Dream - Mountain, 20,000 Feet - Path To Summit Created By 15 Foot Wide Tree Trunk Or Root - Symbolic Of Human Will That Is Strengthened By Daily Hiking And Summiting Of Ridges And Peaks

Spiritual Dreams - April 13, 1999


Last night I dreamt I was climbing a towering mountain.  Though it must have been over 20,000 feet high, my progress was effortless as my path was laid out over an enormous tree trunk. It was about fifteen feet in diameter, and hugged the rising face of the mountain, providing a wide, flat surface for me to walk upon.  Down at the base of the mountain I could see a huge tree, and what I was walking on was an extension of it.  Though it had a bark-like exterior, it could have just as well been a root, as there were no branches or leaves extending from this miles-long extension of the tree.

Comment from February 18, 2013

I do a lot of hiking up hills and mountains. When I can, I do it daily. This root-like extension of the tree, in my view, symbolizes the intention or will that is strengthened over the years as it leads me up and down the various peaks I have climbed. Granted, in real life I make no such attempts at summiting something 20,000 feet tall. But inwardly, and metaphorically, I am kissing the sky every time. As your will is strengthened, and as you come to operate increasingly on the subtle level, the gross vehicle -- the physical body and limited intellect -- are propelled without effort. Will and Spirit merge, and there is no longer any differentiation between the two. Through years of austerity and effort, a path carved by intention solidifies, and heaven and earth become one.


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