Hiking Reduces Peripheral Neuropathy - Physical Practices Such As Hiking Provide The Bodymind With Resilience To Workplace Stress And Cellular Tower And Wi-Fi Radiation - The Pancreas Gland's Higher Function Of Providing Subtle Sustenance Is Negatively Impacted By Digital Wireless Exposure

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It's been eight years now that I've been stranded in areas with subpar EMF exposure. For eight years I have not been able to exercise -- walk, meditate, rest deeply, what-have-you -- near where I work or live. The closest access to decent hiking has been an hour or more away by car. This means that, three days out of four, I can't even take a walk. Any effort toward physical sadhana -- meditation, aerobic release, and the like -- in my immediate environment backfires on me. My extremities burn with amplified energy and my brain races. So, with no option other than to remain in place, I do what I can to dampen the excess awareness via immobility (lots of sitting), eating (lots of that), laying down, and getting fat, all of which accelerate the aging process that is taking hold of me.

Especially with my most recent school assignment the past two years, the EMF exposure in the workplace has been beyond bad. I had a job offer that would have provided an improved situation, up in the high desert near my land parcel, but it didn't work out. While I completed the initial physical exam, background check and insurance paperwork with the prospective employer this past August, the offer was rescinded after they had waited two-and-a-half months for me to be released from my current contract. (Teachers are required to sign by June 30 with their employer if they want to guarantee their position for the next year. Having done that, if teachers receive an offer from a different employer, say in August, then they must receive permission from their current employer to be "released" from their contract. Typically, employers will not release a teacher until they find a suitable replacement, which means an appropriately credentialed teacher -- and not just a substitute teacher or other "warm body." Being in a fairly remote area, it is difficult to find a replacement for me and thus, after 11 weeks andcontinuous advertising, they couldn't find someone to assume my position.) Anyway, my hoped for employer gave up waiting for me and withdrew their offer.

So I continue to be stuck with a particularly bad cellular and microwave tower and 100º+ temperatures eight months per year. It is scary to see how quickly I am aging. I don't know how much longer my health will hold up. I know in wild areas, between the lack of rainfall and the chemical and heavy metal aerosols raining down on a daily basis, a large tree might look fairly healthy with no obvious signs of stress, and then rapidly "bleach out" or "flash out" (i.e., die) in the course of a few months. I see that a lot. I don't want to experience the human equivalent of bleaching, although a look at the color of my hair says that I am.

In any event, I went hiking yesterday. It was a good hike. I actually derived some aerobic benefit with a steady elevation gain of 1700 feet on a deserted mountain road. Words cannot describe how healing and energizing it was for me, despite the blanket of aerosolized toxic material. There is something absolutely indispensable and transcendent about climbing mountains, especially ones with so few human visitors and not colonized by transmitter arrays at the summit.

It had been THREE MONTHS since my last decent hike, so my body was in a neglected, decrepit state. Every step was effortful. Did you hear that? E-F-F-O-R-T-F-U-L. For the first three hours the hike was not a joyous "walk in the park." Not at all. It was W-O-R-K.  But it was medicine -- medicine that my bodymind needed desperately. It was not until the final 40 minute stretch down to my car that my being, from the deepest part of me, was saying, basically, "Yes, this is good."

I had a two hour drive home in which I was particularly calm and alert. That evening I slept more soundly than usual. The following morning I laid in bed for about 30 minutes around 5:00am. My whole being felt energized. It was like life was seeping back into me in a small but distinct and perceptible manner. I was just breathing. I felt vibrant, full of a cool, calm, clear, grounded energy. I had gone three months with perhaps just one semi-decent hike in Joshua Tree, one where it was cool enough for me to actually make the 1000 foot off-trail ascent from the road to the Cottonwoods summit. All the other days I was stuck toiling along a flat, dusty, hot desert jeep road, never deriving sufficient aerobic benefit to truly boost or elevate me.

My being becomes incredibly devitalized if I am not able to exercise fully on a daily basis. "Exercise" is not merely exercise: It's a daily meditation that invigorates my nervous system. It provides psychological and subtle resilience. It provides a gravity and weight to my being such that assaults -- whether physical, emotional, or otherwise -- are unable to unmoor me. Increasingly over the past three months I am suffering from nerve pain in my extremities. My feet and hands BURN when I focus my attention in areas of greater unnatural electromagnetic field exposure. I point to my extremities because in the past they had not been so directly a part of my general adverse EMF reactions. But now they are. And it's not just these areas. My face and head are experiencing a new level of burning energy and discomfort such that in the last day or two at about 11:30 am at work I felt that I was graying on the spot.

Sustained aerobic activity in EMF-protected areas helps to heal and reverse the nerve damage that occurs elsewhere. I am not sure if it’s the electrical or lymphatic activity that is the reason for the healing, but whatever the case, I have far fewer negative EMF symptoms for several hours after a good hike. I believe there is a subtle process that is enhanced at these times whereby subtle energy enters my solar plexus and is transformed by my pancreas into some kind of nourishment that maintains me. I think it's a minute trickle of an energy source compared to the massive flow that it would be in a fully activated and environmentally supported condition of whole body enlightenment. Whatever the case, I believe that a small amount of this essential "food" is created by my being during these hikes that nourishes and protects me for some time afterwards. Manmade EMF attacks and drains the bodymind of this subtle manna, much like cancer cells that invade and overtake the physical body.

Going back to the 1700' elevation gain hike: It gave me tremendous inner force. I felt like a cat the next day. My body felt ready to lunge into motion at any time. There was a strong wind blowing nearly the entire hike. There is something energizing about being buffeted by gusts of wind for hours at a time. Your chakras -- your aura -- are purified. Every square millimeter of your skin pulses with life.

Without daily high quality exercise my being becomes hollowed out. Without daily recourse to the deep meditative practice that gaining steep ascents provides, my body forgets what health and high vibration is.




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