Frequency Of Masturbation As A Function Of Stock Market Volatility - Is Coming Three Times A Day A Healthy Response To A Plunging DOW? - Increased Pressure Of Vital Force Seeks To Set The Spiritual Seeker Free From Financial And Worldly Attachments

Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation, And The Spiritual Function of Sexual Fluids - October 8, 1999


1999.10.18.  Monday, 6:17 p.m. 

I had a talk with X yesterday.  Apparently, with stock market prices plunging recently, X has been masturbating a great deal more often. Instead of once a day, X is now wrenching his shaft for pleasure three times a day.  Do other men employed in the financial services sector -- brokers, traders, money managers -- behave similarly?  I think such activity merits broader investigation.  A group of social scientists should study a random sample of 2000 financial service workers to test whether frequency of masturbation is a function of stock market price volatility.  I believe that in testing their hypothesis that the scientists would determine that rate or frequency of masturbation is inversely proportional to daily price changes in the stock market: When the stock market goes down, masturbation goes up.  But when the stock market goes up, does it mean that masturbation goes down?  I don't think so. It would probably go up too, although not as markedly as when the market goes down.  As price increases are also a form of stress, albeit positive stress, there will still be a psychological need to unburden oneself of those fluids that intensify one's awareness. If your life's view is very attached to activity in the financial world, then there will be an urge for you to dissipate any well-spring of energy that may cause you to challenge your attachment.        



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Kundalini, Orgasm, Masturbation And The Spiritual Function Of Sexual Fluids


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