Photos - Pictures - Videos - Geoengineering Heavy Metals - Solar Radiation Management - Palm Desert, La Quinta, Thermal, And Other Towns Of Coachella Valley - 2012-2016

Criminal Aerosol Spray Operations - AKA "Chemtrails"-

Criminal aerosol spray operations above Whole Foods Market in Palm Desert, California, 10/22/2016. There had been no spraying for the 4 weeks preceding the Fall equinox of September 22, 2016. But since September 23 the overhead bombardment of nano-engineered heavy metals that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, has been nonstop.

Two-minute video of the skies above Whole Foods Market, October 22, 2016.





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Criminal Aerosol Spray Operations - AKA "Chemtrails"

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