Bulging Ropy Enlarged Veins - Preceded By Electrical Shocks To The Right Temporal Lobe Of The Brain - The Vascular System Of A 70 Year Old - Manmade EMF Accelerates The Aging Process - Candida

A few more EMF/Kundalini symptoms, i.e., tales of woe.

Electrical Sensitivity, Human Health, And Environmental Illness - August 30, 1998


For the past two weeks there has been much more pain than usual in my right temporal lobe.  Accompanying this pain has been an enlargement of the circulatory system on my left side.  For example, the veins of my left arm have become much more pronounced than those of my right arm.  This seems to be the mirror of what happened to my left hemisphere and the right side of my body one year ago.

Last night at about 3:00 a.m. I awoke to find all my veins bulging painfully.  Both arms were crisscrossed with ropy veins.  I thought that I would have stroke. It looked like a catastrophic vascular system failure.

Other physical symptoms I've been experiencing include a candida outbreak in the area where the left portion of my scrotum presses against my leg.  Because it is warm there, and because it is continuously skin-on-skin, the candida have been thriving there for about two weeks.  There is a narrow band of redness with a white discharge.  Interestingly, other areas of previous candida infection are doing better now.  My right thumb's appearance has improved.  My anus and the corners of my mouth are not nearly as bothered as they used to be.  There may be some adjustment process where the candida become problematic in a given area and then move on.  Hopefully this pattern represents progress.

Comment 2013.5.25.

If I am in an area of high EMF exposure for a prolonged period of time, apart from not being able to think and a feeling of extreme tiredness, I will experience shocks to my brain, especially my temporal lobes, usually on my left side. The enlarging and permanent swelling of my circulatory system described above did coincide exactly with these shocks to my temporal lobe. I have read of studies on the vascular systems of trees that are negatively impacted by wireless -- for example, stands of pine trees near a radar installation in Russia that died due to vascular failure where they could no longer send fluids and nutrients properly from their roots to the upper portions of the tree. I do view the human body in general, and the human circulatory system in particular, as one great antennae for receiving (and amplifying) divine, subtle, and electromagnetic energy. I am certain my heightened sensitivity of EMF -- in the current polluted context -- has accelerated my aging process considerably. Between the enlarged veins -- and mass of spider veins -- in my legs, and the grotesquely aged look of my sagging, veiny penis, I look (and often feel) like I have the vascular system of a man 20 years older than I am.


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