate the importance that children -- if they are to be life long learners with their cognitive functioning intact -- learn about their environment via hands-on, immersive, real world experiences. Relying on digital representations of reality can easily lead you to accept as true that which is not.

It is said that Disney defines American culture. Does it follow that lines of toxic heavy metal nanoparticles in the sky now define America's natural beauty, as Disney seems intent on promoting?

As various neoconservatives have said, we the people are not to use our own critical faculties, but rather we should be told what to believe. President George W. Bush's advisor Karl Rove once said to a room full of obseqious corporate media reporters, "It is we who create reality."

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Think for yourself.

I despise Disney and the heartless New World Order borg that it is part of.

Criminal Aerosol Spray Operations - AKA "Chemtrails" / Cultural Criticism - June 28, 2016


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I picked up this DVD at Costco yesterday. At $12.99 it was a good price for a Disney movie. Plus it came with high definition online streaming rights. I am something of a collector of things; so it is that I have a collection of over 1000 HD movies at the online movie streaming retailer, VUDU. What I have found, though, is that as movies are re-released in HD format, they often have sky scenes that are altered to depict aerosol spraying. It is very obvious in some of the old westerns that I like to watch. It's a pernicious, Orwellian practice that literally robs us of our history. If we have no past -- if we have no understanding of where we came from and what defines us, culturally and environmentally -- then we will be more easily shaped by the behavioral scientists and other controllers of this emerging fascist police state. If we don't know that historically humans were to expect blue, uncontaminated skies, then we won't have a basis to challenge the poisoning of our air today.

I sometimes wonder at the name VUDU, which is a homynymn for voodoo. The corporate media is casting a spell on us all.

I am reminded of how on the first day of the Iraq war, all the museums and antiquities depositories in Baghdad were looted, wiped clean in a professional operation. These artifacts have turned up since then in Frankfurt, Paris, London, and New York. Safeguarding the proud history of Mesopotamia, civilization's birthplace, was an important national and cultural pasttime under Saddam Hussein's reign. But the Western financial elites stole this history the first day of the war. The Iraqis no longer know who they are or where they came from. Their memories, in effect, have been wiped clean. This serves the interests of the Satan worshipping globalists. As the 33rd degree masonic law states, "Order Out Of Chaos." The elites seek to rebuild humanity in an image of their making: a heavy metal poisoned, autistic, short lived image of humanity that no longer remembers that it once was great.

Comment 2016.6.29.

I posted some of the above commentary to GeoengineeringWatch.org. Poster "Carrie" responded:

"I have just looked at your web page…..that is incredible. Our children are conditioned & manipulated. I looked up on the internet & there was a competition in USA to spot how many "con" trails school children could see. Autism is also depicted on Sesame Street to be "normal". Sociology & accepting that to be the new "norm". The powers that be have refined their skills over decades!"

I responded:


I agree with your comment that Sesame Street is teaching us that autism is the new normal. Or what about Disney's "Finding Dory," about a fish with cognitive impairment that can't remember anything? We can tell our kids, as their IQ's drop by the day, "Oh, don't worry, honey. You're just like Dory." :(

It reminds me of a sickening piece I heard on NPR yesterday, an interview with author Ron Suskind on how he found that Disney animated features help his son with autism communicate. This is such a sick inversion of reality when it is Disney that is covering for the aerosol spray campaigns that fill us with heavy metals and degrade our cognitive functioning. It made me so angry and depressed to hear Suskind describe how his talkative child, at age 2 1/2, all of a sudden just shut down, stopped talking, and no longer gave eye contact to his parents. "We lost our son that day," he said. In the interview no questions were posed as to WHY in the $%*#$ this happened. It was clear that Suskind and the NPR reporter had agreed to stay on script and not ask "why" and just celebrate the small improvement in his son's functioning that seemed to be triggered by some of the Disney dialogue.

Today, it appears, people would rather celebrate their illness than take actions to prevent it. Tragedy and affliction now are a source of pride. How can people become well -- remove their shackles, mentally and physically -- if they are mired in arrogance and ignorance that feed on the suffering the status quo has inflicted upon them? People have walkathons and are members of the Alzheimers and Breast Cancer societies; but all these groups do is make you feel good with a pink ribbon or sticker that you can wear, while doing nothing to investigate the sources of the illness. The Alzheimers Association no longer regards aluminum as a factor in onset worthy of investigation. Cancer groups focus on treatment, not prevention. I would argue that this is on purpose; that this blindness and avoidance serves the interests of the elites steering the sickened ship that is planet Earth.

There is a saying that soldiers are more willing to charge an enemy's machine gun nest than challenge their own chain of command (i.e., authority structure). Many of us act like mere pack animals. I guess if we are to live like dogs, then the scientific dictatorship will see to it that we die like dogs as well. :(

BTW: My short, calm review of Disney's, "The Three Musketeers" at Amazon, indicating that the aerosol spraying featured in the animation was part of a campaign to normalize geoengineering, was censored. I even uploaded some supporting pics. We really shouldn't be supporting these NWO conglomerates.

Update: Later in the day the moderators at Amazon DID approve my review (under my Amazon handle, 9-11 Was An Inside Job), which is as follows:

"My main concern with this animated feature is its heavy reliance on skies full of aerosol spraying that conditions children to accept these artificial clouds as normal. Many movies, like the old Westerns I enjoy, when re-released in HD format, have sky scenes that are altered to look like the aerosol spraying currently in use under various geoengineering programs today. It's a pernicious practice. Maybe "Dad" knows best, but I'd like to know why the studios are doing this."

At first Amazon acted like I never submitted it. But I think a higher up saw that I had forgotten to give the review a title, and created one for me: "like the old Westerns I enjoy." With this innocuous, positive title, my review may have been more palatable.

Comment from Vince 2016.6.29.

The BBC does this subliminal messaging too. Here's an example: BBC Guilty of Further Subliminal Advertising of Chemtrails at Wimbledon 2013 Opening Credits.

I responded:


I watched the BBC Sports Wimbledon piece at YouTube and I was AMAZED at the aerosol spray propaganda in use there. Could it be any more blatant? 

I live near the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens in California, home of the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament. During the weeks of the tournament, I would gaze at the chembows and heavy chaff raining down on everyone in Coachella Valley, nearly blocking visibility of the San Jacinto Mountains just a few miles away, and I asked myself how long it will be before human physical achievements will be undermined by all the aluminum and other chemicals in our bodies? I see kids at local high schools running after school; and I wonder what kind of true physical fitness can they expect in a world so contaminated? I am waiting to see a drop in Olympics performances, like one-mile and marathon times. But maybe the drugs many athletes use are helping to mask our degrading conditions. How long can our rampant illness and degradation be hidden?


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